Homemade Ayurvedic Eye Drops

dirtygardener73November 24, 2010

I got this from an ayurvedic (Indian) website. I was skeptical, but I was having bad allergy problems with my right eye, so I tried it, and it's wonderful! Cleared my eye right up in just a few days. The other day, sand blew into my eye when I was cleaning up some brush, and must have scratched my cornea. It hurt so bad, but I put these in and it healed overnight!

1/2 cup distilled water, brought to boil (I used the microwave)

1/2 tsp. salt (This makes the salinity the same as your sweat and blood)

1/2 tsp crushed garlic

Put the salt and garlic into the boiling water and let it sit for 24 hours. Strain out the garlic. Use an eyedropper to drop into your eye. It will burn at first, but keep it in there as long as you can. The garlic is what heals your eye. The man on the forum said that in India, they have a lot of parasites, and they use this to keep their eyes healthy and parasite free.

Also, I wanted to tell you to never put vaseline or vicks inside your nose. I read about a man who died from COPD and when they autopsied his lungs, they were coated with something that had the consistency of motor oil. His wife said he had always put Vicks inside his nose with a q-tip every night since she had known him. He had been breathing this into his lungs for so long, that it coated his lungs and suffocated him. It did not show up on x-rays or MRI's because it was clear.

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To each his own but I wouldn't put garlic in my eyes.......

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I googled for this remedy, but couldn't find a reference to it. I wouldn't believe a guy who writes something in a forum. Please check with your eye doctor before you do something like this.
And as for the Vicks... there's quite a difference between using it once in a while to relieve symptoms and using it every night for 50 years. (I kinda doubt the story, anyways.)

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Vicks is not intended to be used inside the nose, clearly stated on the label.

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I would never put garlic in my eyes. Maybe water and salt, but only a very dilute solution. And definitely cool it first.

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Wow, I wouldn't put salt OR garlic in my eyes. Salt? well, anyone ever go swimming in the ocean and get a little of the salt water in your eye???? That's not going to be comfortable, if your eyes are already irritated. Garlic can be infected with bottulism. I know a lot of reputable eye drs are doing botox these days, but it's not really something you want to mess around with on your own, I wouldn't think. Even some of the over-the-counter eye drops can be extremely bad for your eyes and can--in the long run--cost you your sight, in some situations.

To each his own, but my eyes are far too precious to me--I ONLY use medications that my very, very prestigious (one of the top 10 in the country) eye dr recommends/prescribes.

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Obviously, this crowd only does what the doctor says. I hate doctors, don't go to them unless I am so sick after 10 days that I can't cure myself, or I break something. As for garlic, it may surprise you to know that it's been used in all parts of the body for thousands of years, and was used in WWII by the Germans to pack wounds when they could not get penicillin through enemy lines, thus earning it the name "Battlefield Penicillin". I've been studying and using herbal medicine for most of my life, learned a lot of it from my grandmother. If you would open your minds, you wouldn't need all those expensive pills conventional doctors keep pushing on you. I don't think this is the place for me. Too conventional and narrow minded. Sorry to have intruded on your forum. I'll be going now.

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I googled and googled looking for a home remedy using garlic to treat an eye infection. All I can find is that garlic juice stings. If it's such an effective treatment then why isn't it mentioned someplace? That's why I would not take your word for it without checking with an eye doctor. That's only common sense.
You've decided that since some here question the idea of putting garlic and salt on the eyeball that we're comventional and narrow minded. That's quite a stretch. I think you're the narrow minded one. "My way or the highway".

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I think garlic has many uses and am a garlic lover......and you just use it however you like dirtygardener, but again...I wouldn't put garlic in my eye/s.....I have eaten it and do believe that it has medicinal value......

you may be right, this might not be the place for you as we certainly are not going to just ditto every thing you have to say.....We are all very strong minded and opinionated and did I mention that we are smart enough to question putting garlic in our eyes....especially in that amount....

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There are many home remedies and Native America herbs, etc that are excellent. But most of these on sites accesable to all, and time tested. As I have eye problems, I would ask my DR, and you be surprised what some Dr's go along with. I am sorry you got your feelings hurt, we all have been there, but just because we don't completly agree with you completly, maybe if you post, but put a disclaimer that would help. We do have some very knowlegble Nautral Herb people here which do offer some great suggestions. Just a thought.

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B y dirtygardener. Steve in B altimore County

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B y dirtygardener. Steve in B altimore County

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Well, they're your eyes and I kind of like to see. If the drops don't have a DIN number on the bottle, they don't go in my eyes.

If you want to take that chance, then it's completely up to you, but I won't do that to my eyes.

I rarely take tylenol for anything, and can't remember the last time I had a prescription for anything. If I do get an eye infection (had one last year) I used polysporin gel. Cleared up in 2 days and is recommended by doctors and pharmacists.

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Just as a matter of interest I had a look at natural remedies and found this one!
I hope Ive done the link properly

Karen UK

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It's kinda funny that everyone is freaking out about the idea of putting salt in their eye. Most eye drops/contact cleanser are saline solution, which is literally salt water.

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Yes.....I grew up swimming in salt water, and found it much easier on the eyes than fresh water.

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chi83, ........ I think it wasn't salt water but garlic everyone was concerned about. My thoughts on this dead horse again is, put any thing you like or want into your eyes but I'm not putting it in my eyes.

Pratyush......yes I probably would trust my doctor's prescription before I did some BC medicine, it's called progress and yes I do believe in homeopathic medicine but I am not going to accept anything and everything from my doctor or some homeopathic practitioner..

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It's not the salt I question - everyone knows saline is mild salt water.

I found lots of information on Google regarding ayurvedic eye drops and washes. Not one of them mentioned garlic as an ingredient. I did find several articles that said garlic as a topical applied to skin can cause second degree burns. Can't think what that must do to a cornea.

Did you ever stop to think that someone got the recipe wrong?

You might think us close-minded, conventional and narrow minded. I'm sure the opposite can be said of many others - gullible, suggestible and lacking critical reasoning skills.

Best of luck with your eyes.

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Before we jump all over Stacie, google "garlic as eye wash". Lots of stuff there. Personally, I wouldn't use it, but don't you think you are being rather harsh with her?

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Not that it matters, but this isn't Stacie.

Stacie is Dirtundermyfingers. And I doubt she would get so piddy with people who disagreed with her.

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Whoops, you are right, tally. I should look before I leap!!

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I do not believe you should be so upset as to leave with a verbal badgering and name calling when people who have read your unsolicited medical advice state they disagree.
Obviously you are not a Dr. of any medical persuasion. You try to mend all ailments with homeopathic medicines before trying western medicine. I do think you can try all the homeopathic medicines you want and I also try to use homeopathic/alternative medicines first.
I also grew up in a home of medicine women healers and kitchen witches and trained with them all my remembered life. Yes salt and garlic and a good many other unconventional products, in moderate amounts, can be used safely in the eyes. In my opinion the recipe you offered in your original post is to strong a salt solution for the eyes. I would never recommend anything in the eyes for prevention of parasites no matter where I lived. Goddess gave us our own natural eye cleansing factory for prevention and it is best to let it work without help. In all instances, dealing with foreign material on the eye surface (when natural tearing is not flushing the material from the eye) there are 2 recommended options rinsing the eyes PLAIN H2O (yes distilled is best)for dirt grime or foreign objects or Plain MILK (whole or 2%) for oily or chemical intrusion then water to clear the milk out. The rinsing can and should be done multiple times each time with a fresh eye cup of the water or milk. Then see a doctor if there is still discomfort or pain after a few hrs. Self diagnostics with out training is a danger more than most homeopathic medicines. Any other type of treatment for the eyes should be recommended by an eye specialist and never wait 10 days to see an expert.
A scratched cornea is not going to heal over night no matter how much medicine you put on it.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll come back again after you grow a thicker skin.


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Stacie, I don't know what prompted your advice on eye drops, but perhaps it would be more acceptable over at The KT Gang site.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Again Stacie is Dirtundermyfingers

this is NOT the poster here.This poster is dirtygardener73

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this is all I have to say to dirtygardener73.

bye bye

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You do know that this thread is 3 years old, don't you?

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I think interesting subjects stay relevant despite their age sometimes.

I have an entertaining story to tell about home made medications.
As some of you know I spent many years as a school nurse. In the school district where I worked there were strict rules about medication brought from home.
There had to be signed parental permission, signed doctor's orders, the medication had to be in the original pharmacy container, labelled by the pharmacy.

Nonetheless, there were constant streams of pills wrapped in aluminum foil and the like brought to school, which I would confiscate and then work with the parents by phone and fax to set up what was needed.
One day, a parent brought in a bag of herbs I was to give her child at lunch time, I declined. There was quite the fuss, as pointed out above different cultures do have varying ideas about medication.

I was between a rock and a hard place, wanting to help but concerned about liability, respecting the wishes of parents but at the same time firm in my belief that I needed to have confidence in what I was giving to a child. I finally and successfully invoked the Nurse Practice Act which makes it my responsibility to know what I am giving, which was not possible for this unlabeled baggie of herbs.
(There was no restriction on parents who wanted to bring in medication and give it, the rules only applied if they wanted me to give the medication.)

I certainly respect everyone's point of view about medication, it is an involved subject. I don't think I would put garlic in my eyes but I have put aloe on my insect bites in the past.

This post was edited by lucille on Wed, Jun 11, 14 at 15:10

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Funny that thread resurfaced again....I scanned it again and just laughed at it...I don't think anyone was concerned about the salt in the eye wash but about the garlic...I use a saline solution in m eyes all the time...

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

usually when it comes back up like that it is because of a spammer then the spammer post is removed and the other posters have no idea there was a spammer so the posting continues.

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Thank you for posting a proper solution for an eye wash. My husband has an eye infection (conjunctivitis), and I have been looking for an eye drop solution that I can put directly in his eyes.

For everyone posting on the board with "I woud never" comments and "oh my gosh garlic" hysteria, you actually should try what you are posting about or not make statements. Garlic doesn't hurt in your eye. We have been using it on wipes all day, and it isn't very painful. It is much less painful than conjunctivitis, so unless you are extremely sensitive to pain, garlic won't do much to you other than clear infections and parasites from your body. Far worse are what you put in your eyes everyday in the form of make-ups, shampoos, perfumes, and other chemical products which come in contact with your eyes. Persciptions antibiotics have been proven time and time again to be unsafe, so they are a worse option than trying garlic.

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Anyone with even an elementary understanding of natural medicine knows that garlic is a strong antibiotic, but clinical trials are posted online: www.ajol.info/index.php/jnoa/article/download/64453/52237.

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