Anyone buy glasses at Sears?

secsteveNovember 9, 2012

I about choked when I was told what one pair of glasses would cost at my local eye doctors. Then a friend mentioned Sears so I checked it out.

Seems a pretty good deal - 2 pairs for $270 versus $318 for one pair at local eye doc.

I'm wondering if anyone has bought glasses there and if they were satisfied with the glasses.


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Your Sears store will be different from my Sears store and from most others, too. The store provides frames for you to try on, someone to measure, and then the parts go to the "lab" for assembly. That's where they grind down the glass to fit whatever frames you chose. There are a lot of places in this chain for service to either excel or breakdown. Sears certainly won't have a "lab" of their own but sub-contract the work.

Here is a link that might be useful: Consumer Reports on glasses

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Yes we both have several times and have been extremely happy with them the price was great. I always take my glasses to my eye doctor to check the prescription and they have been right on.

I will go back in the future when I need new ones.

They have a good selection of frames too.
My prescription is extremely difficult because I have very high myopia and astigmatism plus bifocals, I was very impressed plus they polished the edges which helps them not look as thick.

I would also recommend the insurance, they will replace them no question.

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I have a pal who got her at JCP's they have great deals going all of the time. She was very happy with them, bigger choice of frames~~

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My daughter used to work as an optician at JC Penney's.

Sears and Penney's optical shops (as well as several other optical outlets you would know) are all run but US Vision. I've gotten glasses from her when she was at Penney's and they were okay. Those places are sort of middle of the road, as she tells me. They're a step above the real discount places that use VERY low quality products. But she was actually surprised when she moved up to being the optician for a doctor's office, to find there realy IS a big difference and you get what you pay for.

You'll save money going to Penney's or Sears, and you'll get a decent product. You'll get more of a top-of-the-line product, most likely, from your Dr's office.

A suggestion, if you're looking to get higher quality for less money. I usually just go to the optical shop at the college where opticians train in my area. They sell the frames and lenses at cost (sometimes way UNDER cost, because the companies often give them frames, just to promote them to the up and coming opticians). The college has the newest, most high-tech equipment--again, because it's donated by the manufacturers. Last time I ordered glasses--DH and I both got progressives, I got mine in designer frames with the most expensive glare coating, and I got a pair of progressive sunglasses. We get the top-of-the-line brand of progressive lenses, btw. The total, for all 3 pairs of glasses was just over $400. My one pair of regular (not sunglasses) glasses, at DD's shop would have cost almost $1000 AFTER the family discount. So the college is a wonderful way to save. In our case, I know for a fact, the students write up the sale, take the measurements, but they're always checked by the prof, and the Professor makes the glasses herself, not the students.

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If you are a member of AAA, you can get a discount on glasses at Sears Optical. I forget how much it is but my Mom saved $84 on hers by presenting her AAA card.

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Do not need prescription glasses, 73 and thankful.

I buy mine from Dollar Tree and proud to say they still work for me.

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I too buy my glasses at the Dollar Tree or Deals. Sometimes I buy them at Goodwill. They are new glasses. I am 77.


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Went to sears and brought glasses.They took the precription from my dollar glasses and filled it.charged me awful.I ask about the sale they were running and the lady said "we are not part of Sears"No more I don't trust them.

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For years I worked in the Optical business and was always surprised at the "mark up"...I worked for a doctor and did all the frame buying and at that time, we would pay very little and then I'd be told to double, triple or more on the cost to the patient.....And the cost of the lens was hardly anything but there again, we charged big bucks.....
I now go to a very good doctor and he gives me my RX (which is the law) and with my insurance, I'm to buy at Sears but just last week, only wanted a pair of single vision glasses for computer use and it was well over $300. But, the girl kept saying, your insurance will pay half??????No way....Did you know, there are several on line sites that offer frames and lens at a very reasonable price?? I ordered my computer glasses, frame and thin lens and the total is less than $25.00......

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Did you know that most of the frames for everyone are made in Switzerland? It was on TV about a month ago how many millions are made there. Very interesting program.

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I'd be thrilled to get glasses for $318. The pair I have now cost $700 and I don't even like them so much. I am tempted to try one of the online stores. I am really sensitive to a poorly done prescription so I just keep paying a kind's ransom for glasses. My opthalmologist said the lenses cost the optician about $35 each, so why is he charging me $200 or more for lenses? What a racket. However, I got glasses from Lenscrafters once and they were horrible. There even was a space between the frame and the lenses. You'd think they would be ashamed to sell something so poorly done, although they did make them over. I'd never go there again.

Consumer Reports rated Costco glasses highly.

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For the last few years, I had ordered my progressive lens online, with Titianium frames, rimless. I loved the lightweight of them and the first three pairs held up well and always were the correct script. The pair I got last year - I needed much stronger glasses and with rimless, you can't really use the frames again. This pair for some reason, I just couldn't keep the screws tight and they were constantly out of shape, probably due to the screws being loose and getting knocked around on my face. So this year, I got new half rim glasses from Sam's Club. They aren't quite as light - but I do love the look of them and the fact that they fit me well and the screws don't come loose on them. I can go anytime and have them adjusted. The cost was about $75 more than on line. Worth it just for that but I wouldn't hesitate to order online as far as the script being correct - never had a problem there. Just missed the personal touch of having them fitted.

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As someone pointed out each Sears will be different. Some might have people that measure good. I know 2 people that tried to get progressive glasses at different Sears and they were not measured correctly in either case. Progressive lenses are worthless if you aren't measured perfectly.

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I got some at Sears last spring. Buy a pair, get a pair free. Love them. My sis and BIL always get theirs there.

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I tried Walmart for my last pair of glasses and was satisfied. They stocked Stetson Frames, a model I like. Several other shops at my location have dropped Stetsons.

This particular Walmart had a reasonable selection of frames. Various Walmart stores will be different, and some do not have an optical separtment.

I buy two pair at a time. The second pair is a spare and often a less expensive frame. I keep the second pair in my car, and that has been a life saver. A couple of years ago, I was 400 miles from home, out in a field looking for evidence of a grave. When I got back to my car, a lense was missing. It had been lost in tall grass and I did not know the approximate location of where it might have dropped. The spare pair stored in the car allowed me to drive safely home and read road signs amd menus.

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Jem--it's good to have a spare pair with you, especially when travelling, but I hope you don't leave them in the car continuously--in summer. I was doing that for a while, and boy did I hear about it from my optician daughter!!! LOL--apparently, it's very bad for the lenses to be stored in a super-hot car in the summer. So, it might be better if you put them in your purse. Just mentioning, so you don't waste your $$$$. And if the second pair is just a spare, do you just have the lenses replaced when you get a new prescription? Cheaper, usually, than ordering a whole new pair.

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