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bengardeningNovember 7, 2012

I have a new desktop HP

computer and It is a commercial one instead of a household or personal one. When I got it I had to call them to have put on it. Then I had to call them to have the password to open it taken off because everytime I left it set for a few seconds I had to put in a password to get on it again. Now I am having problems with my return arrow so many times it will not work and then I have to hit refresh to get back to my page again. I play pinochle on yahoo games and now I cant get into that because everytime I want to play I had to enter my email and password and now that wont even work. I had to change my password and now I did that too many times and now I have to wait 24 hours to try to access it again because I tried too many times tonight. Can someone please tell me what is going on?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

What do you mean a commercial one? And what version of windows is it?

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A commercial desktop computer? Never heard of that term.
Is it one that was put together for business use?
Did you buy it or lease it?

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It is a windows 7. It is a business computer because they told me it was to use in a business and thats why there wasnt any games on it and why I had to put in a password to get back on it. I thought it was a commercial one

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Who are they and where did you buy it? Have you contacted them?

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Windows 7 doesn't come with games, except for good old Solitaire and FreeCell.

I think the password you are referring is the Windows Password.

Is this a refurbished PC?, not a new one from a retail store?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

You can either have a password to log in or not that is how it is on all versions with the admin account especially.

I don't know of any differences in one for business and home other than any special programs it may need to be able to run. Or it could have one of the versions of windows 7 above the home premium there is 7 professional, enterprise and ultimate. but that is just windows versions has nothing really to do with the pc. You have to adjust the settings to have it not come up like it was doing when you leave it set for a while just like how the screen saver can be set to come on or not and at what time interval.
Main editions
there on the wiki you can see these various editions.

" When I got it I had to call them to have put on it." what exactly were you talking about here?

why did you change your password on your yahoo? to play the games you will have to log into yahoo but you can have it save your information and password so that you don't have to log in each time but if you just go there and log in like you do to go to your email you should be fine I am not understanding why you felt you needed to change your yahoo password.

Is this your first time using windows 7 are you coming from a pc that had xp on it by chance? If so that could be the reason for some of the confusion. If so I can help you make windows 7 more like xp that might help some.

Just try to give some more info so we know what it is we are dealing with.

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There is a slight difference between a computer intended for rental and one for consumers. The difference is a jumper on the motherboard that prevents users from changing the system password. You'll need a layout photo or drawing of the motherboard and a description of settable switches and jumpers. When one builds their own computer, they should insist that the board manual is included. Since you do not have such, an internet search of the board's manufacturer may yield a manual.

If what they called a 'commercial computer' was one that was preped for lease or rental, this could be the source of your difficulty.

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Sounds like you have a few issues. I'm not impressed with the sound of the place that sold this to you. HP doesn't make a business or commercial machine, they're all consumer units. Not many places actually make a solid business machine anymore but that's beside the point.

I don't understand what you mean by the "return arrow". Help me out here. Are you talking about the return/enter key when you're typing? If so, it could be a dirty keyboard.

Sounds like your password issue is two-fold. When you leave a few seconds and come back suggests you have a screensaver set for a very quick implementation and that it's set to require a password. This is a security issue and easy to resolve. Go into the password settings under the screensaver and turn off the password requirement.

For the login at your game, it sounds like your machine might not be set to save cookies. What browser are you using?

You should be able to install the Win7 games by going into the setup on Windows. Is it Windows 7 Home Premium, Enterprise, Ultimate, Professional, Starter, or Home Basic?

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THey had to put the games on it for sure the spider solitaire it didnt come with it. I ordered it from sears and it was not a refurbished one. The return arrow is the one up in the left hand corner. I never had changed my password in my yahoo account in the first place and all of a sudden I couldn't get into it. I never had a problem with it until about 3 days ago. It came completely assembled. I had a windows 7 on my other computer and I never had these problems. I dont like the way the screen diappears when you move the mouse to far to the right though.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I would say the yahoo issue with the password is probably totally unrelated to the new pc it just happened at a time that made it seem that way. Once you change your password and have it save the changes you should not have to do it again unless someone has taken control of your yahoo account. If it happens to be cookie related you can check your browser to see if it is set to save cookies. Tell us which browser you are using.

As cynic mentioned and I had also about the screensaver and your password to log on you can easily change that to no screensaver and no password on screen saver.
Right click on your desktop choose personalize at the bottom then when that opens go to the bottom right and click on screensavers click the drop down arrow next to the screen saver selection and choose NONE you should also be able to select NONE for the password click apply then ok to save changes.

About the screen disappearing when you move the mouse to the right, that is a function of windows 7 it is to allow you to move from one monitor to the second one when you have a multiple monitor set up. To check if yours is set for multi monitors do this Right click the wallpaper and choose Screen Resolution. If a second monitor is shown in the graphic, click it and then disable it (un-select the 'extend my desktop' option). See if this resolves the issue. In other words you want that to only show your monitor it should give the name of your monitor that is the only one you want selected.

the go back button in the top left is part of your browser I assume you are using IE?(tell us please) If the back button is not working properly you may have a problem with your IE install.
You can try using a different browser and should have at least one more on your pc other than IE in case IE should fail you can still get online.

IF you want to install firefox you can get it here.
during the install it will ask if you want it to import the settings and faves from IE say yes to all. You do not have to make it your default that can be done anytime if you want to.

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