Got the flu....or food poisoning...

schoolhouse_gwNovember 12, 2012

Ugh. Started last evening around 6pm. after I came home from a play, bought some chicken on the way home from a grocery deli and some mac. salad. Vomiting until 1:30am, dry heaves until 4am, then diarrhea. It's 5:47pm. here right now and I finally crawled out of bed where I've been snoozing off and on all day. Mom brought me up some popsicles around 11am. this morning, can' explain it but they are my "comfort" when I'm sick. My mouth was incredibly dry and after three stayed down over the course of three hours, I attempted a cup of water - which stayed down. I threw the chicken and the mac salad away! I will never eat again!

Right now I'm sipping a cup of Lemon/Ginger tea with honey and a piece of dry toast. I hope it doesn't mess with my stomach. But or the aches and pains, I took a couple Bayer Back and Body, will see what happens. And just yesterday I was saying how I might go get a flu shot this year, sheesh.

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OH I am sorry you were so sick. It could be either but whatever NOT fun. Do hope you are better soon

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Sounds like food poisoning to me!! Feel better soon.

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food poisoning

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Hope you feel better soon!


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Got any ginger ale?

Hope you get better soon!

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Sounds like food poisoning. Nasty stuff

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Sounds like food poisoning. The flu shots are for the flu that produces a cough and chest problems. That flu could easily turn into pneumonia.

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Could be FP--or a stomach virus. I had similar symptoms last week, but since Harry wasn't sick, and we'd eaten the same stuff, I figured it had to be a virus. It was gone in 24 hours so I guess that's just what it was.

Sure hope you feel better tomorrow, Schoolhouse!

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There has been a stomach virus going around in my area. Hopefully none of us will get it.

Sorry to hear you are sick and hope you feel better soon!

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It does sound like food poisoning, or maybe one of those quick stomach viruses. Either way, I hope it departs soon!

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Sounds like bad macaroni salad, not the flu.

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Oh poor baby. Hope it's all worked its way through by now. Ick.

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Thanks all. I'm feeling SO much better even as I type this. The tea, toast, maybe the aspirin, or the fact that at 7p I went back to bed and dozed off and on for two hours must be working. Or maybe just all your good wishes! Not going to tempt fate by eating yet, but will have another popsicle. It's funny because I normally can't even sleep in a lightweight nightgown but have been crawling into bed under a heavy comforter with a long-sleeved tshirt, capris, and slipper socks!

I agree, food poisoning sure seems to be the culprit. If I had to pick a day to be sick and in bed today was a good one. Rainy and cold outside. Thanks again.

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Oh man, dry heaves of horrendous. Really glad you're feeling better.

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Glad you're feeling better and I doubt it's the flu for several reasons. But don't be too quick to condemn a food. Often this comes from something as simple as not washing hands, not properly cleaning utensils, or other equally simple reasons, including dirty grocery carts transfer the grungies from person to person.

A concerted effort at frequently washing hands seems to have made a big improvement to my health over the past few decades. Doctors have said for a long time that hand washing does more than a flu shot. And after getting the flu after getting a flu shot last year confirms what I've thought and read about flu shots. They DO NOT prevent the flu. They CAN HELP in certain situations. And after the reaction I had to the shot to start with, I doubt I'll make that I'll get one again for a long time at least.

Whenever you're sick, do what you have to to stay hydrated. Last time I was in the hospital being hydrated they wouldn't even let me have water. Only ice chips so I'd take it more slowly. But the sink in the room, well, I had me some ice water. Wish I would have had some popcicles!

Actually it's not surprising that you're more chilly after not eating. Your body doesn't have the calories to burn to create more heat. One thing leads to another. These days I notice a chill more when I haven't eaten in a while.

Take nutrition how you can get it, keep hydrated, get plenty of rest and you'll be back in short order. Good luck.

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I worked in the dietary dept of a large facility for 30yrs.and even tho I was only clerical I learned the importance of good hygiene, hand washing, sanitizing surfaces,ect. I pretty much have a good habit of hand washing. One thing I heard just recently is to be careful when handling your pet's food. It can be a big e-coli (sp?) risk. In the last year or so I've started feeding canned food to my cats and better pay more attention to how I deal with their food dishes and such.

Oh, and I got my first ever flu shot today at CVS. It normally cost $31 but my insurance paid for it. The handsome young pharmacist made it all the more pleasant too!
My one friend can not take the flu shot because she is allergic to eggs.

Thanks again for the well wishes. I'm feeling good today, but eating sensibly. Had scr.egg and toast for brkfst, then soup, tea, toast, gingerale this afternoon.

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I had something similar last night. Started at about 7:45pm with the nausea, and when I went to bed I was up and down all night. Felt like everything I'd eaten the past few days came right up! Slept it off, and when I woke up this morning I had a tiny headache, that eventually went away.

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My suspects: Salmonella in the delli chicken or a food handler who was sick?

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Sounds like a 24 hour grip as they used to say which is a gastro intestional bug. I had it yesterday, was up all night throwing and then ejecting fire water, what the hell??? lol Any way I'm starting to think about toast so I know it's passing, no pun intended lol.

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