Momof6November 25, 2012

Today was my first time to post pics the new way...after 30 minutes of trying to do it the old way...was really easy...any one else using the new directions posted on top of forum?...Mary

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It depends. It's quick and easy to grab "a" picture in my files. But there are a couple of drawbacks. We have to remember to type the message first, and then attach the pic. And we can't go back and edit the preview, or the picture gets lost.

We still can't post more than one picture in a post, so I use Photobucket when I want to do that, as in the fur-kids thread.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I haven't posted on KT for a while, but I noticed the topic and wanted to mention a tip. When posting a pic, instead of editing at the bottom of the page, hit 'Backspace' on your keyboard and edit on the previous page--it still has your picture info. Then preview message, and if necessary 'Backspace' to edit as many times as necessary (lol, sometimes quite a few times for me). It's quicker than browsing for your pic again.

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