Rooting for Penner tonight

glenda_alNovember 14, 2012

On Survivor.

I'm kinda liking him more and more each week.

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And he sounds exactly like Alan Alda, too!

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Me too, Glenda, I agree!

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Just finished watching it. Wow. Can't wait to hear the fireworks in camp next week. And can't wait to talk about it tomorrow!!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Another good tribal but good grief what will it take to make Lisa wake up and smell the coffee. Abi is one ugly human being. I have always liked Penner.

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I said the exact same thing tonight. Penner sounds just like Alan Alda. I have no idea why they don't like him. He's my favorite, and Lisa will lose if she doesn't wise up. That loser tribe she's loyal to is pathetic. I want Abi gone. What a twit.

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Missed it. The Wednesday night slot is't a good time for me.

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I also like Penner, but I think Denise really deserves to win; Malcolm is my second choice. I'm hoping Lisa will wake up and get into an alliance with Penner, Malcolm and Denise.

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Does anyone else think the hour goes by much too quickly????WOW, great! And I agree, when is Lisa going to wake up....I'm getting a little tired of her constant talk about being loyal....At 1st I didn't care for Penner but like him more and more...Of course I like Malcom and Denise, also.....Boy, there were times when I just wanted to reach through the TV screen and smack that little twit, Abi...She is down right nasty.....

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Here's the recap for last night's show.

Here is a link that might be useful: Recap 11/14

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Sunny, you named my favorites too...Malcolm , the tough little Denise who's not as young as the rest and Penner. I want one of them to win.

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I like Penner also. And Malcolm and Denise. I hope Denise wins it. She's a freakin' fireball. So tough, smart, and cool, calm, and collected.

Lisa I think has shot herself in the foot. No matter what alliance she goes to now, she will be at the bottom of the pecking order.

What I'm really worried about is everyone is going to start thinking, "Hmmmm, If I keep Abi and Pete I'm sure to get the million, the jury can't stand them." And that's where it gets dicey, coz we have seen in other seasons people like them are kept around for their vote and because it is assumed no one would ever give "them" the million.....and then they freakin' win. Ugh, I hate that!! lol

I really, really hope they can Abi next week. She's a bitter, bratty little sh!t who needs smacked. I wouldn't even care if Pete won. Abi is the only one being offensive.

I like the way Penner shut her down at the beginning. She said thanks for voting for me Mike. Penner chimes in, I wrote your name Abi, coz I was pissed. Shut her right up, loved it.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Yes I loved it when Penner did the smack down on Abi. She thinks she knows everything, just like when she blamed RC for the idol mess, wish we could see what she does when she gets to see the show and finds out dear Pete played her then and she blindly followed him like the idiot she is.

Did anyone else notice how RC kept laying on Jeff in the jury box. Makes me wonder what the two of them are doing all alone in the jury house. I am sure he told her who he is and how he made 60 million dollars bla bla bla...

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Has Abi ever participated in a challenge?
I don't recall her doing anything.

And what did she do to become a contestant?

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Abi has the worse attitude of anyone I ever saw on Survivor.

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I am surprised at how well both Mike and Jonathan are doing at challenges. Denise is a strong woman and she hasn't alienated anyone yet. It would be a tough call if she, Malcolm, and Mike get to the final. I don't think Penner would be given the money over the others.

Where is Abi from? She has a strange accent.

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I do not understand Lisa not going to the other side esp after Abi kept giving her the stare down at tribal GRR. I kept yelling at the TV vote Abi off KEWL blindside and they get rid of one of the idols, only Malcoms will be left.

I went on a cast site last night to check everyone out, it says Denise is 41. And that Abi is 32 AND she thinks she is charming, and is very athletic and will bring her A Game on the show?? I wonder when this will happen.

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Abi has U.S. and Brazilian citizenship. Can't stand her.

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