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jannieDecember 19, 2012

Not sure what to do. Our kitchen floor was ruined several years ago when our dishwasher flooded. It was linoleum and really "buckled" from the flood. So this year, we're spending our Christmas money on a new vinyl floor from Sears. The installers are coming today. Since we are paying Sears plenty, we know these guys are a contract company, they'll get paid. But should I also give them a tip? If so, how much? I'm thinking no tip or maybe $20 per person. What do you do in this situation?

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go to this tipping page for answer.
This is also on the "Misc" page on the KTGP

Here is a link that might be useful: Tipping etiquette

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If they come out and just do their job, I see no reason to tip people who are making a decent wage--I'll generally supply drinks and have a freshly baked pan of brownies or cookies available.

If, on the other hand, you expect more than normal--you have a lot of heavy furniture and expect them to move it, maybe an island that has to be moved? or the damage floor has deteriorated to the point where it's pretty offensive to work with? Then, yes, I'd give them something extra.

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If they'll be moving heavy furniture, something tells me that will end up on your final bill -- but if you see it doesn't, I agree with azzalea on that point.

Otherwise, no, I wouldn't tip them.
(Now, MOVERS I will tip.)

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I've decided to tip each guy (2 of them) $20 each. I have a large, heavy island piece that they were very careful about moving. Plus they moved the raqnge and fridge. And they did some sub sub-flooring repair, part of the Sears contract. So I figure an extra $20 each is fine.

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Jannie, we recently got a new frig and I tipped $10 for each of the two guys. Wasn't much moving except for the old frig which I plugged into another kitchen plug. I think you were very generous--and it is the season, isn't it?

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If someone "just does their job" and no more, I don't like to tip, even at a restaurant. I consider a tip a gratuity, something I give because I'm grateful for what I've received. When they do something extra, go out of their way to be careful and/or courteous, or the like, I appreciate it and I show it.

When they delivered my stove and frig I gave them each $10 because they were extra careful and went out of their way to do their job well. I think you were kind and generous with what you gave them. I'm sure they appreciated it.

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