need prayers

bengardeningNovember 7, 2012

My friend and coworker just got put in the hospital. She has a hereditary problem with her feet. She just had surgery on them and has complications. About a week ago she said she had bladder infection. She went to the doctor but they didn't want to prescribe her anything until they found out what the foot doctor was going to prescribe her. She went and got some OTC AZO and she said it seemed to help for a little while. She started taking a lot of vitamin C and I think she got some medicine for it but she said it still didn't feel right. Too many trips to the bathroom and her bladder still felt too full. Now it went to her kidneys and her white blood cells went way high and she is on drip morphine for the pain. She has no insurance. That is all I know for now. Please pray for her.

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Sending prayers and good thoughts. You mentioned she had no insurance. What state does she live in because here in ND they have something called Women's Way that does cover some health procedures for uninsured women.

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Prayers going up. Hope she is doing better.

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Toni S

Wishing her a speedy recovery.

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Sending prayers for your friend.

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Prayers for your friend. Can you give her first name?

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Her name is LIZ

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