Set a sugar trap for lone wasp on my living room.

glenda_alNovember 9, 2012

Hope it works and it takes the bait. And wake up in the morning that it has become Deceased

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The wasps (at least here on the West Coast) take sugar in the spring/early summer and meat in the fall. So try a dab of meat (I always used cat food) if the sugar doesn't work.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

A rolled up newspaper works good for me!

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I'd heartily recommend getting yourself one of those electronic zappers that look like a plastic tennis racket. Takes only a second to dispose of something slow like a wasp. They only cost a dollar or two, are easy to use, don't involve waiting for the critter to find a trap, and work fantastically--we've got several, all around the house and deck. I even use them outside to get rid of the carpenter bees that show up every spring.

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One wasp? Wait till he lands somewhere, place a little plastic cup over him, then slide a postcard or something (those magazine inserts work well) under the cup, trapping him. Then take him outside.

The result: happy Glenda, happy wasp.

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Left a window cracked last night, and he's on the screen this morning.

I'll purchase some bug spray and get him this afternoon.

Hope it's only one that got in, and I cannot figure how it got in.

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Glad you got him just be sure you check the seat cushions before you sit down

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I walked into my kitchen the other night barefoot and suddenly my foot was on fire the pain was incredible I just screamed. I had no idea what was happening I was trying to hop around on one foot. Looked down and saw something on the tile. I thought omg it is a spider, nope it was some sort of small bee creature. That was one of the most painful stings I have ever had. My foot started swelling up immediately and turning red. Problem is I am allergic to most wasp stings and I was home alone.
I quickly got the benadryl, rubbed some benadryl lotion on the sting, called my husband to come home, packed my toe with baking soda and meat tenderizer paste and wrapped it in an ice pack, sat in the recliner with my foot up.

I was praying I did not go into the wheezing shock stuff.
Luckily my husband got home and I was able to breathe fine so not a really severe reaction in that way but OMG it hurt.
In fact now several days later it itches like mad where the sting was. We think maybe part of the stinger is still in there.

So Glenda I know what you are going through by wanting that darn wasp gone!. We get them in the house all the time in the summer, usually from me leaving the atrium door cracked open for my little dog to go in and out.

I hope you get rid of the wasp and don't get stung!

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