Do you like Hobby Lobby?

alisandeNovember 10, 2012

We've had a Michael's and an AC Moore for some time, and now we have a Hobby Lobby. I went there for the first time this week, and was not impressed. It's huge, and in order to get to where I was going (papercrafting) I had to walk through large sections devoted to home decor items--none of which were in my taste. That was a little off-putting, and so were the prices, which seemed higher on a number of items than I was used to.

The other thing was that in Michael's and AC Moore I know the layout and know where I'm going. At Hobby Lobby I had to ask for help finding everything on my list--and I ended up buying nothing.

The capper was the fact that unlike the other two stores, Hobby Lobby is not an easy in, easy out location. Took awhile to navigate both ways.

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Susan, I mostly shop using their 40% off coupons. Usually I take someone in with me, in order to get more than one item for the coupons.


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I don't care for it much either. The prices are high and the few times I've bought something I had one of the 40% off coupons that Moni talked about.

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I don't really care for it but in this town it is the only place I can buy Aunt Lydia's size 30 crochet thread. We only have a couple craft stores here, the other two are Michaels and a Walmart that carries crochet thread but they don't carry size 30 extra fine.


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I do shop there some. I buy nylon net to make kitchen scrubbies and I use the 40% off coupon. As long as they only cut it one time, I can buy as many yards as I want at 40% off.

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No AC Moore or Hobby Lobby anywhere near me!

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FlamingO in AR

I love Hobby Lobby and I'm in there a lot so I know where everything is. Well, I did, they just rearranged my store, but it won't take long to find everything again. I think their craft prices are the same as everyone elses and they have terrific sales on the home decor stuff. And now that they offer a 40% off coupon every week, I rarely pay full price for anything over a couple of bucks.

We don't have a Michael's here and the nearest Joann's is a good 40 miles away, at least 15 miles further away than the Hobby Lobby. So the LQS and HL get almost all my business, I do some online fabric and quilt book shopping, too.

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It is really a great craft store with lots of sales and of course the 40% coupon.
sign up for emails and you will alwys get one that way.
like any new place have to get used to it

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Our first one in Tucson will be opening in a few months. I'm looking forward to it! I shop at Michaels but it would be nice to have another option. We have JoAnn's, but I seldom go there.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Love it. This topic has come up here several times.
I started going there when they only had the one original store in OKC.
The family that owns it are awesome people, are excellent to work for, donate a lot of money to charities. I have had the pleasure to meet and work with them on some big charity events.
I have always liked the store, they have changed a lot from the original which was mostly craft based. Now they have furniture and home goods.
The sales are awesome usually at least 50% off the various departments. Plus the 40% off coupon. I watch the sales and go when what I need is on sale.
I collect fleur de lis items and that place is a treasure trove.

My husband loves going there to.

But don't bother going on Sunday because the family will never be open on Sunday, so their employees can be with their families.

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Hobby Lobby is just about my favorite store. I use the 40% coupons often, mostly for yarn.I was in there this afternoon.Candles are often 50% off and also picture frames. I shop there so often I know the layout of the merchandise.It impresses me that the owners close on Sunday, just like Chik-fil-a.

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I have to pretty much agree with you, Alisande. I don't shop there unless I have remembered to print out one of their daily 40% off coupons. I don't have a Smart Phone, but if you do, you can just go to their website and show the cashier the picture of the coupon and you get your 40% off on an item.

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Judging from the responses I've seen on this and other threads about Hobby Lobby, I'm wondering if the stores aren't very different, with different inventories in different locales?

One opened near us about 6 months ago. In a bad location--run-down, depressed shopping center (many of the other stores are vacent, it's in a VERY bad neighborhood) Hard to understand why they opened there, when there's a much more upscale shopping center across the road, and a mall on the other side of the highway behind them.

Anyway, the store itself--is MOSTLY over-priced home decor stuff. I've seen some of their $6-9 items half a block away in the Dollar Tree! (for a dollar, of course). Our HL has very little craft stuff--and it's all pushed into the worst areas--the very back of the store, an obscure front corner, super high priced, and VERY limited selection. Their fabrics are really high--and no better than the stuff I can buy at Wallmart for about a third of the price.

I've been really disappointed. Having ordered from their website in the past, I expected a large craft store, not a large, overpriced junk store (I mean, really--how much 'home decor' can you buy?)

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I don't have a smart phone either, but I signed up for their emails and will print out the coupons, just as I do for AC Moore and Michael's. When I framed my photographs for exhibit a couple of years ago, those coupons saved me plenty!

Hobby Lobby had one sale going on that I might have taken advantage of: 50% off on glass, including canning jars. I no longer can anything, but those jars are cute for storing beans, etc. Had I thought about it, I would have picked up some.

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We don't have Hobby Lobby in Canada but when I travel, I always go to their website and print out a coupon.

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I do like Hobby Lobby, and I think that if you go there a few times and get oriented to the layout, you will too. The housewares/gifty departments have a lot to interest me. There is a lot of garden decor in the spring that goes for half price in the fall. Each season has it's own merchandise and later sales. I don't particularly like the fact that much of the mercahndise comes from China, but that is everywhere. I am selective when I can be.

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I like going to Hobby Lobby. I am on their email list and always get the coupons and sale flyer on Sunday. I seldom buy home decor there but we have bought a lot of flowers for floral arrangements for our church and I always look at the clearance items, especially the fabric. Always take my coupon. None in the local town the nearest is about 20 miles away. I never cared for Micheals. None near us anyway. I like Joann's too.


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I like shopping at Hobby Lobby too. There are always sales going on, and the 40% coupon is handy for items that are not on sale. Joann's opened in our area a few months ago but I haven't shopped there yet.

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I enjoy shopping at HL for seasonal decor. I was so excited to have one open somewhat close to me this year. Usually, their seasonal decor is at least 40% off which puts their prices right in line with Michael's and the local floral supply house.

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Our HL store has a good layout and wonderful help. I also had some picture framing done at a great price and they did a good job. Great selection and good variety from stamps, scrap booking, jewelry, childrens, minature furniture, art supplies, kits, but not too much on yarn and counted cross stitch, but lots of ribbons and even some magazines not found in other stores. Guess it depends on location and manager.

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I love Hobby Lobby. If you wait long enough, whatever you want will go on sale,not to mention the coupons. I also respect that they are closed on Sundays. Good for them, b/c they are missing a lot of business on Sundays from folks who work during the week.

Also, Chick-Fil-A. They're probably losing even more business, b/c they are ALWAYS packed.

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Love Hobby Lobby! There is no telling how much money I saved while planning my daughters wedding. The key is to learn their cycle of sales and just wait for whatever you need to go on sale. My only gripe is that it is too far away!!

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When I moved to Iowa, I was excited to have a HL in my town. I had read so much about it here at the KT. I rarely go there now. Too much junk that they call home decor and they are closed on Sundays.

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