Merry Christmas to ME!

azzaleaDecember 8, 2012

From my very DEAR DH.

Back in the spring, before we moved, my car was vandalized twice in our own driveway. First time wasn't too bad--some light scratches on the door that were buffed out inexpensively. Second time (days after the first repair) was a lot more extensive--a deep X in the passenger door window and scratches in the paint of that door that went all the way down to the metal.

Expensive repair since we needed to replace the window and have the door repainted and striped--and we were a bit busy at the time anyway. We just picked up my car from the collision center--DH had it repaired for me for Christmas and it looks brand new again. It's my favorite of all the cars I've ever owned, and it tore me up everytime I saw the damage. I've had it almost 7 years and before the little vandal got his hands on it, it still looked new.

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I am glad that you got your car fixed..really happy for you. But I must say it makes me MAD that someone had to vandalize it in the first place. What makes a person do things like that? What in the Hecko is wrong with them?

I really hope you have a wonderful Christmas and YES! Merry Christmas to you and your nice fixed car? ((( )))

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How nice to have your car look pristine once again.

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That's WONDERFUL you got it fixed!!!! and Merry Christmas to YOU!!!!!

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If both times were in your driveway, I would get a camera installed to see if you could catch the culprit.
Seems intentional and vindictive.

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Did you ever find out who did it? Sounds like someone was jealous of you having such a nice car.

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Is it being kept in the garage now?

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We're pretty sure it was the little twerp (about 9 years old) who lives diagonnally behind us. I had told him previously to stop cutting through my yard and climbing the fence to go from our street to his.

We didn't realize that the first time happened there--we THOUGHT the first incident occurred at the new house. Until the second one which HAD to have happened back at the old house. After that, we installed a driveway alarm and it did catch the twerp cutting through a couple of times. We obviously can't prove he was the one who did it but we're about convinced.

No, not in the garage, but we live over 30 miles away, so hopefully....

And yes, it's very annoying that someone would do damage like that, I've been SO angry over it. And even now--I am thrilled that DH had the work done for me for Christmas, but when you get right down to it, the little twerp actually cost me a Christmas present--I'd have gotten something else, something fun, if it weren't for this needed (and wanted) repair.

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I am happy for you that your DH got it fixed. My car is always in my garage at night and usually during the day also. I got some light scratches on my new car 3 years ago. I tried all the products that are supposed to make the scratches go away but a crayon worked the best.

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