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jel48December 14, 2012

I haven't been on the forum much the last several weeks, but we all know the power of KT prayers, and when someone needs prayers, the KT is where I come.

As happens sometimes, it's not the best idea to provide too many particulars, although I hope your prayers can be as specific as possible given the little information that I do provide.

A child is in a bad situation. She is being shoved back and forth between parents (who have never lived together). Both are abusive in different ways, some physical (I've heard from different sources, not from the child) and some mental, which I've seen for myself. The mother takes the child, saying the father is abusive. Then the mother fights with the child and they get in screaming/hitting matches. Then the mother makes the child go back to the father even though the child begs not to be sent back to him. An aunt and uncle (the mother's sister) have begged the mother to be allowed to take and raise the child. The mother won't let her go. I think that she wants to 'get back' at the child for misbehavior by being mean to her and by sending her back to the father because that's not what the child wants. And she doesn't want to 'look bad' to her family because her sister is raising her child. And the poor girl (pre-adolescent) is in the middle of it. We just found out mother forced her child back to her father. The child begged another family member to not make her go back. No one told us and no one told the aunt who wants to help the child. Not until days/weeks after the fact, then it came out by accident.

Aunt went to protective services this morning and was told there was nothing they could do because father lives in another state and the child is now in the other state. Aunt is going to talk with protective services in the other state, and with everyone she can think of to talk with.

Please keep child and aunt in your prayers. And if you know who one would talk to on a higher level then protective services, please let me know.

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This child and aunt will be high on my prayer list.

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