My little poot!! (pic)

lizNovember 28, 2012

Riley bear will be 4 months old tomorrow...We all love him so much...but I do believe his Mommy and Daddy love him the most!

I decorated the tree today...just for him...I can't wait to see his reaction to the lights! Grandbabies are just the best!

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so cute! but he looks scared there! lol

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He is precious!!

Time sure flies. I remember, when I first came to KT, that you, Glenda, Kat and I talked about our sons/grandsons (we all have only boys). They are all grown up now. You do realize that Kat is now the only one who isn't a grandmother! I could end up being a great-grandmother before Kat becomes a grandmother--and I'm only a few years older than she is.

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Great picture!! He's so cute....

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my boys have literally grown up being part of the KT their 25 and 21...I certainly would have liked to have seen Carson be a little older having his first child...but many have come before him and they've turned out is a struggle for anyone with a baby but they've got the love from two sets of family so all is well!

Phinny is fascinated with Riley...we're thrilled they'll be able to grow up together...Here's one of Phineas sneakin in for a lick-see!

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