Need a gift for exchange...

nodakgalNovember 18, 2012

I can't think! I need a $20 gift for gift exchange that can be for male or female.

I haven't been anywhere to look yet. My time is pretty limited and I'm hoping to get some good ideas here before I go shopping.

I just know you all will have good ideas!

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My church class has a favorite from last year: a toilet seat

Mentioned the past two weeks as who is going to receive it this time..

Something to think about.

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How about a "redneck toolbox". You could find a cheap toolbox and label it. Only put duct WD-40 and duct tape in it.

Along those lines, you could have a "repair kit" with duct tape, WD-40 and beer (or other alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage) or even chocolate of your choice. You could include something like this flowchart for decisions on when to use the appropriate tool. See link.

Here is a link that might be useful: flow chart

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

is it a real gift or something more gag gift?
If real there is a kobalt ratcheting screwdriver with lots of bits that store inside the handle, I got my husband one and it has become our favorite tool. It was about $20 at lowes would be a good gift for either actually.

Here is a link that might be useful: lowes

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Godiva chocolates were the go-to gift for an old GF of mine. Like she said even people who don't eat them would have them around to give guests anyway so it was a practical gift.

Any kind of food is good. I abhor trinket gifts that sit on a shelf until you finally throw them out. What a waste of money and waste of landfill space too.

Some reusable shopping bags, a car first-aid kit, depending on your locale, window scraper, deicer or something like that is practical. A fire extinguisher is something few people have in their kitchens though everyone who cooks, should have.

Just a few things off the top of my head.

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Cynic, those were some good ideas and I might just "borrow" one this Christmas. I absolutely hate gag gifts and the exchanges that encourage them. Maybe 20.00 isn't a great deal of money but I hate to see money wasted.

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Gift Card (maybe Starbucks, Amazon, Sonic)

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A box of gourmet nuts, dipping oils, glass oil and vinegar set, wine, of course chocolate, gourmet cookies, jams, teas from Republic of Tea.
And, thinking ahead, if you ever need a female gift, I got a glass nail file set (I tink my SIL got it from QVC) one small for the purse and one for home. It has pink jewel decoration so not for a man.

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A diffuser from The Body Shop in Cranberry Joy, a generic woolen scarf, a funny book.

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I was thinking a gift certificate to either Amazon or maybe someplace like Target where you can put it toward pretty much anything.

Otherwise, I'd go with something 'disposable'--that will get used up. Holiday treats, or maybe some gormet pasta, a cookie tray from a good local bakery.

I, too, would DEFINITELY avoid the gag or trinket kind of thing--most people have more of that stuff than they need. And if you don't know the recipient who will be getting your gift, I'd also avoid ANYthing smelly--scented candles, fragrances, bath stuff. So many people have allergies and can't be around that stuff these days.

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Hmm, for guy or gal? Flashlight, candles, oil lamp (all of which came in extremely handy when the power went out).

For our family exchange, the girls bring a girl gift, guys bring a guy gift. I almost always go to Christmas Tree Shop and get a Christmas basket and fill it with Christmas utensils, spatula, hand towels, candle holder, small glass cutting board, etc. all Christmas themed.

We got a Stanley thermos with 2 travel mugs and gave them one year. That could be for either. Maybe a trunk emergency package, Blanket, flashlight (again! haha), road flare, etc.

Love all the ideas, I will look forward to reading more.

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Yes, I agree about staying away from gag gifts. Why spend $20 on something that someone is probably going to throw away? I'd rather spend it on something that they will be able to enjoy and use.

In addition to the other suggestions, above, something that usually goes over well are lottery tickets.

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How about some nice baked goods and some rolled coins?? This is a loved gift in our family..

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Yes, the recent power outage experienced by many of us inspires some gift ideas. You might be able to get a small rechargeable fluorescent lantern for $20. I paid $25 for a good-sized one. I love flashlights, although I don't know if other women share my affection for them.

How about a bird feeder? Home Depot has an attractive copper one in your price range with excellent reviews.

I like the good chocolate idea too. Or a $20 bottle of good red wine (because I don't like white). LOL

Or . . . since chocolate and red wine go together (so they say), a $12 bottle of wine and $8 worth of Godiva.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

My husband has to come up a gift every year, too. His 'go to ' place to shop is a big drug store. They are all packed with great items...from useful gadgets to nice candy. One of the best things he bought for the exchange was a nice, Coleman battery operated lantern which would have been too expensive had it not been greatly reduced as a holiday sale.

You'll find great gift options without the massive crowds and parking issues.

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"I love flashlights, although I don't know if other women share my affection for them."

Fond memory. My father's mother did. Kept it by her bedside and you were never allowed to play with it. Kids love them so much, they make kid versions (two handled and rubber) now.

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Fireproof security box, I saw one yesterday at Walmart for 19.99. Everyone can use it.

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In my opinion, food is the perfect gift. Everybody eats, and if they don't like an item, they can put it out for guests or pass along. Cookies (home made or store bought), nuts, jelly, popcorn, anything else that can be consumed.

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I have a love (obsession?) with flashlights too. Perhaps it's because I get completely disoriented in the dark. I've got a slew of them and get easily annoyed when the mag lights won't work after a battery change. I should probably write to the company and figure it out. Sorry for the (going-off-topic: what's that word in the forums? It escapes me!!)

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My son gave me a collection of small (about 4") LED flashlights in different colors. These are my favorites because I can put them all over the house unobtrusively. I never get caught in the dark.

I think the word is hijack, sjerin, and I'm contributing to it. LOL

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Maybe a Christmas ornament?? Lennox has some really pretty ones in that price range. I really like the gift card idea, though.

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I like "themed" jumble boxes;
fill a shoebox-sized container with miscellaneous stuff for kitchen or bath or garden or tool shed.
(flashlights would fit any of 'em...)

Our gardening group (not organized enough to call it a club) had a drawing one spring;
everybody brought something worth $10, & you got a numbered ticket;
when your ticket was drawn, you got to pick the "prize" you wanted.

I had brought a "gardener's care" jumble box, with aloe vera gel, gardening gloves, small trowels & such, alcohol, peroxide, baking soda (for stings), band-aids, & maybe some other stuff.

It was the first thing picked.

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Are you near any shops that sell Pride of Dakota products? They have a good selection, both food and non food. How about some Buffalo jerky, soups, packages of mixes, book featuring short trips around ND, that is also at B Dalton Books.

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FlamingO in AR

My mother absolutely LOVES flashlights of any size, form, color, configuration. We almost always get a few new ones for her for her birthday. I like them, too, and have them scattered around.

I just had to replace my mini maglight, I got a new one just like the old one, purple! :) I have a bigger one just like it, upstairs.

So I think men and women both love flashlights. They certainly come in handy.

Ruthie recently posted a great craft idea- a glovebox wallet thing that holds all sorts of handy things, from first aid to handy things to have on hand.... Made from a potholder, I think.

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Ohhh! I love the flashlight idea!

Another flashlight fan here! My Daddy gave me one when I was about 9, and going to summer camp for the first time. I slept with it for years. Still like flashlights.

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I love flashlights too and all kind of battery operated lights One of my$ stores carries 2 1/2 inch leds on keychains everytim I go there I buy 3 or 4 and keep one in my pocket all the time. they are great in the stores to read the fine prin and prices. Some of those would be nice as a tie on with the gift tag on your gift. A nice set of small car tools would be nice for a guy

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Add me to the love flashlights crowd! I have all sizes and shapes and colors. Every time I go to big lots I leave with more. I love the little bitty led ones and they have some that are shaped like a puck with a fold in hook to pull out and hang it. I can usually reach at least one from just about any where I am in the house.
We also got some great led lanterns at big lots for $10 each, perfect for the power outage times. They look like old fashioned oil lanterns. My neighbor loved mine so much we had to go buy her some. I have some in the RV now too.

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How about a nice throw for the couch?

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Sally Brownlee

I made some dried potato soup in a jar...added a cute set of porcelain measuring cups I picked up at TJ Maxx. Altogether cost about $10.
I might try Chicken Noodle next.

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Gee I knew I'd get some great ideas here! Thanks so much! Whatever I end up with I'd better include some type of flashlight! LOL There is no way that many people could be wrong!
Thanks bunches, I'd have never come up with half of these!

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