GeorgysmomNovember 27, 2012

Has anyone seen it yet? DH and I went today and we thought it was terrific. It is 2 1/2 hours long but didn't feel like it. I highly recommend it. I'm sure Daniel Day Lewis will be up for an academy award. He was great.

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Really want to see this one. I never go to the movies, but I will for this and Life of Pi.

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Makes me wanna go see, and thanks for the recommendation!

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I have read everything Lincoln and will go see the movie, even if I have to go alone.

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I saw Life of Pi also. That too was good. Scenery magnificent. I've had the book for several years and never read it. Don't know that I will now that I've seen the movie.

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I just got the book from the library the Lincoln movie was based upon: Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin. OMG, it's a big book... over 900 pages, well cut that back to just under 800 if you don't read the Notes, Index, etc. I've wanted to read it for a long time, since it was talked about during the 2008 election. Then when the Lincoln movie started being advertised, it re-inspired me. Looks like a good movie, but I seldom go to them. A friend saw it & she also raved.

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I read every word of A Team of Rivals......gotta see the movie.
It was an excellent book.

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I must be very low on the culture scale. I thought it dragged on unnecessarily and I dozed on and off, as did the people immediately to my right and my left. Out of the 7 people I went with, only one thought it was great. The rest of us thought it was some variation of Ok.

The acting was fabulous, I agree. But that, for me, doesn't necessarily mean I enjoy it.

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I loved it.

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I saw it and it was great. I would not call it "entertainment" as the subject was heavy and emotion filled. It held close to an accurate account of Lincoln's struggle to pass the 13th ammendment, and his desire to heal the country after the war even though with the North wining the war, it meant wreakage of South's economic structure. At the time, it was not anticipated that soon to be machines could replace slave labor on the agricultural front.

The director did not waste time (and money) re-creating battle scenes. Instead, he showed the aftermath of a batttle and it was riveting. The director held focus on the 13th ammendment and political manuvering behind the scenes. The director in similar manner handled Lincoln's assasination - the staging was very good.

Sally Fields did a wonderful job of potraiting Mary Todd Lincoln including a refernce to her earlier bout with mental sickness.

This movie was more a story of our nation's history than laugh-it-up entertainment. I do not recommend it for children under 10 yrs of age unless accompanied with one or both parents.

It is a great movie.

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We hadn't seen a decent movie in so long, we had almost called them off. Last week we went to see Argo, and Sunday saw Skyfall and tomorrow we are seeing Lincoln. Argo was really good and Skyfall was also good, so hopefully our experience with Lincoln will be the same. We're on a roll!

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Hubs took the afternoon off from work today to see Lincoln and he said it was fantastic!

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I absolutely loved the movie...There are a lot of very well known excellent actors also but Sally Field was just magnificent.. I saw her on tv a couple of weeks ago talking about her role as Mary Todd Licoln. She said that when she heard about the movie she knew she wanted the part and tried out. They turned her down because she is 10 years older then Daniel Day Lewis and in real life Mary Todd Lincoln was 10 years younger then Lincoln... Sally Field said she had such a passion for this part in the movie that she called them back and told them NO! .. she was going to fight for this part and I guess she did a bang of job of fighting for it, her passion truly shows as Mary Todd Lincoln. My heart really hurt for Mary in this movie, she never got over the death of her son Willie and would go to his room often and grieve for him, then her husband allowed after much badgering from their oldest son, Robert, to enlist in the Civil War, adding to her grief, expecting him to be killed. Just my opinion.. but I think she suffered from depression, never getting over her son's death, not mental illness. I don't know what I really expected this movie to be like.. but what I learned was, if factual... that Lincoln walked and talked softly, he was a people person, would stop and talk with people, getting their opinions of different things. Portrait's of him portray him as with a very stern face, but in the movie, he smiled often, would walk into a room, smile and break out into a story that captivated his audience. If you the least bit interested in history you should really like this movie.

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By the way, it was Robert/Bobby who had her committed in later life. Their relationship was very poor.

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I've just started reading the book... it's very good & is very well written. I find history very engrossing.

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While we are talking about Lincoln if you are ever in the Springfield, IL area go to the Lincoln museum. I'm not a museum person so had never been but this summer we took our 12 year old granddaughter and it was great. I actually would like to go back. It had lots and lots of Civil War material all done in an interesting way. Don't remember the ticket price but do remember it was very inexpensive. Daniel-Dey Lewis went there for inspiration for the movie.

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Thanks for the good review. We saw it this afternoon and really enjoyed it.

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I wish it were playing in Frankfort, but it's not. I would have to drive to Lexington...which I try not to do since I have to commute there for work. I really want to see this movie, though.

I recently read, "Killing Lincoln", which was very good. I could hardly put the book down.

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