No Revenge or 666 tonight

glenda_alNovember 18, 2012

The 40th Anniversary American Music Awards


Musical acts are honored at the annual ceremony; scheduled performers include Carrie Underwood, P!nk, Pitbull, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Linkin Park, Christina Aguilera, Ke$ha, No Doubt and Usher.

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Irecognize Taylor Swift,
Who are the others?

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666 is on the list of shows that are getting the ax.

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I really like Pink. She is different and very talented.

I am watching the first episode of The Dust Bowl on PBS. In fact, it's starting right now.

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I forgot it was AMA night and so am only now taping watch later so I can skim through the parts I don't care for (singers I don't know or like) and commercials.

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I recorded AMA and skimmed thru it. Barely knew any of the artists. I miss the old music from the 60's - 80's. I did catch part of the Dust Bowl on PBS. It was wonderful. What a disaster that was.

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Dust Bowl was so entertaining and interesting. I loved the interviews with people who were children at the time and remembered living through it. What a nightmare and to think it was man made by poor farming techniques and greed. I knew about the Dust Bowl from reading The Grapes of Wrath, but I thought it was a natural disaster. I highly recommend this show. Part two is on tonight but I'm sure PBS will be rerunning it, as they always do.

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Those music award shows are certainly not my cup of tea! Not my style of music at all.

I watched The Dust Bowl also and had seen another similar show on either History or Discover a few years ago. Also, for those who enjoyed it, may I recommend a book called The Worst Time, by Tim Egan. He was the young man that was also interviewed in last night's program. It's an excellent book, with passages about some of the same people interviewed on the Burns program, with memories from when they were children going through this.

I too had thought this was a natural disaster until I had read more.

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