I have become my parents!

joann23456December 13, 2012

My sister and my niece asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year. We always give each other short lists of ideas, though no one feels like they *have* to choose from those lists. Most years, I have no problem coming up with a few reasonably-priced suggestions. Not this year.

Here's my Christmas list:
- Revlon metal nail file
- My favorite face cream
- Book of stamps
- Toe covers (like Peds, but without the heel)

Boy, am I pathetic! Well, not really. It's just that I have everything I need and much of what I want, and the things I want and don't have are just too expensive. (A trip to Prague? A new roof for the house?) I'm past the stage where I'm happy to receive pretty candle holders and other assorted decorative stuff (I'm trying to get rid of those things, not acquire more!), I don't need more sweaters, and I'm trying hard not to eat those delicious cookies everyone makes. And, while I like gifts, they were never the point of Christmas, for me.

I remind me of my mother, who asked for a roll of quarters every years. Soon, I'll become my dad, who used to say, "All I want is to see your beautiful smile." (Wait, I may already be there ... I asked my niece to take a hike with me for my birthday!)

Maybe there's hope for me yet, though. I also asked for a round of laser tag.:)

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Many of us are in the same boat - I even look like my Mom and I don't know when that happened. No one ever thought there was a strong resemblance before but my brother was visiting last week and as I came up the stairs from the basement he opened the door and said in a stunned tone - "You look just like Mom!"

My brother and I stopped exchanging gifts about 10 years ago and instead make a commitment to get together after the holidays for a dinner at a nice restaurant. His wife has a January birthday and so do I so it's a double celebration - and then we don't exchange birthday gifts either.

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I am just like you Joann! I do not want any more trinkets and there is nothing I really want or need (I consider myself blessed!) I'm thinking we should tell people to give a donation to the food pantry or homeless shelter.
btw - what did your mom do with the quarters? :)

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Laundry! She lived in an apartment building.

I'm not sure that my sister and I would exchange gifts were it not for my niece. But she likes it when we all get gifts, and I so remember how important it was to me as a child that my parents and grandmother get gifts, too. So we generally just put practical things on our lists. A gift certificate for the gas station or grocery store, anyone?

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I'll see your "Mom" and raise you one. I've become my grandmother -- NOT a good thing. Gram was short-tempered and a true Scot about not 'wasting' anything -- food, water, clothing, electricity. Gah! Any 'free spirit' I once had seems to have fled, leaving me a crabby old lady.

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I've thought that about myself, Chisue. I still have a lot of free spirit in me, but a lot of what I used to see as free spirit, I now see as irresponsibility.

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Hubby and I donate to our local TNR, Save A Gato and assistance for Native Americans for Christmas. Feels much better than wasting money on crap we don't need.

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We're the same way, Petra. We donate to our local Interfaith Emergency Services. Best gift we ever gave each other is knowing some little ones won't be hungry. Even better than the bottle of Prada's Candy I've been craving ;-)

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I can never come up with good suggestions for me for Christmas. I would never ask for anything expensive and if there is something I want or need for $25 or less, I go buy it myself.

As for my mother, everyone gives her bottles of liquor for Christmas. She has a drink every day, so by the next year, she is ready for more. I am getting her some coupons for the car wash. Sexy, huh?

When I go to the mall and see all the useless crap for sale, it makes me sick. What a waste of natural resources and money, plus it mostly ends up in a landfill in the end. People buying just for the sake of buying, not out of any true need for the item.

As far as charitable donations in my name, I like that idea but I wish people would give to something I care about rather than what they care about. Oh well.

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Pictures of my grandchildren, who don't live nearby, are the best gifts to me....I really don't need any other items and can buy anything else I want (luckily my wants are small)

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My kids asked me last year what I wanted for Christmas, I said new wooden spoons and spatulas. I have become my mother.

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I think most of us in our 40's, 50's and above are trying to downsize. We don't want more stuff that has to be dusted or maintained. It is freeing to get rid of things and have an uncluttered house.
Dedtired, we don't donate for other family members, just for each other. But if we did, it would definitely be to a charity of their choice.

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I don't want anything for Christmas either, but your remark about becoming your parents hit home with me. I often open my mouth and my mother's words come out. I am getting so I talk to strangers in the supermarket...especially complimenting them on their babies. My mother used to walk around doing her day to work and sing hyms. Guess who does that now???

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So true, Petra. Everyone I know is trying to get rid of stuff, not buy more.

And you made me laugh, Marilyn_c. I use my mom's words, too. "Don't worry about other people thinking about you, they're busy thinking about themselves." "Don't use a credit card for anything you won't still have when the payments come due." "The housework will be there tomorrow; let's play Monopoly!"

But I always walked around complimenting people on their babies, even when I was young.:)

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