I saw some indoor trees up and lit...

jasdipNovember 17, 2012

I'm sorry, it's far too early for anyone to have their tree up and lit inside.

The weather has been perfect for putting up the lights and decorations, but they don't have to be lit yet. It's nice to have snow on the ground when the lights are lit.

But the tree inside? Nooooo not yet.

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Jasdip, my indoor decorating is being done this coming Friday. My girls are all coming to help decorate the trees and hopefully get a lot of the other decorating done. Granted it's a little earlier than I prefer, but.....I'll take their help when it's available. :-0 I may not "light" the trees quite yet and I don't do any decorating outside other than wreaths on the doors.

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The neighborhood men are decorating the street to compete in our town's decoration contest on Dec 4. We won it last year, which was the 1st time they did it. They are out there every weekend with equipment until Dec 4th to get it all done for the judging. We have had a big turnover in home owners on our one block street the past 5 years, and now we have a lot of much younger men here. One or two are really big into decorating houses, so we all pitch in and they rent a lift and bought lights that they install on all the eaves. This year we all pitched in for a tall artificial tree at the end of the block too, which will be installed between our front yard and the side yard next door. Then they play carols and attach the lights to a device that blinks the lights to the beat of the music. On top of that we put out our own decorations, and two homes seem to have bought every yard decoration possible from Lowe's and Home Depot. It is so colorful and exciting. I can't wait for the grandsons to come visit and see all the lights. We beam into outer space from so many strands of lights!

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My outdoor lights are up as are our neighbours around the courtyard. They will come down right after the holidays. I do not decorate inside as we have four very active cats.

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Our Los Angeles easy listening station started playing Christmas music this week!

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Jodi, ours has too!!! 6 weeks of Christmas music. Sigh.

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One Chicago radio station has been playing the holiday music for about 2 weeks now. Not turning the dial to that one!

Since the temps are in the 60's here I am going to get the outdoor stuff done today but not turning them on yet. I may do the inside on Friday though, since our office is closed.

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I did not put up my big tree last year but think I will this year. I will hopefully do it next weekend and start lighting it. It's so much work and looks so pretty that I like to enjoy it for a few weeks. I do take it down before the new year. Don't like it after Christmas. I have a friend who will leave hers up until late January.

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We have been seeing lights lit on houses for about a week now. Not many, but still.....I agree it's way to early! Day after Thanksgiving will be plenty soon enough. As long as the weather is nice, definitly put up the decorations, but please don't light them yet! LOL! DH will wait until it's snowing or raining to do it! If he does it at all. I will do inside when ever the guys bring up our tree. It's a huge 7' 28 y/o artifitial that they don't make anymore. I love it. Put the pole in the stand with the fullness hoop on it. Hook the "branches" on the ring at the top, put the top on, arrange any small branches as necessary, and decorate. No individual branches to figure out which hole they go in! I usually take it down around New Year's.

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I'll probably get my big tree down from the attic today & get it assembled. I don't plan to light it yet, though. I just want to get a head start on the decorating. I'm usually off Wed-Fri for Thanksgiving but this year will only be off Thurs-Fri.

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A lot of people put up their trees to have them for Thanksgiving. I have lights to put up outside this year, but don't know if I'll get them up. Always good intentions to do it before the bad weather but... Or at least get the hooks up!

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Years go One of my sons knew he was going to be in Korea for Christmas. On his last leave at home we decorated the inside of the house with the tree and everything. so he could have Christmas that was the middle of October In those days I was happy when the stores started putting things out early since I had to get my overseas boxes to the PO by the end of October.
I've never been sorry.
BTW one of the local radio stations has started their 24 hour Christmas music Like Jingle bell rock etc

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