adjusting baking times for smaller loaves

sooeyDecember 22, 2012

Hi Kids,

Today I am baking some banana bread but I want 3 small loaves and not one large loaf. How do I adjust the time? One large loaf calls for 90 minutes in the oven...this is a dense bread.

Any guidance will be appreciated.


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I just did this with banana bread and pumpkin bread. I baked it at the temperature it called for and set the timer for 20 minutes (I was making 4 small pans.) It took mine about 28 minutes. I tested it with a toothpick.

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This is what I follow for my pumpkin bread:

2 regular loaves or 4 mini.
Temp: 350
Baking time for 2 loaves 50-60 *mine is ready in 50
Mini loaves: 40-45 * mine 40

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Hi Kids,

Excellent, thank you both for your help.

I am making cranberry bread and choc chip banana bread. I found one site that said to bake at the same temp but at 3/4 the total time. That sounds like about how it works out for you, Glenda. I will test with a toothpick but if I hit a choc chip or a bit of banana it messes up the pick.

One site I found said that the internal temp on a thick dough bread should be 190*. I've never gone by temp but that would sure make it easier to figure out.

Thanks again, Kids. Nothing like hearing it from folks who have had the experience.


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