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workoutladyNovember 16, 2012

How do I do this? My daughter got married this summer and my recorder died in the middle of the service. I know she is heartbroken. So, I thought it would be neat to make a DVD of her wedding pictures put to the music played at her ceremony. I'm not sure how to do this though. Any ideas? Is there a website I do this from or something else?

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Hi Scissors ...
I have a membership at a site called OneTrueMedia and I can do that very thing at that site. The monthly fee is reasonable (About $4 I think) and I think it's fabulous. You can upload your own music & your pictures and combine them using some of the backgrounds & filler pieces that's provided on their site. I've attached the links for a couple of the video's I've made. One is about me personally. The other one was put together using pictures from a picnic supper at Sauble Beach, Ontario when the staff left work when the office closed & went to the beach & had a wonderful time there.

http://www.onetruemedia.com/shared?p=111170e2c477216c4108497&skin_id=1602&utm_source=otm&utm_medium=text_url This is the one about work.

Here is a link that might be useful: This is about me!

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I've used Windows Movie Maker. It's a program that was loaded on my computer when I bought it. I have Windows XP. I don't know if the more recent versions of Windows includes MM, but you can check. It's not elaborate as the one Smilin54 used, but it'was free for me.

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Windows Movie Maker and Photostory are both free and easy programs to use. Just go to the microsoft homepage and type in the names...the page where you can download them will come up.

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Thanks all. I do have windows movie maker and did a little trial run. It works great and is very easy.

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