Another Victim of Hurricane Sandy

jannieNovember 7, 2012

One of my sisters-in-law lives on the south shore of Long Island, literally one block from the water. She lives downstairs, her landlady (the owner) lives upstairs. After Sandy hit (knocking out all our electric) I phoned her. Seems water had come in her apartment and she had moved in with the landlady. It's now more than a week and she still doesn't have electric or heat. I've invited her to stay with me (we got our power back after 22 hours) but she won't.She doesn't drive, never learned. She managed to get to her job every day this week so far. She's been staying in a cold dark apartment and cleaning at night , throwing out her water-logged rugs and belongings, including most of her clothing, luggage and Christmas decorations.She eats in local restaurants or at FEMA shelters. She walked a mile and a half to vote yesterday. But she's decided to leave Long Island. Friday the movers are packing her remaining belongings and putting them in storage. Saturday she will move in with her sister up near Albany. She has quit her job. Luckily she's old enough to apply for Social Security.

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Wow . . . stories like this really bring it home, don't they? I wish your sister-in-law the best of luck, Jannie. I was thinking about you during the storm.

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What a brave gal your SIL is especially getting in to work etc

Thank goodness she is physically ok.

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I'm sure my sister in law will be happier living with her sister and out of harm's way. Today I heard a man in a store say his parents in Rosedale Queens NY lost their house and everything. We used to live in Rosedale. I am very grateful to be in a warm safe home. Something I've always had but didn't necessarily appreciate.

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She sounds like a physically fit person. Did anyone tell her about snow in Albany? I wish her luck and happiness in her new surroundings. Albany is a nice sized town of over 90,000 people, and there is the Hudson river.

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Of course she knows about snow. She is very fit, lost about a hundred pounds several years ago and walks just about everywhere. Since she's moving in with her sister (who is married) she won't have to worry about snow removal. I grew up in Buffalo NY so I know from snow!

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Thanks for providing the reality check! One human story has more impact than seeing miles of devastation from the air.

Your SIL is experiencing a big life change. She will surely miss the ocean -- maybe this will only be temporary...and she'll learn to drive! lol

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i couldn't believe the amount of snow..pal fb'd a picture from her mom and dad's place...she managed to get back to staten island to vote,( a huge bus trip, from the bronx)but was unable to get in her apt...she was lucky that the water came up to the next building but not hers..lost a ton of food, and was in a panic about it spoiling her fridge or leaking...

cousin got trees removed from the house in nj (gutter damage so far) and was "allowed" to have one last topped so it didn't fall on the house...the crew were young men from tenn...

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WHERE are all these people who are now homeless going to LIVE? It will be years before there can be rebuilding. Not everyone has family or friends able to house them for years.

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I believe FEMA is bringing in trailers. We'll look just like New Orleans soon.

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There are still people here in Minot in FEMA trailers that have gone thru one winter and now headed into a second one. They can be winterized and for anyone needing information ask them to check with the person in charge of the trailers here in Minot, ND
We still have quite a village set up but did take time and cooperation between city,county, state and federal officials, but it can be done.
Am glad your sister is ok.

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I read that Governor Cuomo has told the utility companies they need to start from scratch, that they had not done adequate maintenance or updating long BEFORE the crisis.

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