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OklaMoniDecember 8, 2012

I just went to Delphi Forums, cause it was listed on the "Oh, Oh, We're being forced.....!!" post.

Here is something I found, it seems like we can make our own forum, aka KT forum. I don't know, but what do you all think?


Here is a link that might be useful: delphi forums

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I thought there was already 2 other existing places. Maybee posted that there is a KT Group over on Facebook. I imagine The MH is the other one, by invitation or acceptance only.

I'm not interested in going anywhere else. I've always considered anything that I share or post here on any of the GW Forums, as being 'out there' on the Worldwide Wed for everyone to see, read, and possibly share.

Here is a link that might be useful: Remember when sharing 'anything' on the web...

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Good idea Moni. I would like to share the memory of what happened years ago when the Kt was going to have to pay to use it. My memory could be 'fuzzy' but a new KT 2 was born and some members went over there (and it was there some time ago). I also believe that was when the MH and OHH came about and one other. I tried all of them and they 'just didn't get off the ground', altho they are still in business.... and I post sometimes on a couple of them. It is very hard to move the large following that the KT has, and for me, there will always be those friends that don't move (for what ever reason) will be missed and will pull me back. This "facebook" thing COULD be a bigger motivator than having to pay a yearly fee was. Just a thought.

PS Other forums that I read/post on are just as adamant about refusing the connection to facebook.... so, if GW has any good sense, they will back off.

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PS.... Having the KT on facebook would, most likely, be a deal-breaker for me. I have a facebook page....rarely use it... do not really like it. But, I really AM most comfortable here....now. Tough decisions are a-comming.

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Nanny, like you, I have a facebook page. I don't use it much either. I have it set to be the most secure I could find... but still, I am not friends with many... just as few cycling friends, and my daughters.

I will never post as much there, as I have here.

I was also at the MH for a while, but still came here... and this is really my home. If what Tamara posted it true, we will be ok for a while longer.

But I can see the end, sort of speak... and will miss everyone terribly if this goes under.

I will leave, if we get hooked up with facebook or twitter.


PS, just looked.. and I have a whopping 16 friends on facebook. LOL

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It seems that everything now days is linked to or on FB. Also during the elections I noticed that you could at the moment of the debates be 'Tweeting' to some news show and they would post it, if they found what you said interesting. It is a crazy world we live in now~~~it moves a bit too fast for this ole' gal;)

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I know it has not been "popular" here in the recent past to talk about being here in the beginning, and how Spike ran things, but believe me, those definitely were "the good old days." Some left rather than pay the $15 a year. There were other groups started, and I did visit out of curiosity. None were like the original, and so I've stayed here.

Facebook has become a tyrant and it seems is dictating to every one else, and no one is able to stop it, or resist it.

I am on FB, because my two nieces in Texas asked me to join. After a few hi, how are you, any conversation ended. I stay on FB now so I can see my DGD's cupcake shop. I don't post anything there. We just email.

I don't know what the answer is. I can say this though: anything I post here is not anything that the general public would want to bother with, so I'm not concerned about that.

I remember something an elderly lady told me a long time ago: Our words are like feathers tossed in the air; you can never retrieve them all.

I am glad for the reprieve from Tamara. Be thinking about this though. Would you be willing to pay for the privilege of posting here?


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I wish it went back to what it was when Spike was here. many didn't like that but Ithink it was a big help at times.

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Thanks Sue for your 'voice'. Think we are on the same page and I am glad for the reprieve but the future of this home as we know it, is worrisome. I too, liked Spike, and after thinking about the "past".... "good old days", and how "attached" I had become to this KTand all of our posters..... maybe it would be worth "subscribing" once again.

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I certainly would be pleased to pay again, if it returned to what it used to be. I know some things peeved us then, too but....

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Yes, I would pay to stay, provided, NO facebook or twitter or what ever new crops up in the near future.

I joined while it was pay to play, even if it doesn't show. I changed names twice.


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I never minded paying the $15 per year to be able to post here. For the $15 (which works out to FOUR CENTS A DAY), you never saw any ads. The purpose, you see, was to gain income so that ads wouldn't be necessary. I would imagine that there are a lot of folks here who would be willing to pay less than a nickle a day to avoid all the social media garbage.

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Do it Moni.

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