Favorite top ruined, can't find another

schoolhouse_gwNovember 8, 2012

Don't you just hate it? I was always so careful of this "Calvin Klein Performance Funnelneck Kanga Pocket Pullover" charcoal heather color, size 2X, that I bought at Elder Beerman last month. Today at lunch with a friend - yep, dribbled tartar sauce down the front. I came home and applied Oxyclean stain remover but it didn't help. :( When will I learn to buy two of everything that I like?

The reason I can quote the exact name of the top is because I've been typing it into Google for the last 40min. or so trying to find a replacement! What's left is on clearance in small sizes of course. Unless I want an "Ultra Violet" color - that I did manage to find in 2X. But not thrilled about that color. I'm wondering if I should go to Elder Beerman tomorrow and browse the clearance racks just in case. Other people have much bigger problems in their lives right now I know but still. I really liked the top.

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You need to buy some "De-solv-it" It is the BEST laundry prespotter for oily stains. (And believe me, I use it often)

It will take out even oily stains that have gone through the dryer. Just follow the directions on the bottle and rewash your shirt.

WalMart carries it and so do some small hardware stores. Look in the laundry aisle & the cleaning aisle. Sometimes they stock it different places.

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personally oxyclean is not the best stain remover I've used. Shout has never failed me, there is no reason in the world by tartar sauce will not come out. Do you have some Dawn dish liquid. Put it on and scrub it into it to remove the oils. Oxy is way overrated if you ask me! I've spilled straight oil on myself and Shout has removed it, no problem!

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I even dipped my napkin into my glass of ice water (right at the table no less) and dabbed the stain. Thought it came out until I got home and looked real good. So, it's been through the dryer and you say this "De-solv-it" could work anyway? I'm off to Walmart tomorrow then.

arkansas girl, I used to have some Shout but picked up the Oxyclean stain stick this last time. I do have Dawn dish washing liquid but it would be too late for that wouldn't it?

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Try Carbona - I find it at Wal-Mart. They have different solutions for different stains. You may need the one for sauces since it has oil in it from the mayo. I have had luck using it even after things like Spray and Wash have been tried.

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I think once it's been through the dryer you're out of luck. I usually pat some talcum powder on a grease stain as soon as possible to absorb the grease before using a stain remover.

I would try dawn dish detergent or Pert shampoo, but I'm afraid the dryer has "set" the stain.

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schoolhouse, do you have a bar of Fels Naptha? This works wonders with my grandchildrens clothes. Didn't notice a mustard stain before clothes were washed and dried. I was amazed when I used the bar and the stain came out like magic.

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Believe me, I've "set in" many a grease stain that got past me in the wash. If I spray it with Shout and scrub it in good and LET IT SIT(very important!) for a while then launder, it should come out(ever after set in!). I have one of those Shout scrub top bottles that I use to scrub spot remover in with. I've had it for ages and it only has laundry detergent(refilled it myself) in it now but I still use it for the sole purpose of scrubbing the stain remover into the stain, also some laundry detergent squeezes into the stain and helps remove it too.

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I swear by Shout! It is the only thing that would take grass stains and ground in dirt out of Little League uniforms.

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use the one Moni posted a while back with Clorox 2, & Ivory dish soap. I don't have it handy or I would post the whole thing. I think it's probably on the KT recipe site.

Or start with applying Dawn dish soap and let it sit for a bit before washing. Just don't dry between washings until you get it out.

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I use Dawn dish soap for grease stains and it always works for me. A few drops on the stain then rubbed together. Let it sit for a while and wash according to instructions.

If nothing has helped and you think the top is ruined, try Spot Shot. What have you got to lose? If you had spilled the tartar sauce on the carpet, that would be the first choice. I've never had a spill that Spot Shot didn't remove.

The top sounds really nice. Got a pic?


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Try this if all else fails. It was in a hints from Heloise years back and I have tried it and it works. Get a goodly amount of corn starch or baby powder and sprinkle it on top and bottom of your oily garmet really good, (you should have a white cloth on bottom of garmet, with garmet sandwhiched inbetween cotton cloth that is on top of garmet)then take a med. hot iron and iron the cotton cloth that is on top of your garmet. The oil or grease will come off in the corn starch or baby powder. It has worked for me. Your iron must be on medium hot and not on warm.

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I'm sorry you can't find a replacement. If I get a bad looking stain, I take it to a dry cleaner. They can get almost anything out.

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Murphy's Oil Soap is my go to for oily, greasy stains. Put it on liberally, rub it in, let sit for a bit and launder as normal. Here's hoping it works for you. It has saved my butt a few times.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

You might also try finding a replacement or two at a Calvin Klein Outlet Store.

Good luck!


Here is a link that might be useful: Calvin Klein outlets

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Schoolhouse, I found it on the Elder Beerman site. At the top, type in what you've been typing in at Google and when the page comes up, scroll down to the third row. If that's the same sweater, I must say you sure got a deal!! It's cute and comes in different colors. So even if the stain comes out, I'd be tempted to get another one in a different color.

Good luck!

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Try Ebay, & if you don't find one, put it on your "wish list".

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forgot to say,
don't give up the ghost until you've washed that top into oblivion.

I splattered about half a giant cup of coffee on my favorite turquoise shirt one morning & couldn't do anything but dab cold water on it until late that afternoon.

I tried everything, & tried it again & again & again.

Every time, the stain got lighter.

Finally, after maybe 7 or 8 washings, I couldn't see the stain.

Good luck!

but check ebay anyhow, so you'll have an extra.

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I never thought about the dry cleaner. It's not that expensive of a top but it wouldn't hurt to ask them if they thought they could get it out. Will save the recipes for stain removers posted (thanks!), was wondering tho if some may take the color out with the stain?

chemocurl, that's a great link. I clicked on some outlets in Ohio but I kept getting "Internal Error, can not be displayed" I'll try later. patti43 - I was all over the web last night for those 40min. and Elder Beerman sites did come up continually but most of the sizes were "S" "L" some "M's" and the only 2X was the ultra violet color. I love my charcoal heather, the violet was too bright for me. My Elder Beermans had that and the red when I originally bought mine.

Yes, and I even checked Ebay last night! Nothing but "S" or "L" or "XS". The top must have been a good seller and I wonder if it didn't run small. I know my 2X is a little more fitted than I can usually find in plus.

First thing, I'm going to try the Dawn right now. Let it sit, then put it back into the washer. If it doesn't work, I'll follow the other suggestions posted. Thanks a bunch friends!

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One lesson I think we can all learn from this is to refrain from putting water right on a stain. Wiping with just cold water may have done more damage than if you would have waited until you got home to clean it properly.
But, it's human nature to want to fix things immediately.
I agree with getting clothes in mutiple colors. When I find something that looks good and is comfortable, I usually try to get a second one. Sometimes ,I buy two right off the bat.

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Had to go to the drug store anyway, so whipped into Elder Beermans and headed for the CK clearance rack. Couldn't find the rack of clothes. Almost left, then asked the clerk if there was any chance she knew if they had the said top left in 2X. She said, "I think we still have those" and lead me right to them - there was the charcoal color, but in my size? She went through them and held up a 2X!, then she held up another 2X! I nearly hugged her. She was smiling.
And I was a greedy puss and took BOTH of them at 60% off. LOL! Now I have three of the same top in the same color. Oh my. I should have left one for someone else. patti43 - I wonder if I should have Googled my local Elder Beermans instead of EB in general?

Then I found two other shirts that I really liked. ellendi, I just got home and read your post. I have done that in the past as well, buy something in multiple colors because it fit. Only this CK top in bright red and orange just isn't me.

Thanks again all and as I said I'll remember all the tips for stain removal (I've got three to practice on!) and work on the first top to see if I have any results.

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I'm a little late (seeing as you found 2 replacements), but just wanted to say I used Dawn after seeing an oil (from food) spot on a top, *after* I had already washed and dried it. I put Dawn on the oil stain and brushed it lightly with a soft toothbrush that I use for stains. Then I let it sit overnight, and rewashed/dried, and the oil stain came out. Yay, Dawn.

I know how you feel, though. I had a favourite pair of pants from Roots Canada that I got oil-based paint on. I got the paint out with turpentine (bad idea actually), but never could get the turpentine odour out of the pants - ha. I had to throw them away (but I did find another pair in the exact size and colour).

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I always have in my purse a Tide stick, always!

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"Shout" has worked well for me as a general purpose stain remover. Oxyclean has more hype than effectiveness.

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Topping this post because I have to let it be known, that I tried several posters' suggestions of the Dawn stain removing method - and it worked, even tho I had already washed and dried the top. Several days ago I decided to take the top off the hanger and give the Dawn a try (even tho I bought two replacement tops - update #2 - took one of them back due to some issues with it). Anyway, I smeared a generous amount of Dawn on the stain, rubbed it in, let it sit for two days. Then right before I threw it in the wash, I poured some Tide right on the stain. When the top came out of the dryer, the stain was a mere shadow of itself! Still visible to me because I knew where to look. I'm going to repeat the procedure before washing it again and see if it continues to fade. Thanks all and sorry for topping this old post but wanted to let you know.

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I have been adding peroxide in with the dawn and letting the stain sit..so far that combination has taken every stain I have thrown at it out

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The peroxide doesn't take the color out too?

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I worried about that too but everything I have used it on has come out fine.. I used it on sons bright orange tee shirt, hubbys blue jeans and one of my colored scrub tops. No coloring bleeding or fading at all

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For a oil/grease stain I use lighter fluid (from a smoke shop), it works on even set-in stains. Squirt a little on, then throw in the washer and wash as usual.

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This is my favorite grease stain remover - Dawn Power Dissolver. I buy it at my local hardware store - I think it's part of the True Value association. Their web site says you can also get it at Walmart. I keep it in my laundry room and it's been the best at getting out older grease marks even after they've gone through the dryer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dawn Power Dissolver

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