Alisande and others who have the Google Nexus 7 tablet

pammyfayNovember 22, 2012

It's been a little while since you've rec'd it, Alisande, and I'm curious about your opinions of it now? I'm getting the itch (again) for a tablet for on-the-go uses, and the Nexus gets some good reviews.

So ... problems you've found with it? Steep learning curve? Memory/storage issues? Knowing what you know now about it, would you still get the Nexus, or would you go for a different tablet?

Oh -- and any "build" issues? I know there have been instances of the glass slightly lifting in a corner ...

I have played with one at Office Depot, but I really want to see the new 10" -- just to really see if I sense any usage differences. I have a feeling, tho, that I won't really want to be "lugging around" the bigger one.

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I just LOVE my Nexus7!!!!! Hubby has the IPad but the Nexus is better because of the size.

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I got the iPad last year for Christmas, got the Nexus 7 this year. I like both of them. But the Nexus is so nice for reading, so much lighter and easier to hold. No build problems with mine so far (I've had it about ten days).
Oh, one thing...the charger cord is tricky, which seems to be a big problem with these (I googled up Nexus 7 won't charge). I solved it by using the usb cord for my cell phone. The pins in the usb cord that comes with it might not be long enough or something, I don't know what causes it.

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juneroses Z9a Cntrl Fl

I'll echo Eileen101's words...I just LOVE my Nexus7!!! I'm not usually one to get the latest/greatest (still don't have a smartphone and my desktop is a 2005/Win XP flavor) but I wanted one of these when I first read about them. I gave in and bought one on July 27 and have ABSOLUTELY no regrets.

I expected the set up to be challenging but when I turned the Nexus 7 on it automatically walked me thru and I was up and running in no time.

I've had no issues with it.

I love the size and weight (or lack thereof). In portrait mode, one can hold it in one hand and use the other for navigating.

Mine's a 16 GB model and I still have over 12 GB free so storage is not an issue here. I have 15 books on it (there are more in my library but how many books does one need to have instantly available at one time?) and 50 or more crosswords (went a little crazy here).

When I tire of reading or crosswords, I have about 15 other games available - mostly word-type (no shoot-em-ups or war games).

Two days ago I added a GPS maps app. It's "found" me here at home but I've yet to test it on the road. At this point it's more for fun and to see if it works rather than a necessity for navigating about town.

I have no music or movies downloaded, not because I'm trying to save space but because I'm not interested.

Storing info on the Nexus7 has also allowed me to clean my purse of all those slips of paper many of us carry. You know, the ones with brands & clothing sizes a family member prefers, the dimensions of the picture frame needing a new picture, the best lipstick for staying color, etc.

I'd definitely buy another. In fact, I keep checking with my husband "Are you sure you don't want one?", "Do you want to do a crossword on mine?" etc. He's just beginning to use a computer so it may be awhile before he's ready to move on to a tablet.

I think your inclination not to want to lug around the larger one is spot on, Pammyfay. Good luck in your search - let us in on your decision.

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I love mine, too. In fact, just yesterday after Thanksgiving dinner one of my stepgranddaughters and I were talking about how much we like our Nexuses. I have no complaints about it at all (and neither did she).

My daughter-in-law has a Kindle Fire, and she connects hers to the TV with a cable in order to watch Hulu, etc., shows on the TV. I don't think I can do that with my Nexus (although I may be wrong about that), but so far I haven't wanted to. :-)

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I had been looking at the Nexus 7 but really was wanting a 10" tablet since my Vizio is 8" I am used to the bigger size.
I just got a fabulous deal online on the Asus TF300 Transformer with the dock keyboard. This is the same company that made the nexus and is virtually the same inside. Has the same glass IPS screen same quad core processor, everything but this one does have the SD card slot actually it has 2 a micro and a full size one on the tablet one on the dock.
It can be connected to the tv to stream movies etc also. I think the nexus can too if it has the hdmi slot which I think it does.

I have really enjoyed each and every one of my tablets, did I need them? NO but did I enjoy them ? YES!!
I spend more time with my tablet than any of my other electronics so to me it is worth it to have a quality product. My Vizio is still working fantastic and I have really been happy with it, my thought is to set it up for my husband with all his books and his solitaire and his email and let him use it instead of his old old lookbook reader that he uses every night. I have to say those lookbooks sure were a good buy for the price. He is still happy with it too. Not sure he will want to give it up LOL

In fact I just saw on today's black friday at at Big Lots they have my Vizio tablet for I think $149.

Everyone that I have talked to that got the Asus Nexus 7 has loved it. By the way the 10" version of the Nexus is not made by Asus it is made by Samsung so it will be a different tablet.

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Could you tell me where you got that Asus TF300 Transformer with the dock keyboard? Even if the fabulous deal is not still available.

I'm going to be getting 'something" soon. What that "something" is, I'm not sure. I think I want the 10 inch screen...7 seems too small and will be hard to read?

Also, what do you think about the new google chromebooks?

One of them only costs 200 or 250, I think?


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Could you tell me where you got that Asus TF300 Transformer with the dock keyboard? Even if the fabulous deal is not still available.

I'm going to be getting 'something" soon. What that "something" is, I'm not sure. I think I want the 10 inch screen...7 seems too small and will be hard to read?

Also, what do you think about the new google chromebooks?

One of them only costs 200 or 250, I think?


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I got it through woot so it was a one time few hours offer that I happened to see.

I am not hearing good reports on the chromebooks, I would really read a lot before going that route.

I have had tablets in 7",8" and now the 10",I personally prefer a larger tablet I really like the 8",to me the 7 was a bit small.
But honestly that is a personal preference. I think going to a store and holding them is a good idea.

I have always had very good luck with refurbished tablets too, I would never have been able to tell it was not brand new.

I check sites like one sale a day, woot, slick deals, etc every night when the deals change. That's how to hit those deals.
In tablets the Asus brand has steadily had extremely high ratings which is important.

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7 seems too small and will be hard to read?

I wouldn't do well with a smart phone (except maybe the large android) because they're too small for me to read. But I have no problem with the 7" Nexus. You can use your fingers to enlarge the text on the screen if necessary. That's my experience, in any case.

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I love my Nexus7 and my favorite app is "Evernote". I keep all my notes, recipes, etc in it. I have it installed on my PC and Netbook also. I love the fact that I can Put info into my Evernotes using my keyboard on my PCs and then sync to my Nexus. In fact, I am making notes for Christmas gifts to make. I have photos of what I want to make, have hyperlinks to tutorials for the things I want to make.

I love the size of the Nexus. Easy to slip into my purse or side pocket of my car door.


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Just bought a Nexus 7 16g tonight at Google for $199.
It's hard to choose a tablet what with all the
various models, sizes, brands, options etc. The raves here
and many other places convinced me that this is a
superior tablet which will fill my needs. (I tried to
buy it locally, but every store is sold out.)

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I have the Galaxy 2 7 inch tablet by Samsung and really like it.
Great to take on vacations.
I am still learning things and would have preferred having a written instructions
Instead of relying on the one I downloaded on my computer.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

most companies will offer the user manual on their site in pdf format you can always save that to your pc then just print it out so you have it in written manual form. Of course you use your ink and your paper that way.

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I really love my Nexus7. Got it when they first came out. Mine does have a slight screen lift on the left side but it doesn't affect the performance and I think the issue was overblown. I got an Oberon leather case for it and you really can't tell now. My only regret is that now the 32GB are available. Mine is used as an eBook reader with over 3000 books on it. I have a few games. Eventually, I will get an iPad mini but the cost without retina display was a deal breaker for me. I did get an OTG cable so that I can watch movies etc should I run out of space but I still have 6GB. I have a few very quick basic games and some animated wall paper.

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Holly -- tell me about the OTG cable, pls? How does it work? Like, what hooks up to what? I have seen mentions of it in reviews, but I haven't yet had time to go Web searching for the basic overview. (Probably cuz I spend too much time on the Kitchen Table board!)

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Holly....where do you get your ebooks from?
I see they run about $10 per at Google. The free ones
seem to be mostly the classics. You didn't spend
$30,000 on books? lol

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Best place for free kindle ebooks is pixel of ink, sign up for the daily list, it comes to your email daily around 3 and has several different types of free books, and the selection is very good.
They are not classics they are current.

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Thanks Raven. I see that I can download Kindle (and other)
books to a Nexus.

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Amazon will email you a free or very low-priced e-book offer every day.
There is also BookBub, and another place I can't think of right now. When the emails come in today, I will try to remember to post the info here.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

anyone interested Tiger direct has posted their cyber monday deals and they will have an ASUS RB-TFT101-B1 Eee Pad Transformer Tablet NOW: 239.99 Plus Free Shipping** here is all the info

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer 10.1" Android Honeycomb Tablet (Refurbished)
With a slim, lightweight design and a 10.1" IPS capacitive display made from durable and scratch-resistant glass that is viewable at angles up to 178�, the versatile ASUS RB-TFT101-B1 Eee Pad Transformer Tablet is the perfect tablet for anyone who wants to enjoy multimedia on the move, and wants to have easy access to the web, email, and other productivity applications. A custom user interface provides easy access to the many features of the Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) operating system, while the NVIDIA� Tegra(TM) 2 chipset provides full support for Adobe(R) Flash(R) 10.2, smooth HD video conferencing and playback, a lightning fast web experience, and incredible mobile gaming performance.
NOW: 239.99 Plus Free Shipping**
TF101A1 Eee Pad Transformer

this is not the one I got the one I got is the latest version the TF300, but it is still a good price.

this price apparently does NOT include the keyboard dock that would have to be a separate purchase. They have it listed as $74.99.

Big Lots flyer lists the Vizio Vtab like mine is on for $149.99 till 12-1-12 here is their info from the flier

4GB internal storage (32GB with microSD card, sold separately), capacitive multi-touch screen, VIZIO Internet Apps Plus(TM), 1024 x 768, front facing camera, WiFi, play video & music on your TV, pre-loaded apps include Google Market/Play Store, Netflix, Hulu, Nook and more, 90 day free trial at HULU Plus, 30 day free trial of Netflix * 8" screen.

that vizio has honeycomb not ice cream sandwich.

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There are several websites that have free books on them daily. They may be free for only a few hours so I check these sites several times a day. Kindle Nation Daily, Pixel of Ink, Books on the Blog, Daily Cheap Reads, eReader IQ, Add all Books, Daily Cheap Reads are a few of these sites. My collection has taken a couple of years to amass. I'm a little picky about subject matter and look at the reviews before downloading. I do buy books as well. I find many of the free books lead me to others in the series and many new independent authors are really quite good. Some have formatting issues and I have passed on those.

My OTG cable came from Amazon.(~$6) Actually Hong Kong but shipping was fast and free. It attaches to the mini USB port on the Nexus. You will need the app Nexus Media Importer that was a couple of dollars. You attach a memory stick to it and can play music stream movies from it, read books that aren't on the Nexus etc. It is compact only about four inches long. If you decide on one make sure it is Nexus compatible in the description. You can get generic OTG cables for about two dollars but I didn't want to take the chance. Incidentally, they fit the kindle as well but I haven't used it yet.

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