What is Your Menu For Thanksgiving?

marilyn_sueNovember 13, 2012

This year I am having Thanksgiving dinner and it is also a birthday dinner for a son in law. What are you having for your menu. This is ours so far.



Mashed potatoes


Chicken and noodles

Candied sweet potatoes (home grown)

Green beans (home grown)

Corn (home grown)


Baked beans (son in law requested them)

Cranberry relish


Yeast rolls

Apple pie

Sweet potato pie

Birthday cake

Iced tea


And probably some more things.

I am not fixing all of this, the girls will fix some and bring.


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Oh, would love to come to your house Sue!
My daughter and granddaughters are coming here from GA. Son-in-law is deployed. I may change one of the meats to beer butt chicken or country style ribs ( need to ask them their preference), but otherwise this is it:

Turkey Breast
Mashed or scalloped potatoes
Baked sweet potaotes

They will be here for a few days so lots of snack food and they have requested a homemade pizza and to make Christmas cookies to send to their dad. It will be a great time.

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I am having just three of my six beautiful children and their families with me this year.. So this will be an easy Thanksgiving. I really love preparing this dinner most of all.

Roast turkeyw/ giblet gravy.
Sausage stuffing
Mashed potatoes
Butternut Squash
Sweet potaoes
Creamed Onions
Broccoli Casserole
Fresh String Beans
Then the pies
Mince Meat. (for me)
Vanilla ice Cream.. of course.


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The last few years, we've been going to a restaurant that serves a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. They serve family style, you get your leftovers to bring home, the price is reasonable, and you get to sit and enjoy the day.

So, we'll be having: 2 kinds of salad (probably caesar and another Italian one), turkey with sausage stuffing, ham with mashed sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, creamed corn, 2 kinds of pasta and chocolate cake and pumpkin praline cheesecake. We generally pick the same things each year, so I'm pretty sure that will be the menu. And we'll eat for a week afterwards on the leftovers. All for $40 per person.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Our menu doesn't change much. Butterbasted roasted turkey, corn bread dressing (I don't stuff the turkey anymore), giblet gravy, mashed potatoes+rutabagas, summer squash casserole, fruit and green salad with homemade dressing. I'll probably roast some fresh Brussels sprouts, too. He has asked for stuffed mushrooms which I'll make as an appetizer. Oh, we love a fresh cranberry, apple, orange relish.

Neither of us a big dessert eaters, but he will buy a pumpkin pie. I have a can of pumpkin to make a layered frozen ice cream / pumpkin /whipped cream pie that my mother used to make. Wonder where that recipe is. It has a yummy gingersnap pie crust.

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I'll be cooking for 15.
2 Turkey breast
Baked ham
Dressing with giblet gravy
Cranberry Sauce
Macaroni and cheese
Lima Beans
Mustard greens
Pineapple casserole
Only one dessert, they usually eat so much they
don't want dessert.
I'm making a peach cobbler.
Mexican cornbread
Iced tea

I'll have Ro-tel dip with chips and fudge for them to munch on while visiting.

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We are celebrating Thanksgiving in my daughter's tiny New York apartment so will be buying dinner pre-made from Whole Foods and reheating it. I assume it will be the standard fare.

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Sue, I just love reading your holiday menus! We're only having my DD, SIL and DGS. I love preparing Thanksgiving too, Brightborn. I wonder why, because it sure is a lot of work. I read Azzalea's post with envy!

Here's our menu--I'm still up in the air about desserts. Pumpkin pie for sure.

Mashed potatoes
Corn casserole
Glazed carrots
Rolls (I'm making them this year--wish me luck)
Glenda's pineapple casserole
Cranberry sauce
Pumpkin pie
Apple cake or raspberry trifle or graham cracker pudding???

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We will have
Roast turkey, cornbread dressing, cranberry sauce and giblet gravy
Ham with pineapple sauce
Green salad and fruit salad
Deviled eggs and stuffed celery
Mashed sweet potatoes
Creamed corn (home grown)
Broccoli and rice casserole
Green beans
Hot rolls
Buttermilk pecan pie
Pumpkin pie
Some kind of cake
and whatever else I decide on.
We will probably have around 15. Son and his family and his MIL, daughter and her family, MIL and maybe DH's younger brother and his two daughters.

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I lucked out this year, not doing the big dinner with my family of 32 instead having my hubby's family. His mom, sister, brother in law and their two kids. They don't like to try new things which is a challenge for me so I have to stick with:
Turkey (we'll brine then grill)
Mashed potatoes
Bland dressing ( I usually do a fruited wild rice with sausage dressing)
No sweet potatoes allowed.
No cranberries allowed.
Gravy (gonna try a bourbon gravy)
Sister in law bringing famous green bean casserole
I'm doing a tiramasu layered cake and chocolate silk pie.
We'll do orange julius' to go with the meal and a special coffee.
It will be a boring meal for me but atleast it won't be as much work.

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Simple meal this year, my brother is taking his family to Hawaii, my sis's husband has had some health issues and they are having a quiet dinner with her son's family and not making the drive.

Dinner with DH's family will be this Sunday, restaurant. One of 10 kids originally, his big noisy group has always been great about celebrating (Easter, Thanksgiving) a few days or a week early so people can have an easier holiday. We're already together several times a year.

I'll make most of the dinner on Wednesday, take the food and cook the turkey at my mothers 2 hours away on Thanksgiving. Will just be the three of us, and that's fine, too many in her house and she gets anxious any more.

I really couldn't manage more :) We're moving on Tuesday to our new house/garden 6 minutes from here...At least the short distance has given me time to set up the kitchen, and hopefully I'll know where things are :)

2 dressings, one sage, one 3-mushroom
mashed potatoes and gravy
cranberry sauce
pumpkin pie, blackberry pie

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This year I'm probably going to go out. Take my sister and maybe a friend or two rather than go to the hassle of making a big meal and the related work. The food is good, the price is downright cheap and they clean up. Everyone gets what they want, and I don't have to deal with the dietary issues some have and some claim to have. This way it's in their lap. And for $10 a person, I probably couldn't do it at home for twice that. Plus we go when we're hungry rather than waiting until everything is (hopefully) done.

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I will be eating whatever vegetarian entree they are serving this year at the restaurant we will be at in Pismo Beach~~I was a meat eater last year so I had the traditional turkey dinner, DH had the steak~~they only offer 3-4 entrees on Thanksgiving day. We plan it so we can watch the sunset;) This is our 2nd time doing this and we love it! At Christmas our new thing is having all the kids over the Saturday before Christmas for food, fun and gifts~~~then they are all free to do whatever on C-Day~~~our youngest kids ended up here anyway and DD#2's BF made pizza;) WIN WIN for me;)

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Turkey with sausage and bread stuffing.
Giblet gravy
Homemade cranberry sauce
Mashed white potatoes
Dish of olives and celery sticks
Cole slaw
Homemade dinner rolls
Creamed corn
Homemade pies (Pumpkin and Apple)

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Right now this is what is planned for me and three kids.

Small turkey and a small ham

mashed potatoes



dinner rolls

canned cranberry sauce

oyster casserole

black olives, carrots and celery tray

pumpkin pie

It may change. I've already bought the pie, cranberry sauce and stuff to make the gravy and oyster casserole.

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We are having 3 friends over for dinner.

Steamed turkey
mashed potatoes
yam puff
homemade cranberry sauce
creamed onions
green beans
Hubbard squash
homemade dinner rolls
coconut custard pie (requested)
MarilynC's (possum lady) fruitcake, which is wonderful

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Somehow I forgot to add Stuffing (dressing actually) to my menu! Couldn't go without that!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Two, though I commend you for preparing the (bland) food that your in-laws are familiar with...I'd never deprive my own tastebuds at my table. I would certainly serve cranberries, as well as anything else I really liked, rigbt along with their favorite foods.

Cynic, I would ABSOLUTELY go to a restaurant, too, if I really felt that I didn't want to deal with all of those preparations. But, I don't think that your cost evaluations takes all of the subsequent meals into account.

I'll get sandwiches (hot with gravy, turkey salad, cold sliced), mashed potato patties, potato soup, turkey stew, turkey casserole,
leftover veggies. It's actually a very economical feast.

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