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kfca37November 3, 2012

I need to find out if a certain person was born in Minnesota. I see Ancestry has a Minnesota Birth Index 1935-2002. Can a subscriber here help me?

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Hi, I'd be glad to try to help you. Other databases, such as the SSDI (Social Security Death Index) may also be useful.

You can try emailing me through GardenWeb, and give me the full name, dates of birth and death, and names of parents, if known. The more specific the details, the better.


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p.s.Just checked "My Page," and I noticed that my GardenWeb email address has not been updated since I changed to Gmail. The first part of my addy is the same, but substitute "gmail" for "aol." If that doesn't work, please let me know in this thread, and I'll post the full email address.


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When someone goes to your page and sends you a message they have no idea what your address is until you reply to their message.

mtnester, why don't you send her a message since she has email through her page.

Hope this helps you gals get together.

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Nita, thanks for the suggestion. I had a feeling that, although I could see the entire email address (the wrong one), nobody else could.

OK, then, I'll contact kfca37 through her page.


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The Minnesota Historical Society has a free search for birth certificates from 1900-1934, and for death certificates from 1908-2001.

If you find one that you want/need, you can order it right then and there. For the birth certificates, you enter your payment information (it's a very secure web site) and you will immediately be able to download an electronic copy. For the death certificates, you enter the information online and then a few weeks later you receive a hard copy via snail mail.

Here is a link that might be useful: Minnesota Historical Society Birth Certificate Index

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I tried to contact the OP yesterday. Email did not bounce, but there has been no answer from her.

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One or two comments about an earlier comment: "Other databases, such as the SSDI (Social Security Death Index) may also be useful."

Generally speaking, someone can be found in the Social Security Death Index only if a claim was made for the SS Death Benefit, or if survivor's benefits are paid out. Just because someone isn't listed doesn't mean they aren't deceased, or that they didn't have an SSN.

Also, the SSDI shows the state where the SSN was issued to the decedent, but that doesn't always coincide with the location of birth. These days, of course, even a newborn baby has to have an SSN so that the baby can be claimed as a dependent on tax forms. But for a long time, folks didn't get an SSN until they were ready to get a job; and they could have been living in a state other than where they were born.

I've assisted kfca37 with genealogy research before. She lives near a large LDS Family History Center and may have gone there for her research.

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Lindsey, thanks for the link to the MN Death Index. I browsed and found details on some distant relatives there. With regard to the SSDI, I meant that it might supply a birth or death date, if the OP knew only an approximate date. I agree with your other points.

I'm glad the OP has so many different options for finding the info she needs. I hope she'll post an update on her progress.


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Oops! I meant MN Birth Certificate Index.

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Back before the Internet, with state and Ancestry resources, I remember driving about an hour to the neatest LDS FHM, ordering microfiche when info was from a nearby state, and waiting a week or more for it's delivery before I had to drive down again to read through it.
Ancestry was a Godsend...I joined it immediately, and have saved a lot of time and gas.

I assume that the LDS centers now have internet access.

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