YAHOO!! Our gift giving party is done!!

YogaLady1948December 24, 2012

Whew! I made it another year;) Everything was great, way too much food. I thought we had cut down, but it got bigger food wise. Everyone just wants to bring their favorite thing, so what cha' gonna do;)

After all my fussing and planning with my ham, I almost forgot to put it in the crock pot~~~it turned out perfect.

Best gift of the night! DD#1 gave us 2 nights at the Bahia Hotel on Mission Bay in San Deigo! YEAH!!!! Love it!

Great evening~~~I drank wine and ate sugar~~lots~~I gave both up four months ago, but decided I would enjoy it today. Everyone took all the sweets home, but DD#2 won this Big A*s bottle of red win at a chairty run she was in~~~it equals 32 glass! It is yummy, of course you can not drive with an open container so we had to keep it;) LOL I will take it to DS's house at the end of January he is doing an open house~~

Hope everyone has as great a time as we did~~~just family and simple food and fun;)

Merry Merry to Everyone!!

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Sounds like a wonderful party, and what a great gift from you DD! Nice!

A word of advice: drink that opened wine now. By the end of January it won't be drinkable. It's been opened and air has gotten in, so it'll be wasted if it's not used until the end of January.

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If the open container is in the trunk, it can be transported in Ohio. Just don't drive impaired, which I know you won't! Merry Christmas.

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DS could not take it home he has a truck~~not trunk;)

Suzieque, we are drinking more of the wine as I post this so not sure it will last til the end of January~~~we are going to DS's Thursday~~I will take the rest of it to him then~~they are hosting DIL's family on Sat~~that should finish it off;)

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