Project Runway All-Stars

azzaleaDecember 7, 2012

Anyone watching this season?

Hard to see this batch as all-stars. Was saying to DD last night, any way they could put all 8 in the 'bottom three'? They were some really bad designs. Only half-way liked one of them, and it was not the one that won.

Hope next week, using Christmas decorations for materials will be better than the past few weeks have been.

Have been really disappointed with this season. On the upside, I hear the regular PR will be back sometime in January. Yeah!

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I haven't watched. I never really liked Emilio's designs, but I like him. Same with Peach. I fairly dislike all the others. Went and found the looks. Those dresses last night, oh my. Hideous. All of them. What was the challenge?

PR won't start til the 24th; I think I can wait until then to watch designers. Not wasting my time right now!

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The challenge was to create a red carpet look using 'green' fabrics. The fabrics they got to choose from had been 'air' dyed--a process that supposedly is more environmentally friendly.

Peach is long gone, as is Wendy Pepper (thought they'd keep her around longer just for the drama). Emilio is one of the two who seem to be doing at least halfway decent work most weeks. Uli, is of course Uli and her stuff isn't bad--but it's sort of for a limited audience.
Otherwise, this season's been a real ho-hum. Of course, I miss Heidi and the other regulars, although Joanna is surprisingly good doing Tim's job.

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I've been watching it and have to agree with you, Azzalea. I remember Uli from her season and I really liked her then. Her point of view (flowy resort wear) seems almost the same now, though - no evolution, which is disappointing. She's still my favorite personality wise. Last night's outfits were terrible. Laura Kathleen made many of the same pajama looking outfits on her season, didn't she? The print was not attractive - I'm not sure why that won. Hopefully next week's episode will be better.

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Hm, I missed Uli. Personality? Hands down the kindest, most enjoyable! Her clothes? I love them on other people. I could never wear them. My favorite, Season 3, was the dress she shortened and her model's picture (that was to join the design) had her drumming, going full blast. You know, the episode where the designers take cameras and have the city inspire them?

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I totally remember that one, Rob!! I do love her clothes, but as you said, not on me. She definitely seems genuinely kind hearted. I am hoping that she wins but I think that she'll need to be a bit more inventive.

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I've been watching on demand. DH won't watch! lol
Yes, I like Uli. But she seems to be using kind of the same look, with a bib on the dress and trims. But i do like them. My favorite was the blue one. Those fabrics for the most part were U G L Y! my favorite game at wedding showers is making the wedding dress out of toilet paper! my team wins every time! ahhhahaaaa...

I want to see the craft store outfits. those are always fun!

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I thought last nights designs were awful. I can't believe any of those were considered red carpet wear. Laura Katherine's looked like lounge wear. I have always liked Uli and would love to see her in the finals. I have not been wowed by any of the designs this season. My favorite PR designer of all time is Mondo.

As much as I like TIm Gunn, I think Joanna does a much better job of mentoring. Some of TIm's suggestions have not been well received by the judges.

My favorite challenges have been the candy store, hardware store and designing for their family members.

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