Spent My Birthday at the Dentist

jannieNovember 15, 2012

Today I turned 60. I also had an appointment at the dentist to fix a cracked tooth. I was in the chair over an hour, he worked so hard and long on my tooth. But it's done now and what a pleasure-I'll be able to chew on the left side without pain. And then after Thanksgiving I have to go back to fix a chip in a front tooth. Lucky I have good dental insurance!

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Happy Birthday and now enjoy all the ice cream and cake.

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Well now, I can think of a whole lot of places I'd rather spend my birthday!! But as you said, now it's done. Now--have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner on both sides of your mouth :-)

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Happy birthday....that's a gift you gave yourself. I spent from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm at the dentist on Tuesday and a not so small fortune...but glad I did.

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So, Jannie ...

... it was somewhat more ...

... boring ...

... than you dealt with on various earlier birthdays?

Hope the rest of the day goes well.

ole joyfuelled

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