Spode china, 'Christmas Tree' pattern ???

sooeyNovember 10, 2008

Hi Kids,

Do any of you have the Spode Christmas china, 'Christmas Tree' ? Over the years I have added to my set and now have service for 12. But, I have had a few problems with it. On this pattern there is a green border on every piece. A handfull of pieces that I have, have developed cracks and flaking in the green border. I contacted Spode the first time it happened, about 10 years ago, they replaced every piece without question. They were aware of the defect, it was a problem in 'some production' of this pattern. I now have 7 more pieces with the same issue. I contacted them again, they will replace everything but this time they want me to pay for shipping.

Two questions. #1, have any of you who have this pattern had this same problem with the green border flaking off? #2. Would you pay $10. for the shipping of these replacement pieces?

I love this pattern and use it every year from just after Thanksgiving until well into January.

Thanks, Kids. Just thought I would ask.


ho ho ho

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I'm familar with that china. My best friend's mother had it, and she inherited it and has added to it over the years. I don't have any but absolutely I would pay the shipping to have it replaced. When I do see pieces of it, it is very expensive.

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I have those dishes, and although I have had none of the green edge trim actually fall off, I do notice it cracking and know it's just a matter of time.

Do you have to also pay to ship them the chipping pieces? Yes, I would pay $10 to have replacement pieces shipped. It's worth it to have pretty Christmas dishes for years to come. They probably cannot even be shipped for $10, so it's probably a good deal.

May I ask where you contact Spode? I'll check out my dishes this Christmas and see how they are doing. OBTW, I never put them in the dishwasher, so that's not what's making the green chip.


ho ho ho 2 u 2!

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I have the Spode Christmas pattern also and have had the same problem with the border. I too would love to have the address or phone# for contacting them...and yes I would gladly pay the shipping charges. TIA

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I absolutely would pay the shipping charges. Well worth it in my opinion especially since you love your dishes so much.

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Yes, I would definitely pay for shipping. When you think of it, maybe that's the only way they can be assured you're not a "troll" or a kid getting their kicks from having a business send out freebies.....

I imagine it costs them MORE than they are actually charging you....

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I was given a 3 tiered dessert server made by Spode. One of the three plates was marred when a section of the green border flaked off. I would never buy that set, that is for sure. But I would pay to ship it to replace the flawed pieces.

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Hi Kids,

Wow, it seems that I am not alone in this.


Open that page. At the bottom you will find a box asking you for info, name, email, etc. I filled it out, gave a short discription of the issue I was having & the pieces involved. They sent me an email with a form and instructions.

I hope this helps. Even with these problems, I still love this pattern.


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Sooey, have you priced Spode? Absolutely pay the $10 for the shipping. They are valuable....both in dollars and apparently in sentiment to you as well. I would pay it without even thinking about it.

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beware! many of the former english bone china companies have abandoned england for china...(they're now marked made in china) i think it's dreadful...

tjmaxx used to have the best selection of closeouts at very good prices...

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Take a look at Replacements and find which Tree pattern you have, and the prices if you were looking to replace them.

$10 for shipping sounds almost too good to be true.


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Meant to add a link.


Here is a link that might be useful: Replacements

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Thanks for that link, Sue. Wow, it is expensive, even at Replacements.com. Yikes!

I have added to my set over the years and really don't remember what I payed for it. My Mom was the one who started me on it. I think she gave both my Sister in Law and me, service for 4 to start. She also gave us several nice serving pieces. I consider my self very lucky to have what I have.


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I want to add to susanJf's warning. Spode China is NOW MADE IN CHINA!!! It is not made in England. Most recently on their website I saw a link for "california residents click here for proposition 65 warning". I don't live in california, but I clicked the link to see what it was about, and it said that their products could expose you to lead. I am SO DISAPPOINTED.

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Rachel, I think the Prop. 65 warning could relate to anyone having Spode. It's just that CA requires the warning to be stated.

Also in CA--if you go in a fabric store like Joanns, in the department where they have the cotton prints (often used for quilting), the Prop. 65 warning is there that the fabrics contain formaldehyde.

I wonder what harmful product the Chinese dishes will contain.

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I have a set of "fake" Spode. Actually, it's Christmas Village by Pfaltzgraff. I bought a set back in the Eighties. Never had a problem with it. And I think their factory was in PEnnsylvania, at least in those days.

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I don't have Christmas china...but I do have Christmas Corelle and I love it...it is simply but pretty. White with tiny holly and berries around the edge.
I've had it for about 30 years and use it everyday from right after Thanksgiving.

I think you all should pay the postage....you couldn't replace it for that amount any other way.


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Hi Kids,

Well, I filled out the form they sent me and got it in the mail with my $10 check on or about November 11. I have heard nothing from them as yet. I'm not sure if they will just send the replacements or contact me first with questions. I'll let you all know as soon as I hear back. I'll also look for a 'Made in China' stamp on the back of each piece. I hope I don't find one, but ya never know.


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I have that pattern also. I'll have to check it out when I use it this Christmas. Thanks for the tip.. Mom

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