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lindalouNovember 26, 2012

has anyone ever gone to a good feet store for orthotics and if so, how did it work out for you....and how expensive was it? i have bunions and flat feet. my feet hurt after walking on them for about an hour and it is starting to affect my lower back. i need to do something. tia

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One of my daughters got insoles and they really helped her. They were $600 I think, very expensive. She loves them.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have extremely flat feet, I would recommend going to an orthopedics specialist who can write you a prescription for orthotics specific to each foot, both are never the same. They will usually also send you to a podiatrists for special shoes fitting with the orthotics, like Dr. Comfort shoes, all of which should be covered by your insurance.

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The Good Feet store is super expensive and the orthotics are only custom-fitted, not custom-made. I agree with Ravencajun that you are better off going through a health care professional who can write a prescription so that your insurance covers part or all of the expense and so you get a custom molded orthotic specifically for your feet.

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have you tried the Dr. Sholl insole machine that they have at walmart or meiiers. I have a pair and I wouldn't be without them. They cost 49.00 but probably the best money I ever spent.

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Wow.... I had no idea "Good Feet had become so expensive. Maybe 10 years ago, my DH went there, with plantar faciatis (?) and probably paid $100.00 for orthotics and some other stuff so it may have been $120.. and has had good results from the fitting and use of that orthotic. Since then, we have both pampered our feet by wearing SAS shoes for comfort and exersize wear. I have been the podiatrist route and would not disuade you from doing that, but sometimes health care professionals are costly too. (DS with a $3,000 deductsble makes some decisions more difficult.) From what I remember about my DH experience, GoodFeet was like a shoe store and you could try the orthotics on.... and like shoes not buy them. I m sure they would give you a cost estimate via phone as well. Best of luck....if your feet hurt, goodness, you hurt all over.

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The one thing that I hear over and over about the Good Feet Store, is that once you have them and if they are not working out - NO REFUNDS.. so that would be a real bummer if you spent several hundred dollars.

What brand of shoes do you wear now? Try switching brands and getting a good athletic type shoe to wear. Don't get cheap discount store shoes.

I only wore Nike for years, but then my feet started to bother me (and my back) - I switched to Puma and it was night and day. So go try some shoes on at a store that will fit you. Don't just go to one that you pull the shoes off the rack - have someone who knows shoes fit you.

My DD had trouble with her toenails (she was a runner). We finally found a running store that fit her correctly. She went up a size and a half and never had foot pain again.

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I don't know if anyone remembers I fell into a pile of boxes almost 2 years ago and broke both of my feet and a few toes. The Big toe the left foot is still broken length wise and the 2nd toe is broken and pointing left. That makes the top and bottom under the last three toes very painful when I walk. My Internist doesn't want me to have any invasive surgery due to my age (71) and having diabetes since I was 12.

About 6 months ago I found These Terox flip flops and I was in heaven as soon as I put them on!! They also come in two other new styles, a z strap and a slide. The flip flop is so comfortable you don't even feel it between your toes. They conform to you foot, esp. you get into a hot shower with them on or warm them in hot water and put them on.

They are so cushy and have a bounce back that allows your body to relax, You don't have to curl your toes to keep them on.They have a built in arch support, plus make my knees feel so much better. Now I can walk all around the mall and I have no pain! They are washable. even machine washable and they fit so well they don't flap, flap on your heels. I put them on as soon as I get out of bed until I go to bed at night. They are coming out with brand new colors Dec or Jan. I'm sure it's on the page.

My daughter in Florida has plantar fasciitis and it is very painful especially as she is a server for a caterer. I talked to the Terox company and they mailed her a pair ~ no shipping. She LOVES them!

They are only $39.99 for the best thing your feet have ever walked on!

Check out all the links and learn about them, Link to the states & countries that tell you they are located and the testimonials and all the new colors

First time I've tried adding a picture and it is huge. The next day my feet were purple with the bruising and later that second toe was bent even more to the left even after I wore a cast on my leg and foot.

Here is a link that might be useful: Terox Footwear

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i have been wearing birkenstocks for the past 15 or so years. they were fantastic for the first 13+- years, but, for the past year or so, my feet are killing me after about an hour of walking or standing. i don't wear any shoes around the house, which i am sure is just making my situation worse. i am on medicare and changing from a fantastic supplement insurance to another not so good one, due to cost, i don't know if i will have coverage for orthotics from a foot doctor. thanks, for all your advice.

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Dorothy, I followed your link on the Terox Footwear. Added to your above testimonial, it's worth noting they are made in the USA, they recycle and repurpose (those in good enough shape go to Soles4Souls) their footwear.

I'm going to look for them the next time I go to Berlin, OH in Amish County. Thanks for the tip!

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There is store at Woodland Hills mall in Tulsa that I get insoles at. It's called The Walking Company. They have these wonderful memory foam inserts. They have several different kind, depending on your need. I got a pair when I had Morton's Neuroma and they had some especially for that, with a extra little pad at the ball of the foot. My husband uses them in his athletic shoes, just slips out the insoles they come with and inserts the memory foam ones from The Walking Company, he also uses them in his golf shoes. If you have one of these stores near you they will let you try a pair and walk around the store to decide. They seem to be a good quality of memory foam, they do not break down easily and last quite a while. They are not cheap but they are a very good quality

Here is a link that might be useful: The Walking Company

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

lindalou with my extremely flat feet the Birkenstocks killed my feet. I bought a pair and cried every time I wore them they hurt so badly but I thought I had to break them in well I broke my arches instead with bleeding blisters. I threw those shoes away and never thought of them again.

I just took one of my elderly (90 year old) neighbors to the orthopedics specialist who fit her for special orthotics for her individual feet then sent her to the podiatrist who fit her feet for a pair of Dr. Comfort shoes with her orthotics, he ordered everything then I brought her back when they came in and he checked the fit and comfort. If anything was not right they would correct it or redo them. It was all covered every bit she did not pay anything out of pocket.
Dr. Comfort: The Finest Quality Comfort Footwear Period!

by the way those Terox are pretty much exactly the same as the Crocs shoes same type of material and weight. Crocs was having a huge sale yesterday still may be on today. I had mentioned it on the cyber Monday post.

I was put in corrective shoes when I was a child and continued with them under the care of foot specialist all through high school. Once I left on my own unfortunately I did not continue to maintain my foot care I am paying for it big time now. It has caused permanent shifting in my spine and hips and my feet are always hurting and sore.
I now am very willing to spend what it takes to keep them in better shape.

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I will 'second' that the wearing of Birkenstocks....while comfortable for awhile, they can be dangerous for your feet. I tore that tendon that connects the heal to the toe and was in agony for years. Had a great podiatrist who disuaded me from having the bone spurs removed surgically and opted for therapy and orthotics for a long time. It worked. It did take awhile. More pairs of orthotics and many miles (5 a day) of walking in a super good fitted shoes, and my feet are good. It has taken a toll on back and knees...but feet are in really good shape.

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No, no, no, the Terox are NOTHING like Crocs!! I have both the regular Crocs shoe and the slipper/flip, flops. The Crocs are a well fitting slipper/flip flop but do NOT have the cushy,form fitting walking on air sole! Also they do not fit as well and close to your soul as Terox. I am in pain walking on the Crocs and NO PAIN walking with the Terox!! I promise you! I did buy a pair of flip flops with memory foam on the sole and they were more comfortable but the back had a kind of chunky short heel and they just went flap, flap on your heel and my feet were still in pain when I got home. I had to sit with my feet up & in pain. I also have a little Diabetic Neuropathy and arthritis in my toes so shoes are not comfortable for me.

I swear I have NO PAIN wearing the Terox all day! The ONLY thing is I felt a little tippy the first day until I went in the warm shower to make them conform to my feet. What could be better than pure comfort and MADE IN AMERICA! And they are selling to other countries. Read the testimonials to see how much people love them and they always have updates on FaceBook.

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