Microwave Question: Bowl Gets Too Hot!

CassandraDecember 29, 2010

I cook old fashioned oatmeal in the microwave several times per week. But the bowl I'm using gets so ridiculously hot it is dangerous to remove. It is a medium sized ironstone mixcing bowl with sides big enough to keep the oatmeal from boiling over. I would like to buy a bowl for this purpose that doesn't get so hot and that I can eat from directly. The cereal bowls in my ironstone collection, however, are too small-sided. Any suggestions?

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Glass. My regular dishes also get hot in the microwave and I have a small set of glass dishes & bowls that work great in there.

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If you have bowls or dishes that get hot in the microwave (hotter than the food does), then they should NOT be used in it. The test for whether a container is safe to use is this--put water in the container, microwave it 60-90 seconds. If the water is warm and the bowl is relatively cool, the container is safe. If the container is hot, and the water isn't--then you shouldn't use that in your microwave--it's made of material that shouldn't go into the microwave.

For microwaving food in the container it will be eaten in, I like ArcoRoc bowls and dishes. They're not only microwave safe, they're the most hearty dishes/plates/bowls I've ever owned. I've added to my set over the years (my local bar/restaurant supply store sells them by the piece), but the ones I got as wedding presents over 37 years ago are still in fine shape, and we use them every day of the week, many times a day. Not one single piece has ever broken or cracked.

Otherwise, why not microwave your cereal in a pyrex measuring cup and then just transfer to your bowl until you find something that you can use safely in the microwave?

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If they get too hot, they may not be "microwave safe."
Pyrex or something similar is microwaveable.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

ironstone contains metal bits in the mix which is why it is not microwave friendly.

Use pyrex or corning ware, or corelle, things that specifically say microwave safe.

Microwave Safe Containers

using some types of containers in the microwave can actually be dangerous to your health
Choose Truly "Microwave-Safe" Containers

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Porcelain bowls and dishes also work well. Ironstone does not.

Azzalea, I had a set of ArcoRoc glasses. I loved the way they held up until they started breaking - into chunks without any shards at all, no sharp edges. Very easy to sweep up. They practically bounced when dropped on the floor and didn't break! However, as they aged, they started breaking almost spontaneously. I poured warm milk in one sitting on the counter and it burst into a hundred chunks. Another one broke in the kitchen sink when it was in my hand while I was washing it under running water. It simply burst, like the first one did.

The glasses were at least 15 years old and had been dropped, soaked, banged and what-have-you (I have six kids!) and nothing happened to them - until it started happening and they started breaking. I threw away most of them (I still have one that I use to root plants in) because I couldn't trust them any more. And I didn't have a dishwasher or a microwave in those years, so it wasn't that.

I'm glad you're having such good luck. I hope it keeps up!

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look for some pyrex bowls


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I cook my oats in a correlle soup size bowl every morning. But first I pour boiling water (also make hot tea) over the oats & let it set for 10-15 minutes, then micro it. That way it doesn't boil over in the micro. I let it set several minutes after cooking also, before I eat it from the same bowl. I am retired so there is no "morning rush" for me, but if I were working I would probably start my oats-thing before starting the rest of my morning routine.

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I bought Rubbermaid microwave cookware and it's great. Problem is I can't find it anymore and occasionally they will break when dropped. Found some at a garage sale and grabbed it when I could. Pyrex is great too. Check Corning, I'm not sure if all is compatible anymore. It's not the Corning of years ago.

That the item heats in the microwave does not necessarily mean it's not safe. That's how the browning grills work. They heat up to sear meats and such.

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