Feeling the love :o)

glenda_alNovember 23, 2012

Makes my heat swell when GS wants to spend time with me!

He came Thanksgiving afternoon, after the feast with his father's in'laws. Visited with me, to show me his new truck, snuffed up lo boil leftovers I had for THanksgiving.

Plus he's coming to watch the Iron Bowl, Al/Auburn game with me, Saturday.

Life can't get much better, right?

I never experienced that with my grandparents, and I feel so blessed he loves me enough to want to spend quality time with ME.

How about you?

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Aww, that's great. You two have such a special bond.

I'm in my 30's and never had that relationship with the 2 grandparents I ever knew. I have two young daughters and they spend a lot of time with their grandparents. My DH's grandmother is still with us, so they get to see their great grandmother! There are 4 generations on his side. I try and tell them how amazing that is, but I don't think they quite get it.

So keep up the good work with PJR! What does he call you? Grandma?

One last thing...ROLL TIDE!!

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Glenda, my granddaughter is like that with me. We've been so close since she was a baby and she calls to tell me all her adventures at age 27. We can literally talk on the phone for two hours and not be done. I feel soooo blessed. My two other grands are almost as attentive and call me often. In fact, one of them is coming for a vaca at my house lol. My husband will be hunting so she and I will have a ball. I loved my grandmother but never had this kind of a close relationship.

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Glender, that is wonderful! I am blessed to have my 11-year old Grandson live with me, so he's with me every day.

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Glenda, it's how you are with him, that makes him come back for more. :)

I hope, that Allison and Nathan will be like that when they are older... knowing full well, that it isn't going to be easy as we live 8 1/2 hours apart via car.


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That is wonderful, Glenda. I don't have any grandchildren and probably never will. My own grandmother lived next door to us when I was a kid but she was a mean old witch, hated by my mother and feared by me. The worst thing you could say about someone in my family was "you're just like Grandma Stout!"

However, my mother was already a grandmother when I was born, and so I think I benefited a little by having an older mother like that.

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Count yourself a very lucky Grandam!

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My maternal grandparents seemed very old to me as well as my paternal ones. We never did anything together, but I knew I was loved by each of them.

Guess things are just different now?

My mother and father were great to my son, never really did things with him, but they were always there for him.

Memories he recalls are sitting on the front porch talking, which was special to my son.

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I have been very lucky to have all four grandparents for all of my 29 years. Unfortunately I heard yesterday that one of my grandpa's doesn't have much time left so I am sad about that.

The grandparent-grandchild relationship is so special. Whenever I think about my grandma's house where I spent my summers as a kid (we lived on opposite coasts and only saw them once or twice a year) I get all choked up with nostalgia at all of the good memories. They sold that house a few years ago to move to FL and I was devastated! :)

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Very cool, Glenderama!

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Know you're over the moon that Parke wants to come watch the game with you. This is the best football day EVER! We're watching GA/GA Tech right now and at 3:30 FSU play UF. It's our big rivalry game every year and I cheer for UF every game but this one (Harry got his Master's at FSU.) Unfortunately, Auburn/Alabama play at the same time, but I can't see it being much of a game since Auburn (3-8) is just flat the underdog to Alabama (10-1). But, there are always upsets. FSU and UF are both 10-1. UF is ranked 6th and FSU 10th, so we shall see.

Hope you have a lot of food ready for that growing grandson ;-)

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Oh Glenda, I so feel your love! All but one of my grandparents had passed away before I was born. My grandfather "Pop," well, he was a man, so I never knew the love from a grandma. I was always so jealous of my friends!

Now I have a 2yr. old GD, and a 4 yr. old GS. I get to babysit them once a week, and I always take them a treat! If I know they're coming over, I bake a cake. Always! lol.

When it came time for me and my son's MIL to choose our names, she immediately went with Nana. I was so glad because I am GRANDMA and that's what I insist on being called!

The only downside is, if I get hit by a truck, the news will say, "Grandmother hit by truck!" Which makes me look like I was a 100 years old. lol

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That's wonderful, Glenda and you are rightfully proud!

All my GD's are married and were with their families, so
tis is about daughters,not GD's, but the three of them came yesterday and decorated all of my Christmas trees,
(I have several) and they look just beautiful. They were here most of the day, oldest and her DH were in from middle TN. WE played Christmas music, ate turkey sandwiches and had such a good time.

I used to do it all myself but can't do quite as much as before. I really need to cut way back but old habits die
hard and the whole house just looks so Christmasy.


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What a great kid! Hope you had lots of leftovers to share.

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I haven't posted here in eons,but Glenda I have always admired your love for Parker. He is the same age as one of my grandsons and I so often understand the joy he brings to you! Treasure and savor every moment you can catch as I in two days will be saying Goodbye to my oldest Grandson that I have always had a tremendous bond for. He is leaving for navy bootcamp for 6 years of Navy Air Crew. As proud as I am I am falling apart minute by minute. I am so lucky that his parents recently built next door to us and I have been able to spend a lot of time with him and his siblings but he has a part of my heart that no one can touch and I know you Glenda can relate to. Hug him tightly as they grow so fast

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I saw a car yesterday that had this tag:


I guessed that the driver must hear that a lot. :)


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