Men Bullying!!!!!

dollydolotsNovember 6, 2012

We were having a discussion on bullying yesterday.

One person said it is not only children or teens, how about Husbands who bully their wives and children. I was very surprized at the answers. Do you know any man who bullies their wives and children and if there is anything done about it?


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How about wives that bully their husbands? I know a few of those..LOL!

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I knew a man who bullied his wife. She was scared to death of him as he threatened to kill her if she tried to leave him. She jumped to his every command. She would never stand up to him. Of course she was tiny and he was quite large. They were at our house one day and he ordered her to get him another cup of coffee. I told him, "XXX, your arm is not broken, reach around and grab the coffee pot and pour your own coffee." He did. He always treated me with complete respect, coming to help me out of the car, hold onto my arm so I didn't slip on the ice, but he sure did nothing for his own wife.

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HMMM I could go on for hours about the man my DD2 married after she divorced her 1st DH. He is a verbal bully. But, he makes big bucks and they have a four year old so she is stuck with him and so are her other 2 kids and us:( We just limit our time with him~~~it has really divided our family.

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Thanks for asking the question I wanted to ask ShedTheChrysalis.


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Oh, heck, yeah, bullying happens in all age groups, all cultures, at all social, economic, & educational levels.

I too have known a couple of women who bullied their husbands, but
1. they are a small percentage of the instances of bullying/abuse.
2. It almost always consists of verbal abuse & intimidation; you rarely hear of a woman physically assaulting a man.

It's almost always men who assault women.

It's men who beat, strangle, rape, & kill women.

There's an excellent book called The Gift of Fear, written by a guy who advises high-profile people on security, stalkers, etc.

Right at the beginning, he says that the book will refer to assailants as "he" & victims as "she", without apology, because that's the way it almost always happens.

Linda, that's just tragic.
but it's par for the course.
Bullies/abusers isolate their victims, terrorize them, & destroy their self-confidence, while behaving entirely differently to other people.

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maybe the person thought of bullying as happening only with children or teens because of the words;
when it involves children-to-children, we call it bullying;
when it involves an adult aggressor, we call it abuse.

& really it's abuse no matter who's doing it.

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Yogalady that is so sad, but your daughter is not stuck. They have a child together, but that doesn't mean he has a right to bully her or the kids. Sorry, but just saying.

My 1st husband was a bully, I stayed at first because I thought is was the right thing to do, try and make it work, I didn't want a divorce, I wanted a marriage that lasted forever, but it was not meant to be, so I took my kids and got out. It was a long hard road, but it was a happy rewarding road. I did the right thing and I raised my kids by myself, and I raised them to be good caring people, never a bully and never to be bullied.

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Men cannot bully empowered women.

Notice I did not say "powerful women."

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There is bullying out there but the sad part is when people misapply it and claim something to be "bullying" when it's not. It really dilutes the credibility of it when things happen like the newscaster who was given a suggestion by a viewer to lose some weight and she and her husband went on a rampage both using airtime to attack the email and the sender. The emailer certainly was stealing her lunch money.

And as they say, "add my name to Ron's post".

Oh, and what about children who bully their parents? There's a lot of bullying going on. To only be concerned about one facet of it is taking a dim view of the problem.

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and most men can't handle it, when a woman gets strong enough to be an empowered women. It can lead to a divorce.


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