Does zicam work?

sleeperbluesDecember 7, 2012

I woke up today with a mild sore throat and headache, and don't want it to progress. Has anyone taken zicam for this, and did it work for you? I hate being sick, and now is a really bad time to get sick but I don't want to waste my money if it's not going to work.

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I've used zicam for years. My dr. recommends taking zinc at the first sign of a cold. It doesn't cure the cold, but it makes the symptoms much less, and usually shortens the length of a cold to about 3 days for me (instead of the usual 6-7). However, I did find the old nasal spray version worked a little better than the dissolve-under-your-tongue tablets do. And with the tablets of pretty much any brand I've tried, you will probably have a bad taste in your mouth for the days you take them. They're pretty foul, but they do work, so it's worth putting up with.

Hope you feel better.

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Thanks, I think I'll grab some after work.

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Any chance you could grab some on the way in? It's most effective if you take it immediately, rather than waiting several hours.

Good luck, feel better. Horrible time to be sick (not that there's ever a good time!)

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Zicam has been under fire for causing people to lose their sense of smell. Apparently the offending products were withdrawn from the market in 2009. Here's Snopes' explanation of the situation.

Here is a link that might be useful: Zicam

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Yes, that's the nasal spray, but you can get the lozenges--they work, too, just not as well as the nasal stuff did (which never bothered me, my sense of smell is just as hyper-sensitive as it's always been! Actually wouldn't have minded it being toned down just a bit--LOL). The lozenges aren't associated with the problems the nasal spray supposedly cause for some people.

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I've used the meltaways successfully. They really shortened my cold last winter.

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I have used Zicam but I prefer the ColdEeze lozenges for shortening cold symptoms.

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I've been using Aicam for years and It's always worked very well for me! It works BEST if you take it as soon as you start to feel that little scratchy sore throat just starting so try to get some right away. I haven't had a cold for years. I always keep some on hand.I used to catch a lot of colds because I am diabetic type I and now my age makes me susceptible. I have taken different forms of it but they all seem to work.

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Since most of us respond favorably to taking any pill, even a placebo, it's hard to say 'nevermind'!

I shoulda been a Christian Scientist, huh?

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I used Zicam last week and I swear by my Netti pot, I also take Turmeric 2x's daily, I added an extra one in the mix. I also drank an Echinacea tea several times a day. I also swear by making a fresh Ginger tea, with honey and lemon. It all seemed to work. Or I drank so much I flushed it out;)

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i used it last month and nipped a cold in the bud...I swear by ZICAM!

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