What's for dinner Sunday?

patti43November 18, 2012

Sorry I'm late--we went shopping and it took longer than I expected. First we went to Home Depot because we've been talking about getting a French-door refrigerator. I just couldn't justify in my mind replacing a frig that works fine, but HD had a 4-door Maytag for $801 off. And Harry reminded me our frig is 16 years old and could go at any moment.

I had lots of questions because I'd read all the customer comments. Long story short, they will deliver it the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. I got white, because that's what I prefer. I will donate the one we have now to Habitat. I've always preferred a bottom freezer. But that extra drawer will hold lots of stuff (it's says 5 bags of groceries, but what's in the bags?)

Then we had to do the grocery shopping for the holiday. Finally got home and got everything put away. Bought a turkey sub at the store, so that's our dinner.

What are you having at your house?

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Mr Food Country ribs and sauerkraut.

Shoulda eaten out per my usual Sunday dinner.

deleted recipe

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Congratulations Patti! I was going to get a Maytag, but the Lowe's we went to did not have any there we could look at, so I got the Samsung. I am still really, really liking it! I like the two ice makers, does yours have two? Now for supper, I had leftover chicken noodles with some bread. I am ready for bed. Cheryl and I shopped locally for Thanksgiving groceries today and after getting them put away, we went to Amber's and decided we could take Alyssa for an hour before her nap. We all had so much fun.


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When I was picking up my meat order from my local 'hole in the wall' general store on Friday, I had to wait while she got my cheese ready. Leave me in front of an old fashioned meat counter (where the family does their own butchering) and it's like leaving a child in front of a candy counter. I couldn't resist the stuffed porkchop. So I fixed it today and ate half of it with a few homefries.


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I made a huge pot of Manhattan clam chowder today. It took four hours......eight cups of onions, eight cups celery, 3 lb. bacon , eight potatoes, etc. Lots of cutting up, but will have many meals through the winter. We each had a small bowl of that around four and went to Wine and Cheese at 5:00. That's our dinner for tonight.

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Pancakes, scrambled eggs, and maple flavored sausage patties.

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I love my LG French door fridge. Enjoy your new fridge! Our microwave probably died this morning & our dishwasher is about to go. We'll be looking for sales during Thanksgiving.

For dinner we're having stuffed pork loin. DH improved on the Stove Top pork flavor stuffing by adding a Granny Smith apple & raisins. It's really good. Our sides will be Brussels sprouts & baked sweet potato.

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I screwed up my computer earlier and wasn't able to type anything. My quick fix for anything not working around here is to unplug, wait awhile and plug it in again. At least it works for the computer, it seems. Whew!

Glenda, sorry you were't pleased with your lunch. Is that the same Mr. Food who has recipes on the internet?

Sue, I am happy--but with a wee touch of buyer's remorse. I'll be over it after it's delivered, though. No, only ice in the door--crushed or cubes. Who knew? Also water in the door. Nice for in mornings when Harry has to take his pills. I'd just love a big ole' helpin' of that chicken and noodles. Guess I have to wait until Thursday.

Shirley, I'd love to shop at your market. Those pork chops sound so, soooo good!

Georgysmom, hmmmm! 3 lbs. of bacon, huh? Yup, you're going to being eating a lot of chowdah this winter. Hope you have a food saver.

Tami, we love that meal! I've had maple sausage links, but never patties. We sure love the links. What brand do you use for the patties?

Kittiemom, thanks! I know I'll like it. It's just hard to know I paid more for a refrigerator than I did for my first car. :-) You're having a wonderful dinner. Your DH is pretty creative in the kitchen. The stuffing sounds wonderful. I love Stove Top!! With the Brussels sprouts and sweet potato you will have a beautiful looking and tasting dinner. I'm soooo jealous!

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