Do you have a pre lit Christmas tree?

pekemomDecember 7, 2012

I have a small fiber optic tree and a slender 7ft pre lit tree. I finally gave away the large tree that you have to put together branch by branch and put on your own lights. It was a nice tree but the 2 I have now are so much more convenient...

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Yes and no.

I have two artificial trees. Neither came prelit. But we just leave the lights and decorations on, and put them in the basement at the end of the holiday season, under a large trash bag. Takes no time or work to decorate each year--10 minutes tops to rearrange furniture, vacuum, bring the tree up and plug it in. A friend told me she did that many years back. Thought the idea was crazy, but as we got older, it held more and more appeal--saves a lot of time and work.

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I do. Always had a real tree. Always had a rash, hives, sinus headache, etc. from putting it up. Turns out I am extremely allergic to pine trees. (and just about everything that grows outside, ha)

So I got an artificial tree, not prelit, and had to put the branches on one by one also. Ugh, what a pain that was.

I now have a new tree, just bought this summer, that is 9' tall and has 850 lights on it. 3 pieces to put it together.

After reading Azzalea's post, I like that idea even more. I will have to get a smaller tree though, haha.

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I have the 2 ft fiber optic tree also. I found it at a yard sale for $3. couldn't pass it up. I was tired of all the fuss of a bigger tree since its just me.

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After years of fighting with the darn artificial tree with a thousand branches, I finally got smart and bought a pre-lit and pre-decorated collapsible tree. It goes up in less than 3 minutes! It is only 6' tall and not very big around, but that's big enough for us. It stores in a thin box that fits under the bed.

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My parents bought a pre-lit tree 3 years ago. They loved it.
My step-father always put the lights on their old tree, and Mom did all of the other decorations.

At the time, the pre-lit trees were very, very expensive. They've come down in price quite a bit, now.

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Yes, 9' might be a bit unweildy to card up and down the stairs, LOL. Ours is only 6 feet, and rather narrow, the other is wider, but shorter. Obviously, you'd want to remove any breakable ornaments before carting it to the basement, and you always end up picking up a few ornaments that drop, but it's still a great time saver, I find

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I have a small table-top pre-lit tree. The lights are all white, but it is a very very pretty little tree. Bought it on clearance at Target 15 years ago! Still working. Store it in a rubbermaid bin off-season.

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Because Elmo liked to eat electrical wiring, we went almost 10 years with unlit trees or no tree. This year we have a pre-lit tress but I had to add more lights. I prefer all one color lights but when I plugged it in Eric was sad because he lies "gaudy colorful light". So, we have two small strands of color lights- have to get more after the holidays for next year.

I love a pre-lit tree. My brother always did the lights and I did the ornaments.

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7' Bethlehem Lights tree - love it! Goes up in three sections, takes about 2 minutes.

Bought the "fix it" gun, so if I have a section of lights not working - it fixes it in a snap.

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I just bought a pre-lit one this year. I love the multi-colored lights. It goes up in 3 pieces.

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I bought a 9 foot slim prelit Christmas tree at Home Depot this summer. for $54. lol I hope it works!

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We "had" a pre-lit tree, and then some of the lights quit working...I cut them all off (was quite a job) and now we string lights on it...I would never buy another pre-lit tree. I know several of my friends have had the same experience of the lights not working on their trees after a time.

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Oh Maybee - you should have tried that gun to fix them first!
It was SO easy! I didn't even replace the bulb - just took one out in the string that wasn't working, plugged that socket into the "gun" and pulled the trigger. Voila' - FIXED. Put the same bulb back in and all was good.

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Maybee!! We did the exact same thing this year! We loved our tree, but over the years, our pre-lit tree was starting to lose lights. DH tried to fix it, but with 1500 lights it was nearly impossible to find all the burned out lights. DH wanted to just buy a new pre-lit one, but I didn't want this happening every 4-5 years. So we cut them ALL off (phew!!) and now we can change from colored or white lights whenever we want!

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Yes ...and I don't like it! Have to plug things in in sequence that are NOT part of the info/manual. I also add at least 4-5 sets of 120 lights to make it glow.
Wish you well with yours.

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I bought a Bethlehen pre-lit tree a couple of years ago. It does have 3 sections but is very heavy and it s a 6 ft tree. This year because I don't want to schlep it upstairs I have decided to get a "realtree" and when Christmas is over out the door it goes.
I'll be giving the pre-lit to one of my kids. Too darn heavy.

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My pre-lit seven footer bit the dust after 2 years. Never again! I'd rather have a real tree or a good fake.

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I have a little 4' tree that folds up into a slender box. Never liked fake trees but it's better than nothing.

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