A helpful hint for unclogging toilet....

frazooDecember 16, 2008

Yep! Just in time for the Holidays and all that company!

Squirt a generous amount (about 2/3 cup) of dishwashing liquid (Dawn, Joy, Palmolive, etc.) into the toilet bowl. Wait for awhile, sometimes an hour, for the water to recede. Then, pour about a gallon of warm/hot tap water held about waist high into the bowl, or as much as the bowl will hold without overflowing. Repeat this as necessary until the toilet flushes. Sometimes it happens the first time, others have to do it 6-7 times, but it should work. Plunge before, during or after, if you have a plunger. It should work even without a plunger.

I found this method while doing a search at my DD's where I spent the weekend. I was so embarrassed that I clogged their toilet. (Lucky they have another.) Anyway, it happened Friday, and Saturday we left town with the toilet still clogged. Her DH asked his co-worker what to do, since plunging it wasn't working. His advice was to get a snake/auger from the hardware store, but DSIL didn't have time to get one. So, late Saturday night, I started looking for ways to unclog the darn thing since I was leaving on Sunday and didn't want to be responsible for them having to call a plumber on Monday. Plus, I was so embarrassed that DSIL had talked about it at work...you know, something like "Hey, my MIL's got the terlet plugged. What should I do?" I can just hear the MIL jokes and comments!

Anyway, after squirting Dawn into the toilet, waiting, then pouring hot tap water into it, it unclogged in a short time. Hooray! Google rocks! Computers rock! The World Wide Web rocks!

Hope this hint can save you all some grief and annoyance!


It does not work for hard objects like toys, cosmetics, etc. that have fallen into the toilet bowl.

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GAWD -- I HATE those new-fangled, low-volume terlits! Thanks for the remedy! I clogged DS &DDIL's low-volume and had to ask where the plunger was. Soon after, DD clogged it & was so embarrassed, she came to me and I asked again for the plunger. DDIL laughs it off b/c the young GK's clog the fancy newfangled terlits up all the time. . . . It only takes about 10 squares of tp to clog a terlit nowadays.

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When I was somewhat younger, and we used to refer to ourselves as "... getting 3 squares a day ... ", we were referring to the amount of food that one was getting, enough to keep one satisfied.

Of course ... it is quite a stretch, from three to ten, all at a time.

Thanks for getting our laughter-pipes unclogged (without a cup or so of soft soap, or hot water, at that)!

ole joyfoul

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Got a chuckle out of that. Did Archie Bunker 'invent' that word? I remember he always called them that.

Thanks for the tip. Will keep it in mind.


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Where were you 2 weeks ago???? I coulda used this advice.


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And if you're in the market for a new low-flow toilet, consider a Toto. They have a wider tube - or whatever you call it - at the bottom, so things don't get trapped.

Between two low-flow Toto toilets, I've had exactly one clog in the last five years, when Chloe dropped a couple of toy cars down the toilet and then used a wad of toilet paper to try to get it out. I'm not sure any toilet could have survived that!

I don't work for the company, just a *very* satisfied customer!

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Ours gets clogged constantly, fortunately plunging works quite well. Wish I had known about the Toto toilet.

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I always try a toliet brush first to unclog a toilet. It usually can get enough suction to clear the clog.

Nice to know this remedy though.

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In my previous house... I had to flush while doing number two. Every time, otherwise I would clog it. LOL, I am in that habit now at all "new place".


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My sister has Totos but they do clog. For what they cost, that shouldn't happen! Also, make sure your wax ring at the base where it connects to the pipe is 4-inch, rather than 3-inch.

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I found the type of paper makes a big difference. And of course how much you use! If you're gonna pitch a roll and a half down there, try flushing a few times during the session! :D

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I'm sorry, the first thing I did when reading the thread, was, chuckle. The same thing has happened to me while visiting my DD. Luckily, the second flush did the trick. Thank you for letting us know this remedy. I'm leaving today to go for another visit, and if it happens again, now I'll know what can be done! Embarrassment 101!

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Wish I had known this several weeks ago. I could have saved myself $50. With my new low flow, I do what Moni does. When I bought my low flow, I purposely looks for one with a high star flush rating.
I was visiting a good friend in CA last summer and had to ask for the plunger. It is so embarrassing.

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When we re-modeled our bathroom in 2005, we put in a Toto toilet (on the recomendation of our plumber). It works great, has never given us a problem. We have another toilet in our 2nd bathroom, when it fails we are getting another Toto.

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"Google rocks! Computers rock! The World Wide Web rocks!"

and Leslie/KS rocks for posting this. I'll be sharing the info with all my friends. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I wanted a Toto for our remodeled bathroom. My gracious; you'd thought I was trying to arrance a space flight to an uncharted galaxy. My request was met with strange questions; disbelief; blank stares, and about a million reasons why they couldn't install one.

One snooty salesman asked "Where did you ever hear about a Toto?" Boy did I pull out all my Southern grace to properly dress him down.

Anyway, to save any more agony and insult, I went with a Kohler Catherine. It's not hooked up yet so I don't know how it will work.

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I have two new Toto toilets - they flush everything - each and every time! Never a clog or a backup.

Worth every penny!

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Glad to be of service to my KT family! Hope you all have good luck with this method.

Happy flushing!

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