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bigackNovember 3, 2012

Since the hurricane I'm getting tons of postings from Tri=state weather, dealing with the clean up, helpful tips, everyday postings from the Governor, etc. While it is informative, it's just too much! It's not listed as a "friend", so can't un=friend it. what to do, so many pictures of the devastation! Getting kind of annoyed.

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I have not been getting that. Could it be someone you are friends with "sharing" posts?

Any news yet on rescheduling surgery?

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You must have Liked that page by accident. Go to the Tri-State Weather page on Facebook and "unlike" it by clicking on the button that says "Liked". A little list will pop up and click on Unlike. I will try to link to it below.

Here is a link that might be useful: tri-state weather

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Thanks, I will try that! Haven't heard from Dr. yet Janie.

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Move your mouse over to the top right of one of their pictures/posts, an opaque box should pop up, click on that and "Hide" the message. Then a link should come up that asks if you want to "hide all by Tri-State", click on that and you should stop getting them.

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