goldyNovember 7, 2012

The other day I cough up blue phlem.So I went to Bing.Believe it or not I was not the only one who had the I sat down and thought.I remembered I had taken my pills and one got stuck in my the next day when I cleared out my throat it came out blue.I'm fine now.Bing is great .what ever you need to know you are sure to get and answer and find out you are not alone.Next to "kitchen Table' Bing is number two.

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Glad you're ok Goldy. Bing is a search engine and there's a lot of them out there. I prefer to use ones that don't track your searches and things as Bing and Google do so I use DuckDuckGo, StartPage and IxQuick for the most part.

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Thanks for the tip cynic never heard of these.that's why it's good to share your thoughts on KT.

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I've been a fan of DuckDuckGo for eons. No fuss! No muss! And an accurate variety of answers and info. A terrific search engine IMO...and never invasive.

I'll have to check out your other recommendations,Cynic.


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Swagbucks is another great search engine and you get checks from them for using it.

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