Rod Serling's Carol for Another Christmas

Sue_vaDecember 19, 2012

I did a search to see if the movie would be shown again and found this.

That URL isn't working. The date is Dec 22, 4ish o'clock.


Here is a link that might be useful: Carol

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I saw the last half hour or so, very weird, Peter Sellers popped up at the end as "Me". Both my hubby and one of his sisters are fascinated with A Christmas Carol. They say the best version is !951 with Alastair Sim.

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Rod Serling's show was always to creepy and scary for me.
I'm sure I wouldn't have watched this one! lol

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We caught it this past Sunday. It started out with a lot of promise, but quickly turned into an ad for the UN. We all agreed we were glad to have seen it, that it was an important show to watch, but it was definitely disappointing in both the creepy and plot depts. I'd heard it was a really good, creative version. Well it was different, and filmed very well.

One you really have to watch yourself to evaluate.

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I agree, very very different than what I expected. Kind of interesting to see the mind set at the time. What was Scrooge's character's name in this adaptation? Grudge? Grunge? I could never quite catch it. I thought he was very stiff, would have like to have seen another actor in his place. Yeah, Peter Sellers! That was weird. And I saw the actress who played opposite Cary Grant in North By Northwest as the WAC? she was in uniform but I never quite understood whom she was suppose to represent.

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