Cookie Bakers - I Need Your Help!!

jannieDecember 9, 2012

I'm baking cookies for Christmas gifts this year. Got through a batch of my personal favorite, Russian Tea Cakes (aka Mexican Wedding Cookies) using my late Mom's recipe. I've been using parchment paper to line the cookie sheets and I love it!my question is this- do you reuse the paper? Yesterday I reused the paper once, then dumped it. It was looking kind of "dry". Today I'm baking again and my first batch is in the oven. Do you re-use parchment paper? If yes, how many times? If no, why not? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!

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I just did this yesterday. I use each piece twice. Afraid to use it a third time.

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Have used it over and over - often baking a couple of different batches of cookies with the same paper. I do cut the paper to match the cookie sheet size though - any over hang might scorch. The paper seeming dry is okay and it doesn't impart any "off" flavor to cookies.

Cookies baking at 350 degrees is well within the heat tolerance of the parchment.

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I use two and sometimes three cookies sheets, make the doughs ahead of time and have one baking day. So I use each parchment sheet 3 times at least. Like Dulutinbloom said, just make sure it fits the pan. Isn't it the best invention for bakers??

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I use the same sheet/sheets over until I am finished with the cookies.

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I just read in "Cook's Illustrated" how to keep the paper from rolling.....just scrunch it up a bit and it will lie flat. Between that and the oil/flour/shortening (BTP) that was posted earlier, baking is simplified.

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I absolutely re-use it when I'm baking multiple batches of something in one day, but I throw it out between days. I also buy the pre-cut half-sheet size and the 8 in and 9 in circles for cakes. Just take it out of the package and it fits perfectly and it's totally flat. I'm not even convinced that it's more expensive given the waste when you try to cut it the right size. So convenient!

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Just roll the paper the other way and it will lie flat.

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I'll use one sheet over and over until or unless it gets dirty due to some filling leaking or some such thing - then I'll turn it over and use the other side.

The precut sheets available from King Arthur Flour catalog are about the best thing since sliced bread as I could never manage to cut my parchment paper straight when using the roll.

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Put a to be baked cookie here and there and it'll lie flat. LOL!

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As long as the paper isn't messy (no dripped chocolate or gooey filling spilled on it), I just leave the same sheets on my cookie sheets through the holidays. It doesn't hurt anything at all to use and reuse. Just shake the crumbs into the trash can between uses. After all, you store your baked cookies at room temperature for days/weeks around the holidays, the paper is not going to 'spoil' if you do the same.

Used to work in a very high end bakery. With the price of parchment, they used it until something spilled on it--often used sheets for many many times a day, for days.

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I use my paper many times, as long as it is fairly clean looking.


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Thanks for the replies. I used my sheets three times today. I found a trick for keeping the paper flat in the baking pan:Dampen the 4 corners of the pan with a few drops of water. It holds he parchment paper down and keeps it from moving around. My Mom's recipes were from the 1940's-50's era. Of course she didn't have PP. But she would have approved.

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