Vizio TV and TracFone

kacramNovember 15, 2012

Has anyone purchased a Vizio tv? Have you been happy with

it? We may be picking one up on Saturday.

I also bought the tracfone today. Already exchanged a

text messages. Works perfectly from home. It has a

permanent code on it that gives me triple minutes when I

purchase time. I bought a 60 minute card and they

gave me the initial 10 and 180 minutes. It's going to

work out just fine!

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Had a Vizio, hated it, seemed like the images would burn into the screen, dark scenes wre impossible to see.

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sometimes the tracfone has limited coverage. It may show on a map the area it covers but I have found that it doesn't work in some areas. Otherwise it's a good emergency phone, not sure if it would be cost effective to use as a primary phone with some of the "deals" offered by other carriers.

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I have 3 Vizio TV and like them although my 42" recently had the audio go out on it. I still haven't decided whether to have it fixed or replace it. It's only about 3 years old.

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I have a Vizio and have had no issues at all and feel that the picture is excellent. Satine

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We have 2 Vizio tv's, no problems at all. FIL has one and he has not had any issues either. I would buy another one.

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Glad you like your TF, Kat! What carrier does yours use? And which phone did you get? Inquiring minds want to know!

Consumer Reports rated the Vizio as the best tv (can't remember which size, though) last year, I think.

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Bought a large screen Vizio at Walmart over a year ago. The hi-definition is very sharp, and we love it.
Bought it on impulse, when walking through Walmart. The price was so low - and have never regretted it.

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have vizo upstairs but sony (found online) in the lr...i really like the sony better..but then the prices are so good on vizo, it's hard not to get them...

yikes! anyone see that huge monster tv they have at wal mart?? $4500 and 80"? it was like being in a movie theater,'d have to have a huge room to watch it...

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Three Vizio televisions and love them. First one I bought had a spot on the left side of the screen doing that 'burn' thing. I called Vizio, they said they would have someone come out and look at it. Called the next day and said there weren't any authorized representatives in our area. They sent me a check for the entire purchase price. That was at least seven years ago and I'm still watching my 'free' Vizio. You don't even notice that spot is there unless the screen color is just right and you are looking for it.

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Husband has a Vizio in the sunroom where he watches sports. He says he sees no different in that and the giant Sony that I watch in the keeping room. .

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I've had the Trac Phone for sometime. Can't remember the minutes I bought last time but right now I h ave 832 minutes and 270 service days left on it.I don't text or do anything fancy. just keep it in my pocket at all times. At night I just attach to the charger convenient for DS to call me and great when shopping to know where we are in the stores . I was on his Sprint but this is better.

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FlamingO in AR

My parents have a Vizio and the picture is just amazingly sharp. The only thing it does that I don't like is when adjusting the audio, there's a one second time lapse, that bugs me because it doesn't happen on our TV. I'm sure I would get used to it.

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DH and I both have tracfones and love them. I buy a years worth of triple minutes and that's all I need. I'm not great for phone communication due to my partial deafness so it suits me just fine.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Vizio is a good American company and I like their values and ideals. I have a Vizio Vtab tablet and have been very happy with it. I would buy their tv, the ones I have seen were quality pictures.

I think of them as the little company that could. It's an impressive story in today's economy.

Here is a link that might be useful: About Vizio

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A friend has a Vizio TV and it's great. Has better sound than my Dynex. I've noticed Vizio's price going up lately compared to other brands so they must be getting popular.

I've used Tracfone for years and see little reason to consider changing. Costs me about $5-$7 a month. I have the double minutes for life on it and it came with a promo for a bonus 30 min each time you add a card. Tack on a promo code for usually 30-60 more minutes and a small card gives a lot of minutes. Mine is on Verizon and I have better coverage than most contract phones of Tmo, AT&T or Sprint. A friend is paying about $130/mo for his phone that they promised "if this won't get service, nothing will" but he can't get service at his farm. I pulled out my Tracfone (that he laughed at), dialed his phone, put it on speaker so they could hear it ring and answer and I left a message. After he changed his underwear he didn't criticize my phone again.

If I didn't use DSL, I'd seriously consider dropping the landline and use this all the time.

BTW, for reference, you can get another 10 min if you activate your phone online. Not a big thing, but 10 min is 10 min. Another little tip is sometimes you can get deals on the small cards. For a while they had a deal where you could buy a phone and two 60 min cards for $20. I'd activate the phones and give them to people to try out. They'd have 20 min time and for short talkers, it gave them a chance to see if they'd like it. Or I'd keep them and use them for disposable numbers when I needed to give someone a contact number and didn't trust them. Some would just call and have the minutes transferred to their main phone but I didn't bother with that. Then I'd use the cards myself and they'd add 210 min per card with the bonuses. So for the $20 (plus tax but no shipping) I'd get a net total of 430 minutes of talk time which would last a long time for me. Occasionally a promo was for additional days too and that's usually more valuable to me. I usually spend the $50 and buy an extra year of time since I don't use many minutes.

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Kat, I want to know more too. Right now I have 450 minutes with AT&T, and my contract runs out later this month.

I do use close, and a couple of month ago, I used over the 450 minutes. I also talk a lot with others on AT&T, and those calls don't cost any minutes.

Yes, I do talk a lot on the phone, but I don't text, nor go online. I use mine strictly as a phone.

Need to find out, if tracfone will work for me.


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We bought a Vizio flatscreen TV at Costco several years ago, and it has been great.

Minor dowside is that our service is DirecTV, and with that company and the Vizio brand we need to use a second remote control for the picture and sound. We are quite used to it, however.

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raven...thank you for that!!! I didn't know it was a US company!!! Thrilled to know that. I have a small 19" one in my bedroom which has been no problem. If I had known it was US based, I would have bought a Vizio when I bought my 46" Samsung two years ago. My NEXT one will be.....

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I was going to pick it up at Costco.

Moni, I don't know what deal you have with att...
If you talk a lot, it might be better for you. I
don't use a cell very often. And for over a year during my transplant, my boss let me use the phone I had been using when I worked for her. How nice is THAT? And I used it
mainly to speak with brothers on Verizon... no minutes
used as they all had verizon too!

Joan, it's an LG.840.G How do you tell the carrier!

Raven, thank you for the info on Vizio! interesting!
I bought 60 minutes , ended up with 200. I did activate
online. And the phone is activated until April something.

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we got a 50" LED Vizio 3 or 4 yrs ago, ordered online thru Sam's Club and delivered & set up for free by Fedex van w/ 2 guys. I was leery of it, DH picked it out LOL I was set on a Samsung but it was much more $$. We have had no problems at all w ours', it is hooked up to home theater, DVR & Prism TV (CenturyLink), Wii, Blue Ray, RoKu, our laptops & Tablet and house wi-fi. we have a theater sound system since the speakers are really tiny & cheap. I am getting a 24"-32" Smart LED for the master bedroom this holiday season, probably the Samsung unless i find a Vizio model cheaper. I didn't know it was an american co either! awesome! ~ liz

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Kat, the G at the end of the model indicates GSM, which would be AT&T or T-Mobile.

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I jut ordered a new phone from QVC I think the sale is on all day or until they sell out
it is the newer one with big letters

Item: E223517 E.D.D.* Qty: Price:
LG Touchscreen Tracfone 1400 Mins & Triple Minutes /Brown Leopard, 11/28/12 1 $79.98
3 Easy Payments including S&H and tax of $28.86

You might want to check it out

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It's funny how the minutes can add up kat__wa! I call it Tracfone math. Just so you understand here's how it broke down (I'd guess):
60 min purchased
120 added min (triple min for life)
10 min for the new phone
10 min for activating online
200 min total
(And if you used a promo code you could have added probably another 20-40 min)

Your days of service:
60 days upon activation
90 days for the card you added
150 days, apprx 5 months, which puts you into April

People operate under the impression that Tracfone is expensive, where actually it's not always, especially when you take advantage of the premiums they offer you. The thing I like best about prepaid phones is you're not locked into them for years. You can dump them at any time and not have to buy out a contract, though you would lose your time and minutes.

That's an interesting phone. Good battery life. A couple reviews I saw on it are complimentary. Has wifi but you'll use your minutes up rather quickly and then it'd get expensive but it's an option for emergencies. I have an older LG phone and it's built like the proverbial tank.

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