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fran1523November 10, 2012

I'm about half way through watching the new season of Upstairs Downstairs on MP. I love it. I liked Downtown Abby but still think this is so much better. It's really edgy this season....abortion, lesbians!!! Maybe it's because I grew up with Upstaairs Downstairs back in the 70's but this is really great television.

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I love it!

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I'm enjoying it too. Tonight's the final episode of Season 2 and I'll miss it when it's over. And Downtown Abby doesn't air here in the States until Jan.

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At least here in Chicagoland, PBS will reprise Downton Abbey in December and begin the newer episodes in January.

IMO "Call the Midwife" is superior to both the Abbey and Up/Down. We'll get a 'special' of Midwife here on December 30, but I don't know if there is a sequel.

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I love Midwife, too!

I laughed outloud when Chummy finally stood up to her "Mater" (mother) & told her that her wedding would be at the local or village church, her reception would be catered by the nuns, & she was going to wear a suit instead of a wedding dress.

"Well, at least let it be white" begged her mother.

& Chummy said, in her perfect upper clahs accent,
"Sorry, no longer entitled".

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I adored the original Up/Down back in the 70's. After doing the dishes on a Sunday evening, I'd close myself in my bedroom to watch it before putting the kids to bed.

Midwife was such a treat and I was sorry to see the season come to an end. My local PBS keeps begging for money to bring us season two. I think I will send a donation.

I have to go back to the beginning of the new Up/Down and catch up.

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I do love them all. My sister clued me into the Bomb Girls on REELZ, but out cable does not carry that station. It is about the girls who work in a bomb plant during WWII. Luckily, my daughter gets it and records it, so I do get to see a lot of the shows, though out of order it seems. DD came to the show late, and she picks up repeats when she can.

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My DH returned from our library with Series One of "Waterloo Road" -- a 1996 BBC production about teachers in a troubled high school that will be shut down unless academic performance can be improved. The blurb says,"Welcome to Waterloo Road, where every day is an education." After watching only the first episode, I'm not sure the teachers are much more emotionally mature than the kids!

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