Interested--New Iron Chef????

marie_ndcalNovember 4, 2012

Should be very interesting this time. Taking the best of the best and competing in this to be the New Iron Chef. Some of the people have been judges in other competitions. Wonder what they will be cooking and where??

On right now---Sunday night

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DVR is recording. Thanks

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I am really enjoying it so far......they still are working on presenting their first dish.
I will be watching it every week.

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Dang! I have to check the DVR. It's supposed to record all new episodes and it didn't record this. I wait until there are a bunch of episodes and watch them in a marathon.

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I used to watch the original Iron Chef back when I had cable/satellite. I've watched a number of the new ones on the internet. Some are OK. Who's participating in the new ones?

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Good program.

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