How do businesses get your email address????

marie_ndcalNovember 15, 2012

I am curious as to how does any business get my email address--that is when I buy something at a store or from the Scwan co. within a week or so, ads begin to show up sometime in my spam, using my name. No I do not give out my email. Even when I do buy anything, I still get requests by name from companies.




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Many businesses sell your address, and email. Even banks do it. MY dh gets a lot of them, and I am sure they are from ebay and craigs list. I use a different account for any purchases.

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I protect clutter in my email by using a separate email address for stores, etc.

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On a lark, I ordered "free" business cards from Vista Print. I used what I thought was a catchy little phrase as a "business" name, just to hand out to people who were interested in my handmade crafts. I immediately started getting mail and email for this business name, so it was proof positive that Vista Print was the one who sold my name and other info. I believe you have to be informed about that though, and you will usually find that hidden somewhere in the fine print when you buy.

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Another way they get it is from people you think are friends who refuse to show you the respect of using BCC on bulk mailings. They're the best friends of spammers.

Also the spammers just generate names as you can often see in lists. For instance once they get a name like, they'll generate a list, i.e. jandoe, janedoe1, jdoe, doejane, etc and hope that some of them hit. There's also the spiders that search for names on forums and the like and use them for email attempts. Essentially free email promotes this.

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