credit card hacked

lily316December 7, 2012

I got a call from Discover Card today asking if I made an online purchase from Groupon for one dollar. I thought that was weird but no I didn't ,and I clicked on the fraud department. Turns out the Groupon thing was the least of it. There was almost $600 dollars charged to Banana Republic and $300 to a fitness site. How their computers picked up on this is amazing and they promptly cancelled our card and will issue us a new one and void the charges.

Has this ever happened to any of you? Our cards were in our wallets and no family member or anyone has access to them. We used it yesterday at the grocery store, swiped it ourselves and the gas station. Same thing, swiped it ourselves with no one around. How does this happen? Guy said husband should have a metal wallet(which he won't do) because crooks scan thru clothes. But we haven't been in any crowds lately. It's just scary out there.

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Skimmers can be put on EFTPOS machines, possibly there's a bunch of people in your area who are now having issues with their cards. It happened here.

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Yep it happened to us. I never thought about getting DH a metal wallet. Wonder if the same thing is true about a woman's walleet - can they skim it thru a purse? Anyway in our case, both my DH and me have different types of cards. We received a call on a Sunday asking if he had ordered concert tickets and tickets to six flags in California. I guess that's what tipped them off. No way would we go to six flags and probably not a concert.

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Happened to us too. A dollar google purchase, computer store, fitness center etc. Where it happened, we don't know but we wonder if there was "equipment" attached to the reader at the gas bar. It all got straightened out, new card sent and purchases cancelled but likely someone out there is very fit! We're Canadian and the fitness center was in the U.S. That should be a clue! I guess the numbers got well circulated.

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Yes - has happened twice to me.

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Ours was hacked after giving it to the server/cashier at a local restaurant.

Needless to say, we never went back there.

This was before my divorce. I don't hand my card over, when dining out. I bring cash.

Cash is still the safest in such instances.


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Mine hasn't been hacked--I don't carry it with me, ever any more--it stays in the safe. We only have it for things like renting cars for vacation, and buying our meds (since we have to buy them mail order per our plan).

However, many years ago, my wallet was stolen--and within 20 minutes, the crooks were using my card in another state. After 2 tries, the card company cancelled the card, the crooks tried 2 more times, and gave up using it. This was a Sunday night--the bank called first thing the next morning to let me know. I hadn't even been aware my wallet was missing. It was taken while we were eating at a restaurant. The theft was caught on their tape, but the crooks never were picked up.

Anyway, the bank's computers are set to pick up unusual patterns. I NEVER used my card for everyday purchases like gas stations, parking lots, etc, so when those kinds of things started coming in, it immediately kicked it out as possible fraud/theft. Lucky for me. I would think it would take a lot longer for the bank to realize there was a problem for someone who does make those kinds of everyday purchases regularly with their card.

Cash is SO much safer than credit/debit. You can only lose a finite amount, and you don't have the hassle that results from someone stealing your credit card or checkbook, AND with cash there's not the continuing worry of identity theft.

As it's happened to me in the past, may I strongly recommend that you report the situation to your police dept., and put fraud alerts on all three of the credit reporting agencies. You're going to want to monitor those closely for the next couple of years. The credit card company should cancel the fraudulent charges for you, but do keep a record of any out of pocket expenses that may come up as a result of this (if you end up having any legal expenses, say)--and discuss with your accountant, in some cases they may possibly be claimed as losses on your taxes.

And do consider using a safer form of payment--like Moni, I recommend cash.

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It happened to me. Card was never out of my possession and the bank rep said someone probably got it online. Scary because I don't use it on shady websites. It was a card I hardly ever use and all the amounts were under $100 so it didn't raise any flags for a while but eventually the bank caught it and reimbursed me and it's been fine since.

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"Cash is SO much safer than credit/debit. You can only lose a finite amount"

With credit, I cannot lose a single dollar.
No way I would carry around hundreds of dollars....

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Our credit card company called us just before Christmas in 2010 to ask if we had purchased two airline tickets to China! The woman apologized profusely in the event that she was spoiling someone's Christmas surprise (Bless her heart). I assured her that it was not legitimate. They had refused the charge, and sent us new cards. I was very impressed with them, and thanked her.

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I got a call Thursday afternoon too, my credit card was used overseas (London) for $489. Mastercard declined the transaction (whew!) and they are sending me a new card. I still have the old one tucked in my wallet, of course it's now useless.

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Luann--when my wallet was stolen, I lost about $1300 cash--I hadn't realized that DH had put a deposit in the checkbook that weekend. That was minor though, compared to the cost and hassle of having to get everything replaced, paying for a new license, new checks, etc. And the worry that you have for YEARS that someone will either steal your ID or break into your home.... it's not worth making it easier for theives.

These days, I keep the charge card in the safe, I keep my money and ID in separate places in my purse, so if 'they' get my wallet, they won't get all my information. My husband worried for several years, until we moved from that house, that someone could use what they took from us to break in or steal my car (I had one of those plastic emergency keys in my wallet, too).

You're right--I DID NOT lose a penny with my charge card, thank goodness, but it's the credit info that's the problem. Cash is definitely going out of style--I get that, and understand that younger folks have been sold on the idea that it's SO safe, SO easy to use plastic. And it is easy. But not as safe as you'd like to think. They have to have that first level of safety (you aren't responsible for fraudulent charges) or the financial institutions COULD NEVER sell such a flawed plan to the public.

Just be careful, watch your back, and always remember, the crooks are way more skilled at their trade than you are in protecting yourself from them. It's a career for many, and they've studied and prepared themselves for success in their line of work.

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Me, too, and my son. The first time cards were actually stolen from my wallet at work. The thief was smart because they didn't take the entire wallet or all the cards, just two of them. First the thief bought some inexpensive hair items at Bloomingdales and when that worked they went to a big box store and bought a computer. I think when a small purchase followed by a large purchase that are not the typical shopping pattern is what tips off the cc company. Anyway, I got a call which was when I found that my cards were gone. I was furious but at least the cards were inactivated before further damage.

Another time my # was stolen from an online purchase. I noticed it when I got my bill. Since I get my bill online, I get it faster than in the mail. Again, the crooks ordered computers online. First I stopped the card and then I called the computer company to give them the heads up. They said another purchse was being processed at the time but they could not stop it now. Huh? The computer had not left their warehouse (It was Tiger Direct)and they couldn't stop it?? That makes no sense.

My son's # was stolen. Someone had purchased nearly $15,000 worth of solar panels from a a company in another state. He called the cc company to report the theft and asked if they would void the purchase. They said no, they do not inform the stores, so the store would have gone ahead and shipped the material. My son called them himself and they were so grateful to be told. The material was all on skids ready to be picked up by a shipping company. Evidently the crooks call they shipping company when the material is on it's way and change the destination to make it more difficult to track where it goes.

My mom's card was used to buy AMTRAK tickets. My gosh, the workd is full of sneaky thieves.

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There's been fraudulent charge attempts on me but I haven't lost a dollar. I know people who have lost their wallets and it costs them money. You lose a "finite amount" on a credit card loss. Look at your terms. Plus insurance occasionally will cover your card losses but seldom your cash losses.

I realize that losing $1300.00 plus ancillary costs and expenses is nothing to Azzalea and I understand her paranoia makes that more comfortable for her to lose that money rather than use a credit card, but I'd rather keep the $1300.00+ in MY pocket thank you. Plus look at the other losses with using cash, between dropping bills unknowingly, bills sticking together, counterfeit, and more. No thanks, credit is still a very safe thing at least for now. I'm certainly not saying there's no place for cash and I still carry cash but most anything that can be charged still goes on the card and then I make money on it too, rather than lose money.

A fraudulent charge is not an identity theft. The problem is people get tidbits of information and run off with it and say that everything is an identity theft when most of the time it's not.

There's a lot of ways for a card to get used, including random numbers so Moni, I doubt quite highly that your card was abused by that restaurant.

People also don't understand the scanner things and there's a very simple solution to it. You don't need a metal wallet to solve it but it helps proliferate the Chicken Little fears of credit cards. And the media and internet want to hype things so much that it's crazy. More sales of them means more money to them. These scanners are picking up radio signals that *some* (but NOT ALL) cards have on them.

Look on the back of your card and look for the RFID icon. If you have one, simply take a paper punch and punch a hole through the icon. You won't be broadcasting anymore. However you won't be able to use the charge stations where you don't have to have your card scanned either and for me, that's no loss.

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We've had the card numbers hijacked twice while the cards were still in our possession. First time someone went on a grocery and gas spending spree in West Virgina and a a couple of other states. We found out when we tried to pay for our meal. Earlier this year, I was declined at Target. Turned out someone in Japan had purchased train tickets. Not sure where our numbers got taken.

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WOW, to say I'm amazed that it happens all the time and to many of you blows my mind. We cut up all credit cards except two a few years ago. We exclusively use Discover and the Discover guy told us yesterday we've been with them since 1986. I had no idea it will soon be 30 years and never a problem until yesterday.We use the card almost for everything unless it's under $10. We use it for all meals eaten out, maybe 10 a month, all gas purchases, all clothing, all groceries,all prescriptions, all Doctor/dentist visits.We pay off the bill every month and have never paid interest all the years we've own the card. Husband also pays all bills online.

I would not like to carry a lot of cash around and risk loss of wallet , counterfeit ,having it stolen, or dropping bills while paying. Guy from Discover said to always watch your card being scanned. How can we follow wait staff back to the area where they scan? We usually always eat at well known establishments.

I just wonder how Discover reacted so quickly. My guess is the crooks try a tiny purchase first and then some big ones. When my kids were in Belize , they got a call but it was because they were in a difference country but it was legit. It's not inconceivable that I'd buy from Banana Republic because I have worn their clothes. The Fitness center called husband today checking and H told them Discover found the fraud yesterday and cancelled the transaction. .

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I forgot one other additional charge to the card was one to Home Depot. How this raised red flags, I don't know but it did.

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Three times for us. One was at a gas station and they took the card. I know as a detective called me at work (scared me half to death) to report that they arrested the perp.

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"Luann--when my wallet was stolen, I lost about $1300 cash--I hadn't realized that DH had put a deposit in the checkbook that weekend. That was minor though, compared to the cost and hassle of having to get everything replaced, paying for a new license, new checks, etc. And the worry that you have for YEARS that someone will either steal your ID or break into your home.... it's not worth making it easier for theives. "

Okay... but we were not talking about wallets being stolen... just a credit card.

As it was you were out $1300. I would not be as I choose to use credit cards.

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I wonder if this isn't a prime time for thieves fly under the radar. It's Christmas, when many people are buying things they don't usually buy.

I've had calls from our CC company two times. The first was when I helped DS buy his fiancee a diamond, giving my my CC number to the jeweler.

This year we had a call from the CC company, asking why we had not activated the new cards they'd sent us -- which we never received. Lost? Stolen? They cancelled that CC number and issued us new cards with a new number. (Just when I'd gotten the old number memorized!)

We charge virtually *everything*. We also shred mail, documents, receipts, etc. with identifying information -- including the solicitations to take out new CC's.

We froze our credit ratings many years ago. We can open an account for a few hours or a day if we want to apply for credit for something (rare event for us Seniors).

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

my husband carries the metal wallet he got his at Bed Bath And Beyond and they also have some for women there too, I want to get one next time I go. I have heard you can line your wallet with foil and it will mess up the scanner so it does not read right no idea if that works. They also have little envelopes you slide each credit card into that will block scanners.

My husbands American Express that he uses only for business realated expense and is rarely used showed up one day with a charge for a couple thousand dollar purchase of a TV online to a store in a foreign country that we could not even have been able to use and American Express did not flag it which they admit they certainly should have. But the tv had to be delivered somewhere I mean someone had to give out that info to get the tv. We of course let them know it was not us obviously and disputed the charge. They tried to contact the vendor but never got a response so they reversed the charges. They did not issue a new card but did put a watch on the card they said they had experienced this and that the person was using random numbers and hit on a lucky one that worked. Which is why they didn't think it would happen again and it didn't. One time thing just that card.

Had a friend that had his hacked from a restaurant, he absolutely knew that was where it happened, he contacted the police and they said they had several reports of it happening there. They set up a sting and caught the person red handed. The owner claims he knew nothing.

It can happen so easily and so quickly. If you are ever at a store and they ask you to swipe your card more than once pay close attention that is how it happens a lot of times.

I always suggest informing all of the credit bureaus to keep a watch on your accounts after any type of fraud.

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Happened to me years ago. I had only used the card one time and then kept the card in my file cabinet here at home, not in my purse. Someone used just the number, didn't have the credit card itself, and they bought themselves a nice new computer with it. I got a bill for it and had to go through the police and a big mess to get it straightened out. But that was in the late 90s.

These days, I have my online banking set up to alert me if my card is used for the amount of $1 or more...I get an email immediately.

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Thanks for the reminders and the hint about the rfid symbol, punching a hole in it could save some people a lot of trouble!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I too have alerts set up on my cards and accounts, I set them up for an alert if anything over a dollar also. Works great I get an email the moment they are triggered. It is free to set the alerts. For certain actions I have phone alerts.

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I've never heard of a metal wallet.

Like several of the others here, I use my charge card (Discover) and never have had a problem. I guess there could always be a first time.

Kind of a reverse situation years ago, when I was using a Visa card. I had been visiting my DS in SC and shopping in several places. Later I got a statement that included two purchases that I did not recognize so I contacted Visa and told them they were not mine. They removed the charges immediately. Then nearing Christmas time I found two packages in a closet. Guess what? Yes, it was the two items I had been billed for. I had put them away for Christmas presents and forgot about them. I contacted Visa again, apologized and requested them to put the charges back on my bill. They thanked me very much.

I never carry a pocketbook; I use a fanny pack. I see women shopping with those big pocketbooks in the cart, sometimes open which is an invitation to some one to reach in and grab a wallet.

I don't carry cash any more. I use my card for everything, and pay it off every month. I appreciate the fact that since I am aging at this time when some things are much easier to handle than "back in the day." I would be foolish not to take advantage of it.


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From the history you provided, I'd suspect the gas station. A card reader can be added to the card slot on gas pumps and sometimes without the station operator's knowledge. your card gets scanned when you inster it and the information sent by a short distance radio link to a neaby vehicle that is recording the numbers.

Once the credit card number and pin numner is known, the crook makes on-line or telephone purchases. He does not have to produce and actual card for these purchases, just the numerical data. The more sophiscated crook makes a duplciate card and uses it in person and immediately picks up the mechandise. Both the on-line crook and in-person crook knows that the purloined card will fail as soon as someone at the credit service suspects fraud. The in-person buyer already has he goods and is busy fencing it. Phone and on-line orders may get stopped before shipping.

The other place is an ATM machine, especially one at a lonely location. The crook installs a hidden, remote camera and attemps to visually read data when the card user types on the keypad. The more sophiscated crook will record the camera's output for later study and deciphering. One defense against this crime is to shield the keypad when making entries.

This one is tough to detect at first glance because many ATM nachines are watched by a legitmate surveilance camera. Again, it a good idea to shield the keypad since aomeone has access to the camera.

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You could very well be right about the gas station. I'm sure it wasn't Wegman's grocery store. This gas station is a Sunoco on a busy intersection, but it's possible. Or maybe they just try random numbers until they come up with one that works. I think Discover found it so quickly was the 1$ Groupon purchases , followed quickly by the Banana Republic, Home Depot, and the Finish Line ones . We rarely ever use the ATM machines. I know that scam. The online goods they ordered have to be delivered somewhere so how can they get away with it?

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Discover Fed EXed me my new cards today. Great service from a really reliable company. Almost 30 years with them.

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I suspect I am alone at the KT in never having used an ATM. We seldom travel. We use very little cash. Once in a while I will go through our bank's drive-through sith a deposit or check and pick up $200 -- lasts a LONG time.

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Yes, we had ours hacked late last year. We were on an extended overseas holiday and our son contacted us saying that the bank wanted to talk to us. DH rang them from London and they asked about 4 recent purchases from the US totalling $5,300. We had certainly not made them and the bank cancelled the card - thankfully we had another card with us that we could use for the rest of our holiday. However, because we would be away for quite a while, we had arranged for our gas, electricity, water and land rates bills to be paid by direct debit - on the card that had been cancelled. So DH then had to ring the relevant companies and change the card details. It all worked out OK but it was a real pain organising the changes.

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Last year a really expensive camera was delivered to my house. What was odd is I never ordered a camera from this online website. $1400 was charged to my American Express card though. I sent an email to the company and said I wanted to send it back because I never ordered it and they could credit my card. I then received a return label to send it back. Packed it up an sent it back, but the company never received the camera.
I had sent it back return receipt requested to avoid this very claim. The company then wanted to know where I had sent it to. I sent all of my paperwork to them and they said #1 we do not use the USPS we use UPS and #2 they knew nothing about the address I had sent the camera to. Low and behold, I looked up the address on google maps and saw it had been returned to a house that looked like a migrant workers house. American Express fought the charge and it was removed from my bill. (I love Amex for this reason). PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!! I can only think they hacked into my email as well as using my credit card number. It is really scary knowing how devious some can be.

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It certainly IS scary since the average person doesn't know the tricks the crooks use. I've told friends and many of them have been hacked too including my son. He never told me. Again can't the detectives just go to the place where the goods were to be delivered?

On 20/20 last night people were duped into paying for a puppy and then expecting the pup to arrive at the airport. Of course it never did, so the women in the various plots were found. They were innocent but in online relationships with men from Africa. Now this was downright stupid. Who would spend $800 sight unseen on a puppy?

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lily, I agree....I saw that too, and I couldn't believe that someone would buy a puppy sight unseen...but at this very moment, a woman I know (not a close friend) is being scammed by a Nigerian, who has convinced her that he is originally from Virginia and is coming back from working over seas. She sent him $5,000 of her own money and several thousand more sent to her by various individuals. All goes to Nigeria...yet, she is convinced he is an American electrician working in Malaysia. He told her he is "flying home" she is probably waiting at the airport this minute. He has her out looking at expensive houses for sale. I just can't believe it....tried to tell her, and she got mad at me. Can't believe she is so stupid.
She is a widow and had a little money, but probably not any more.

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yes, had it happen for the first time in October.
I had charged at Toys R' Us, then went to Target and charged at 11:42. At 11:43, they tried to charge 9 dollars in a little town about 25 miles from the Target I was at.
The credit card company told me that it was the two charges a minute apart and about 25 miles apart that raised the red flag. They felt that the card had been compromised in Toys R Us.
When I got to Tuesday Morning at noon, my credit card was rejected. Very embarrassing.
I was really impressed that within 15 minutes they had shut it down and called my home and my cell phone.

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The credit card companies must have a slew of people tracking all the time to catch on to fraud so quickly.

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My DS opened up an account with a credit union for $500.00
If his card from there is stolen, it should'nt be accepted in a store if the amount is more than that. They also can't get cash of more than the $500 if they try to use it.

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apparently it is all computerized and certain things will trigger a second look and had they not tried to do a manual entry charge almost at the same time I charged, it would have slipped by.

For years my husband would travel all over the world for business and we would often get calls to verify that he was where the charges were being charged.

Several years ago he was in Holland, and then back home and then we went to Canada all in one week. We got a call then.

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