Survivor Finale!

wanda_vaDecember 16, 2012

Don't forget that tonight is the Survivor Finale!!

It will be late getting started because of the football games--it is scheduled to begin at 8:30 and run until 11:30, but it may very well run later than that. So if you are recording it, you might want to also record the show that starts at 11:30 (news in this area), just in case.

I hope Denise wins; Malcolm is my second choice.

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Thanks. I totally forgot and won't be surprised that I forget again! My poor brain.

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Gotcha and thanks for the reminder!

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FlamingO in AR

Excellent! I'll extend the DVR time in case we decide to bail out before it's over. I always like the reunion show, unless they spend too much time in the audience, I just want to hear from the people who were there!

Rooting for Denise!

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Eeeeeeek! I'm so excited, haha. Malcolm or Denise for me. Skupin third choice. Lisa? Please, please nooooo.

I like the reunion show also. As long as, like Flamingo said, they stick with the actual survivors. Last year made me gag how long they spent on that worthless sh!t Colton.

Oh, and I hope they don't spend much time on Russell or that whacked out Dawson. And most especially not a freakin' minute on Abi!

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FlamingO in AR


It was a good night, IMO! Congrats to the winner, I wish they had told us a bit more about the winner last night, but they did a good job on the reunion show, I will say.

Abi was less obnoxious last night, I think she might have actually learned something from watching herself mistreat others and getting feedback. I was sure that she was going to tell the world how everyone SHE talked to thought she was wonderful and was rooting for her, but she didn't. She could have tried to BS her way out of it, but she didn't.

Thrilled with the outcome. Lisa obviously is a nice person who just likes to talk a LOT. lol Did you see Malcolm tuning out as she went on and on about religion? He seemed really nervous last night, more shaking of the hands. Interesting that the jury probably wouldn't have voted for him after all. But it seemed like they didn't like Skupin, either.

I think Jeff actually let every single person in the show say a few words, which was nice. It helped me to remember them, sometimes when they're all clean and shiny I forget who they were on the island. LOL And RC might be a bit bitter, but she has every right to be since Pete DID make a stupid move that destroyed their alliance and began the demise of their team and sent them all the jury. What a stupid thing he did, pitting Abi against the innocent RC. That's the kind of move you do to the other team, not on yours. He wasn't man enough to admit that he really screwed up. Instead, he belittled RC. Woo. Young women beware, if you're going to date Pete. Ick.

Artis did seem pretty angry when it was his turn to question the final three. So did Penner, calling Denise out as a b!tch. She did nothing nasty, I don't know where THAT came from!

OH! The woman who ran down to kiss Jeff? Is is just me or was that really tacky? I'm sure his wife wasn't too happy about that. I really wanted him to wipe off his mouth and use some hand sanitizer after that. If a guy did that to a woman, she'd have a cow. He was a little too gracious, I think. She was out of line, IMO.

Anyway, it was a late night, but worth it. Yay for Denise! I'm happy for her, she a tough woman. Did you know she runs marathons?

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I was thrilled that Denise won! She was my favorite from the first day. I wish Malcolm had won the $100,000 instead of Lisa. Otherwise, it was a great show and a great season.

I wish they would show the votes for the final tribal council, as they do for the other tribal councils. It would be interesting to know who voted from whom.

The next season is Fans vs Favorites--I enjoyed that when they had it before. I just hope they don't bring back any bad guys.

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My first thought....Denise sure cleans up well!

I can't believe I fell asleep before they had a chance to talk to Abi. They went for a commercial....I closed my thing I know it is 6 a.m. :(

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yes, she cleans up well, and had added a few pounds. She
looks good a little softer!

I don't know why everyone hates Lisa. Yeah, she WAS an
actress a LONG time ago. Penner was pretty hateful
during questioning. I wonder if he hoped to stop people
from voting for Lisa by announcing she was on tv for 9
years. lol Congratulations, Denise! Artis was
funny, even HE thought he looked like an "angry black
man"! lol I was happy for Lisa.

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Malcolm I was wanting to win.He played hard,I did not care for the girl Abi.My thought she was so rude and whinned about noone liked her.When will it come back on I wander?Have a Blessed day everone.JUdy In Alabama Roll Ride

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Penner voted for Denise in the end~~~so that X's out what he said, to me;) I wanted Malcom to win the $100,000~he really was next to Denise the best player.

My DH wondered how they let that gal get so close to Jeff~~he may need body guards in the future~~~she was out of line and very disrespectful, made an a*s out of herself.

I just did not want Lisa to win~~~she was a under the radar player to me.

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I rooted for Denise from the first day, Malcolm second. Funny because my guys won Amazing Race last week and my second favs, J&J were second. The woman who kissed Jeff was a total ass. Yuck. I was wishing Malcolm won the viewers choice vote. The only problem with last night's show is they spent waaay too much time on Lisa, the diva, and not enough time on Denise. Malcolm will return, I'll bet, on a future show.

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I agree Lily too much time on Lisa~~~BLAH~BLAH! Really they spent almost no time on Denise;(

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I agree I thought I was at the Lisa show I was waiting for her to start issuing blessings to the crowd! Way too much time on her. I was surprised she won the sprint money.

I did think it was funny when abi asked Jeff "did you watch the show" lol I think she had a reality check.

I almost didn't recognize Penner wow he cleaned up nicely.

I too think all votes should be shown and show who voted for who like the other tribals.

I am happy Denise won, I was a little sad for Skupin, he really pulled it out and played a good game once he got past all the injuries and bleeding lol.

All in all it was a good entertaining season.
Will be interesting to see who returns next season, I predict Malcolm will return at some point since Jeff so pointedly, asked him.

I still think Jeff the ball player is a jerk. Sounded like his closing comments may have come back to haunt him by the comment he made, would serve him right.

I wish Jeff's wife had come out and byotch slapped that Dawson girl when she went running to Jeff for that kiss. I was happy Jeff said his wife's were much better!

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Here's the recap. I also recommend the linked interviews with Jeff and with Denise.

For anyone interested in spoilers, you can google "Survivor Season 26 spoilers" and see who the returnees are. This should be interesting!

The final vote was 6-1-1.

Here is a link that might be useful: Finale recap

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I am thrilled that Denise won, thought she played a superior game. My opinion of Penner dropped significantly after the b$tch comment.

I too thought Jeff spent way too much time on Lisa and not enough on Denise. This was her night, not Lisa's. I was rooting for Malcom to get favorite player and am very surprised that Lisa got it. From things I read online, people were tired of the whining. I know I was.

Looking forward to the next season!

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I was so hoping Malcolm would win the 100,000, bummer! Yeah, they spent way too much time on Lisa! Not enough with Denise, I am glad she won out of those 3. I really hope Malcolm plays again, maybe where other returnee are so he has a better chance on sticking around. Alot of times, ones that return for a second chance, don't get much of a second chance.

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Lisa will be a co-host on Jeff's show for a few weeks - perhaps he was just giving a pre-audition interview on the final...

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Very happy with the outcome. The little "Munchkin of Muscle" played a great game.

I did feel bad for Malcolm, and honestly he's only 24 so I don't think he reacted that badly.

I had no problem with Penner slamming them. It made for great tv and he had to put himself in the spotlight. I'm also glad he gave up Lisa.

Abi was tolerable, but I guess I'm not a very forgiving person, I had no time for anything she had to say.

Dawson made me gag. What an absolute @ss. Ugh, she should go into hiding for a year after that idiotic stunt.

Also agree way, way too much time given to Lisa. I liked Lisa at first, but she starting wearing on my nerves. I really, really was not happy she won the $100,000. I honestly think Malcolm deserved it. Lisa was one of the biggest backstabbers/betrayers on the show.

I hope Malcolm does come back as a favorite. I hope they don't bring people back who have already been back for their 2nd or 3rd crack at it.

Now, what are we going to do on Wednesday at 8 for the next 2 months....haha. Off to read Sushi's spoiler about who's coming back.

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