What food to send to kids in college?

schoolhouse_gwNovember 13, 2012

On another forum, they were discussing what kinds of food to send to your kid(s) in college, i.e. care packages. Some said their "meal plans" cover meals, but others say their kids don't seem to get enough to eat. Do you or did you send food to your kids in college? Do they have jobs to help with extras like shampoo,ect.? and munchies? I didn't realize that some dorm rooms don't allow hot plates, just microwavs and a small fridge. Sometimes not even a micro.

My cousins and now some of the younger ones rented houses or apartments with room mates and could cook meals.

I don't have kids, so never had to make the decision. Never went to college so have no experience with that either. It was just interesting to read the different opinions.

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Back in my college days, 57-61, mother would send me, in a shoebox, homemade banana bread and chocolate chip cookies.

And self-addressed stamped envelopes so I would write home once in a while.

That was way back when :o)

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ramen noodles

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Cookies, noodles, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, candy, movie gift cards, food gift cards, anything homemade baked, or to be made there, brownie mixes, pastas and sauce, Mac and cheese.

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I forgot, gas cards!

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I can't even remember what I gave Alex now. He mostly ate on his meal plan and ate some in the dorms. This year he's in an apartment and cooking, even making sushi! He's been eating out alot too...at a sushi place we found near where I work. He's working part time at Burger King. Wish I could afford to eat sushi as often as he does! He bought a huge bag of rice at an Oriental food market a couple weeks ago and the lady asked if he owned a restaurant-lol.

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I sent cookies once in a while, but for my daughter I made my version of Chex Mix, which she loved and I figured was a kind of healthy snack. For my younger son, I sent cookies and I also sent special biscotti. To all my kids who were away at their birthdays, I mailed the family favorite birthday cake, which they all prefer without icing, so it was easy to mail. My middle one went to school close to home and was here often, so I did not tend to worry about him and snacks.

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Favorite snacks they enjoyed at home

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My DD just graduated from college. The meal card was not enough, she only weighs 80 pounds, but don't let that fool you, she eats like a horse. Every other week we would go up and see her and just take all of her favorite foods, and while there we would take her out to eat. She worked at a fresh Mexican grill on campus her last 2 years there and they would hold $10 a week from her check and she could eat any meal free on days that she worked. This worked out great for her or she might have just starved to death. She would always max out her meal card at least a month before the semester ended. Between her food at work, us bringing food, and her buying some, we managed to keep her alive LOL

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DD was just saying the other day, that I'd once sent her a loaf of my chocolate chip/cranberry/pecan/orange bread and she hid it under her bed so she didn't have share it with her roommate (although, my note TOLD her to share with her friends--LOL). Apparently that was a huge hit. I also used to send her boxes of Kraft mac and cheese (not mom's choice, but I knew she liked it, and it would fill her up), brownies, bags of homemade muddy buddies (those peanut butter/chocolate chex things) and homemade granola which she liked as a snack. Her meal plan was generous and she could even use her card at the fast food places on campus--so it wasn't a question of not enough food, just the need for 'comfort food' from home.

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Do they get any fresh fruit? Most of these very nice ideas are also loaded with calories and/or salt. As I recall, college meals are already heavy on the (cheap) starches.

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The university my DD attended rented those little refrigerators to students for $25 a year. She bought fruit, cereal, yogurt and milk for her breakfasts and snacks and kept them in the refrigerator.

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I used to send my DD cookies and Chex mix, too, Sheilajoyce. Also fudge--mainly peanut butter, her favorite. Sometimes I'd make a party box with microwave popcorn and other goodies I knew she liked, a $20 bill and coupons for Pizza Hut. She liked those assorted packages best.

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When I was in college in Chicago, the parents of one of my roommates would send fresh citrus from FL via some sort of mail order service. In the dead of winter, it was an awesome treat and I used to be so envious of her!

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