I am having a pity party, anyone is welcome if they need one too!

terilynNovember 14, 2012

I was down and out a few months ago with back problems, then developed pneumonia, couldn't get the injections for my back because of the pneumonia. By the time I was well my back was better, great news! Didn't need the injections. A few weeks ago I broke my foot, couldn't find the right heel height to compensate the difference, now my back is so bad I can barely move. Hosting a baby shower this weekend, Thanksgiving next week. I just would like a little break!

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terilyn, so sorry to hear about your health problems. Is there any way you can get some help with the shower and then maybe by Thanksgiving you will be doing much better. Let us know how you are getting along.

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Just for you, terilyn!

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Ah Terilyn, you're entitled to the pity party. I hope you mend soon.

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Sorry to hear about your woes. For your back, try the Salon Pas patches, they work pretty good. For the shower, you best enlist some help. (((((((Terilyn))))

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I did the shots for my back, they didn't work...now my back is worse. BUT neither one of us was so unfortunate as those who did those contaminated epidurals, contracted menegitis and died. This too shall pass. Feel better .

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Hoping things get better for you Terilyn.

RE: back problems, have you ever tried an inversion table? I hesitate to mention this without knowing the details of your back issues. My 22 year old son has back issues and he ultimately had the epidural shot (about the time of the contaminated epidural fiasco). Anyway doctor also suggested getting a new mattress and an inversion table. Son said using the table for a period in the evening stretches out his spine so he can go to bed and rest well and start the next day pain free. He felt the inversion table was far better money spent than the epidural.

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Thank you! I have had the injections before, they were a miracle for me. DH had some at the same time as the contaminated ones, thank goodness none were shipped here. I tried the inversion table, made things so much worse, I know they work great for others.

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Awww, terilyn, that sounds pitiful. I wish, I was nearer, and could help you.

But since I am not... how about a ((((( Terilyn )))))?


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I know what you mean after slipping on compacted ice and snow 2 years ago, finding out I have arthritis in the spine, and a couple of messed up disks in the middle of my back, I have been using the tens things and they really helped. You can have your Dr. write a prescription and get them. The are little things you stick on your back or where needed and very tiny small electric pulses go in and break up the congestion. They really helped my shoulder also.
I cannot take anything except Tylenol.
Sending lots of good wishes to you,

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Another thing I forgot to mention for the back....exercises for the stomach muscles. Lie on back, lift legs up then slowly lower the legs stop and hold just before you reach the floor, figure eights with the knees bent and another simple but great one is just hold your stomach in for the count of ten and release, hold in, release. This one you can do while watching T.V., driving, standing in line at the grocery store, well, not standing with a broken foot, but you definetly can do it while sitting. It truly works. (I have a bad back too)

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the wandering back problems! first were lower, now spasms upper! havn't a clue why...

delegate with the shower! maybe have guest bring fave kid edible and present! sort of a tiny tot pot luck!

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I am sorry you are going through so much. I really do feel your pain. When it is bad it really is bad! There is got to be a cloud with a silver lining. Hoping you are better real soon!

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Get yourself a copy of a book by Dr. John Sarno, on healing back pain. I"ve had 3 surgeries, 17 epidural injections, 5 facet joint ligations and countless hours of therapy and then heard about this book on this forum. Bought it and my life changed completely. Most of the time I am now 80% out of pain and that's amazing. It can help your husband too and theres nothing hard to do, just changing how you think about your condition. Good luck.

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Awww. I am so sorry. (((HUGS))) Hope you feel better soon.

I don't really need a pity party. My knee was bothering me for about 9 months while running (told you didn't need a pity party, at least I can still run) but got new orthotics and new running shoes and then we got a new mattress and all combined what a difference it made.

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Sorry to hear of your discomforts. I'll join the pity party.
I have arthritis in the lower lumar, just in the spot
where I can't vacuum. I also have Pylomialgia Rhumatica.
What a bummer that is. It could last up to 3 years. I am
taking it day by day.


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Hope you are up and at 'em soon, Terilyn. It must be terribly frustrating with so many pairs of shoes and none you can wear. ;) :) You know I am just kidding you. Those contaminated injections were so scary. I'm glad too that they didn't get any of that here. Hey...I got my new "teef". Next time I see you, I can give you a big smile!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Oh I am sure sorry to hear you are having a hard time again. Not fair!

I will join in, I have that stupid flu or whatever it is. I am afraid I might end up like you did with it turning to pneumonia. I can not shake this. Hubby has it too.

How did you know when yours turned to pneumonia?

Take care and make others do the work!

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Marilyn, can't wait to see that smile! Raven, I first broke out in hives on the palms of my hands, had a cough, went to the dr. Sent me straight to get a chest x ray and then to cardiologist because my heartbeat wasn't regular. X ray showed pneumonia, took me a month to recover from that. I did make it to the store to shop for the shower, saw everyone buying for Thanksgiving, I will worry about that next week.

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